Showmaker Beats the Super Accounts to Rank 1

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Showmaker Beats the Super Accounts to Rank 1
Showmaker Beats the Super Accounts to Rank 1
Showmaker Beats the Super Accounts to Rank 1
Showmaker Beats the Super Accounts to Rank 1
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Josh Abrogena
2023-08-24 15:27:01

DK needs to qualify for Worlds, Canyon and Showmaker deserve a second title as much as Beryl

eye parasite
2023-07-13 03:34:14

while he might not be mechanically on par with rookie knight and chovy, showmaker’s intangibles and sense for playmaking are truly special

TheDark Dragon
2023-05-24 15:35:37

I love these kinds of analysis where it's on a more equal footing, yet still so unequal.

Deep Dives
2023-05-05 08:38:06

@ k_bjzXm1gZw&t=1m35s 1:35 he misses 5/6 minions (including a cannon) to crash the wave

Aiton Young
2023-03-09 12:35:53

playing video games so a talent okay hahahahhaha

2022-11-25 22:30:23

he came to EUW once, and i had the chance to play against him, i picked qiyana and him goes wukong at that time

Well, He solo-handly destroyed me, and the whole game.
His gameplay is just flawless, absolutly no error, Perfect gaming.
I dont remember well but i think he ended the game with a score like 25-3 or something close to it, with wukong mid.

2022-10-07 05:09:56

Meanwhile Chovy and Showmaker's heads: Goo minions GOOOOO, destroy his shit

Bifröst Engaged
2022-09-17 20:00:40

k_bjzXm1gZw&t=1m55s 1:55 it was already insane since leblanc lost that crashed wave and fb gold was on showmaker

Manuel Macaluso
2022-08-21 17:44:55

I love the fact that u write your speech as text, i can watch ur videos everywhere with no audio

2022-08-18 10:43:00

k_bjzXm1gZw&t=8m36s 8:36 I don't see the ekko ult. Is it because ekko is doing the xiao lao ban thing where you leave rank 1 R unskilled until you actually need to use it? If thats the case, showmaker is basically baiting and spacing away from an ekko ult that isn't even there yet. he is time traveling irl

2022-08-18 01:20:34

Leblanc deserves it

Jalal Al
2022-08-15 07:47:32

You're writing the step by step as if this doesn't apply to the majority of basic league knowledge

- Tinyang
2022-08-14 05:34:15

So is his account a super account?

2022-08-06 19:16:40

did he die to minion? k_bjzXm1gZw&t=4m47s 4:47

Mighty Conker
2022-08-03 14:58:44

@ k_bjzXm1gZw&t=4m48s 4:48 he dies to minion lol

2022-07-27 23:37:50

faker is better

2022-07-18 23:19:43

k_bjzXm1gZw&t=7m22s 7:22 was him Vs irelking

Sad UKnow
2022-07-15 00:18:15

Shoemaker inspires me

L'ancien Nunu me manque
2022-07-05 22:36:47

Dk the usefull thing on the first play

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