Short Stories in Russian for Beginners – READING

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Short Stories in Russian for Beginners – Order on Amazon: 🤍 In this video, I give a short reading from the book: “Short Stories In Russian for Beginners” by Olly Richards. This is part of a month-long event in collaboration with Olly and Teach Yourself, where we are promoting reading as one of the most effective ways to learn a new language. There are other people giving readings this month, in lots of different languages, all across YouTube. See the complete schedule here: 🤍🤍 #astoryaday #shortstoriesinrussian

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Short Stories in Russian for Beginners – READING
Short Stories in Russian for Beginners – READING
Short Stories in Russian for Beginners – READING
Short Stories in Russian for Beginners – READING
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Batgirl P
2023-02-11 05:20:37

If you are a true A1 beginner, I recommend the book "25 Texts in Easy Russian" with English translation and audio. It helped me so much.

2021-10-09 01:25:33

Wonderful to see the text listening to a native accent with correct pronunciation.

I would have like that you read the entire first story :))

2021-09-07 15:03:12

Wow, I know this story well as I have read it in Swedish and Norwegian. This version is quite different as in the versions I read, the parents are both British and there is no mention of the mother and father meeting when she was 22 either. Also she is Sarah.

2021-08-04 11:15:35


2021-04-05 08:34:19

hi...what level of Russian do I need to use that resourse? My Russian is very basic actually.thanks

Farid Hajiyev
2021-03-18 21:33:43

Has this book CD disc?

2021-02-10 09:32:27

How is the Russian in the book? Is the Russian correct??? I've heard there were problems, but I'd trust your assessment.

Robert Paul
2020-05-21 12:29:10

I've used it, recommend highly, it's very pedagogical.

2020-05-19 18:55:47

Thanks Daria!

Tatiana Fontaine
2020-03-26 16:00:46

А может он забыл, что он сегодня летит в Россию? Почему нужно учить прекрасному русскому на тупых рассказах! Don’t buy this book, worthless!

hi nom
2019-12-19 07:15:01

Does come with an audio?

2019-12-16 06:58:37

А есть ли подобное, для изучения британского английского?

2019-11-26 05:55:55

I’m barely a beginner. But I think I may get it. Just to learn and polish the pronunciation.i think it would be a great way to get used to the words and as I learn new words some words in the book may become easier to understand

Fevzi Karsili
2019-10-06 13:35:43


2019-09-11 03:55:57

спасиба! I picked up this book from the book store, and was hoping to find someone read it out loud. I only wish you had read far more!

А тебе какое дело
2019-09-02 15:49:13

Меня зовут Даниэль. Мне 24 года. Джулия - моя сестра. Мы живём в Алабаме...
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banjo music starts

2018-10-25 15:06:12

I found the book in local store in Dubai. It’s around 51 AED. I will order later. It would be great if the book provides an audio reading voice, just like you did in the video. I am still in spelling stage. Absolute beginner 😊

Julio Vicente
2018-10-22 03:52:35

you channel I love it so much tank you Daria appreciate.

Syamil Seifudin
2018-10-21 16:41:01

I watched your video and immediately bought the book. Cant wait to read it. Спасибо большое!

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