The Trouble With Tumbleweed

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Grey's 1 hour+ director's commentary on this video: 🤍🤍 Going to a Weed Research Lab: 🤍🤍 ## Crowdfunders: Bob Kunz, Steven Snow, John Buchan, Nevin Spoljaric, Donal Botkin, Phil Gardner, Chris Chapin, Richard Jenkins, Martin, Steven Grimm, سليمان العقل, Colin Millions, Michael Mrozek, Saki Comandao, Jason Lewandowski, Andrea Di Biagio, David F Watson, rictic, Ben Schwab, Marco Arment, Elliot Lepley, Shantanu Raj, emptymachine, Bobby, Chris Amaris, George Lin, Mikko, Derek Bonner, Derek Jackson, Orbit_Junkie, Ron Bowes, Tómas Árni Jónasson, Henry Ng, Jordan Earls, Joshua Jamison, Nick Fish, Nick Gibson, Robert Webb, Jeffrey Podis, Thunda Plum, Awoo, David Tyler, Fuesu, iulus, Kevin Costello, Michael Reilly, Tyler Bryant, Kermit Norlund, chrysilis, David Palomares, Erik Parasiuk, ken mcfarlane, Leon, Tristan Watts-Willis, Veronica Peshterianu, Bear, Emi, Esteban Santana Santana, Freddi Hørlyck, John Rogers, Maarten van der Blij, Peter Lomax, Rhys Parry, ShiroiYami, Dag Viggo Lokøen, John Lee, Maxime Zielony, Elizabeth Keathley, Frederick The Great, Luxe Gifts, Rebecca Wortham, Bryan McLemore Music by: 🤍🤍

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The Trouble With Tumbleweed
The Trouble With Tumbleweed
The Trouble With Tumbleweed
The Trouble With Tumbleweed
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Комментарии пользователей:
jeff lewis
2023-05-24 04:16:03


Sk maria
2023-03-27 07:01:48

The trouble with tumbles on the double

The Nerd Beast
2023-03-20 18:30:02

We need to GMO a virus to take care of tumbles, probably spread through pollen being best

2023-03-18 22:46:11

The solution is nukes

Combo Attack
2023-03-17 14:46:21

the pilgrams shouldnt have come to america

CanDew Attitude
2023-03-15 14:03:00

I'll get my best guy on it

Bill Rich
2023-03-15 02:38:24

I could do without all of the "witty" alliteration.

Gustav Åkerman
2023-03-11 07:02:44

Petition to call the collective noun for tumbleweeds “a tumour of tumbleweeds”

2023-03-07 22:59:43

hsWr_JWTZss&t=4m55s 4:55 if you look at Texas closely you can see that Texas is holding a gun to get tumbleweed off…

Simon Gray
2023-03-07 21:43:40

Damn Russia was hating on America even before the Soviet Union even existed

2023-03-07 06:10:38

hsWr_JWTZss&t=1m42s 1:42
I'm thinking of being there being like
Ah, nice breeze, letting the tumbleweeds hit me. Just nice day.

A few seconds later
They are purely thorns :/

2023-03-05 16:04:25

hsWr_JWTZss&t=4m48s 4:48 All these years watching this video as a Nebraskan, and I couldn't figure out why this picture didn't quite feel right. Finally realized: you got Nebraska and North Dakota's characters in the wrong states at this scene. 🤣

2023-03-03 11:30:06


Snake King
2023-03-01 19:12:48

hsWr_JWTZss&t=4m55s 4:55 texas trying to shoot the tumbleweed off herself always gets me

2023-02-26 21:40:14

US lost to a plant

2023-02-26 20:09:31

This was recommended to me on a tech related video so i thought it'd be about "OpenSUSE Tumbleweed". I guess I got jebaited.

2023-02-26 19:08:23

Want to be the best state in thd World but suffer by a weed

2023-02-26 15:33:42

hsWr_JWTZss&t=0m18s 0:18 Itty bitty baby tumbles-to-be

Roblox Enthusiast[Andrei2012]
2023-02-25 08:19:33

Prickly thissle: ok like a round rose
Colly trajest: ok now Were getting creative
Wind witch:…..WIND WITCH?!😂 thats a point
Russian thissle: where the tumble weed is native
Phew what a takling.

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