Nick Warren ‎– Global Underground #028: Shanghai CD1

Linas Time Machine

Linas Time Machine

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Released: May 2005 Genre: Electronic Style: Progressive House, House, Progressive Trance Tracklisting: 01 SJ Esau - Fat Cat Track 02 Jacob Todd & Kelly Noland - Somehow 03 Alex Stealthy - Once 04 Way Out West - Don't Forget Me (Unreleased Club Dub) 05 Tini Tun - Over It 06 Starecase - Vapour Trails 07 Seyton - The Drake Equation 08 BCML - Mr Horowitz 09 Starecase - Sunshine 10 Yvel & Tristan - Pillow 11 Lustral - Solace

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Nick Warren ‎– Global Underground #028: Shanghai CD1
Nick Warren ‎– Global Underground #028: Shanghai CD1
Nick Warren ‎– Global Underground #028: Shanghai CD1
Nick Warren ‎– Global Underground #028: Shanghai CD1
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Dioses Extraterrestres
2023-08-15 10:13:33

NVZCO9OHPHA&t=19m38s 19:38

Aidan McGrath
2023-07-29 23:17:41

Quasar -pillow is off the wall 😍

2023-03-17 00:00:22

One of the top GU's imo. I put this up there with Sasha - 013: Ibiza CD1 in terms of sheer quality and consistency from start to finish.

Skyrim 5
2022-12-09 22:20:57

If you are bangin' this in 2022 you got class!

Ricardo Nunez
2022-11-30 03:34:23

I always come back to listen to this since its release. Magical music like no other.

rusty bucket
2022-11-13 18:52:28

This Mofo is playing in Madrid next week...I'll be doing a hard shift at work the next day starting at 9. should I??
Need my sleep at 43

Reset One
2022-08-07 22:59:46

Love this mix,
Never get sick of it,
Timeless nick.

Let’s go catch some trout😂

2022-07-09 21:44:55

Absolute beauty of an album, every track was excellent! 😊

s h a d e p l u r
2022-07-02 22:05:07

One of my very favorites forever from Mr nick
and the appearance of Tini.

Mark Novitzkas
2022-06-14 13:27:41

The transition from Seyton - The Drake Equation to BCML - Mr Horowitz is pure Nick Warren class.

Hell Spawn
2022-05-28 10:16:50

NVZCO9OHPHA&t=43m28s 43:28

Abum Zbum
2022-04-23 06:28:34

Been listening to this set for YEARS, still haven’t found anything that compares to the feeling this gives. Surreal

DJ Dieps
2022-02-02 09:05:09

Alex Stealthy!!!

2021-10-15 23:45:10

I'd almost call this a masterpiece.

Maya Luevano
2021-09-06 09:05:02

I have listened to this mix probably about 20 times now and honestly it’s real perfection. The mixing is incredibly clean, track selection is great all of the songs really blend well and keep the momentum going. Love everything about this mix it’s just perfect for what it’s trying to do, it creates a setting and takes you on a sonic journey that cements you in the Shanghai night life.

Quincee 33
2021-07-18 04:12:51

Starecase - Vapour Trails was meant for ecstacy. And vice versa.

David A
2021-06-02 00:24:47

I loved how the mix begins to get so underground and ends up with very melodic tracks.

2021-05-30 18:03:04

Would always have said Reykjavik was the best of Nick's many good GU mixes, but listening to this one again I think it might actually top it.

Dean Dillon
2021-04-29 12:39:10

Sounds awesome remember gettin cd years ago nearly wore it out outstanding mix

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