The Most Unbelievable Recent Finds

Origins Explained

Origins Explained

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Hi everyone, welcome to our channel! From mysterious discoveries to unexplained events, this is the place to be! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let us know in the comments below. We love to hear your feedback! Follow us on Instagram! 🤍🤍 Subscribe For New Videos! 🤍 Check out these videos you might like: Here's How The 12 Apostles Actually Died! 🤍 10 Creepy Things Hidden In The Vatican! 🤍 10 CREATURES The Bible Tried To Warn Us About! 🤍 #originsexplained #mysteriousdiscoveries #discovery #history #ancient

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The Most Unbelievable Recent Finds
The Most Unbelievable Recent Finds
The Most Unbelievable Recent Finds
The Most Unbelievable Recent Finds
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Amzy Weebs
2023-06-10 12:57:05

I'm seriously prepared to believe that there was highly intelligent life here before humans or this era of humans now. These scientists keep saying it's unexplained but don't want to consider or perhaps publicly admit that there could have been an advanced civilization here before us and something happened to them all since these lost people always seem to up and disappear 🤔 maybe the Deluge/Noah's Ark Flooding??

Tiffany Fernandez
2023-06-08 19:27:18

Sign language

Joscelyne Tomlinson
2023-05-29 14:27:35

The shark's teeth were embedded in weapons. They quite literally still have the pictures of said weapons. And yes they were quite deadly

jenna walsh
2023-05-22 14:11:19

The new/ old language that can’t be unlocked looks like a few different ancient languages put together to be 1. I wonder if it is & if a computer can work it out with how many languages have been put into computers


Gulliver travels book speaks of Pygmy animals! Interesting to know a bit of truth in the book

2023-05-21 02:11:48

Anyone can see that those Buddha footprints were carved out.

Emma Nimmo
2023-05-15 12:20:21


2023-05-10 03:58:16

y3dX8FZhn68&t=8m30s 8:30 the kids who became helmets killed the other kids.
...and the other kids' parents got brutal vengeance.

2023-05-09 10:31:49

Buddha is not a deity 🤦‍♀️

David Clark
2023-05-07 18:51:21

If you watch Doctor Who, those lizard proeple are silurians, who lived across the world from the end of the ordovcian era until the end of the silurians period, ie 440 million years ago until 40 million years ago. But fictional tales have them still living beneath our surface world in an underground Kingdom.where do I get my information from about them, the USBORNE Encyclopedia of World History. A valuable tome for anyone who has a passion for world history. A book well worth purchasing for those who, like me have that passion.

David Clark
2023-05-06 20:25:04

In the books by Julian May, convicts from the future are exiled into pre-history, maybe that's how the footprints can be explained, not an anomaly, but an archeoligical fact due to future time travel. Just saying.

judy payne
2023-05-06 14:16:25

I believe they use it for weapon.

John Carroll
2023-05-05 14:35:10

I think people read too much into things just to have what is unknown fit into their own idea of what a stone carving statue is supposed to be.

legless lock picker
2023-05-05 07:39:47

I'll keep the same names please Paul 👍

Myron Kidder
2023-05-04 11:58:39

I have a weird picture of the sun

ëcho X streamimg
2023-05-03 16:47:32

Lizard people? Well, Lizard tastes like chicken. If there are lizard people ruling the planet, it would be in their best interest to remind hidden. 😉

Anton Kider
2023-05-01 02:58:12

I couldn't reach to minute y3dX8FZhn68&t=2m00s 2:00 . BS

Doc Tyler
2023-04-30 22:34:13

I’m all about ancient history but most of the things you talk about are factually incorrect.

Robert Hawthorne
2023-04-30 20:42:32

Those footprints are remnants of comets. Hand prints also have the same imagery.

2023-04-30 19:25:06

ancient emoji 😂😂😂😂😂

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