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Origins Explained

Origins Explained

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Hi everyone, welcome to our channel! From mysterious discoveries to unexplained events, this is the place to be! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let us know in the comments below. We love to hear your feedback! Follow us on Instagram! 🤍🤍 Subscribe For New Videos! 🤍 Check out these videos you might like: Here's How The 12 Apostles Actually Died! 🤍 10 Creepy Things Hidden In The Vatican! 🤍 10 CREATURES The Bible Tried To Warn Us About! 🤍 #incredible #mysteriousdiscoveries #originsexplained #recent #history

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Incredible Mysterious Recent Discoveries
Incredible Mysterious Recent Discoveries
Incredible Mysterious Recent Discoveries
Incredible Mysterious Recent Discoveries
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Jared Harris
2023-06-10 11:19:49

You said Alirnd. I dau toss off.

2023-05-09 16:16:02

First New York was in Eastern Ukraine. City just now returned it's old name!!!

Roland AKA Hagen Harris
2023-05-08 17:48:37

Galactic strands= Shiva with a bad hair day.

David Clark
2023-05-08 13:49:14

I have commented before about the universe , which is actually the inside of a creature we live inside of, all the solar systems are the atoms that make it up, with the galaxy's being the organs within that being. Just my own theory,but prove me wrong beyond a shadow of doubt.
If you take that theory, you could also argue that within our own bodies, the same theory applies, our own atoms being solar systems and clusters of atom being galaxies.

David Clark
2023-05-08 13:34:09

With the 9 planet conundrum with the ancients, Pluto was probably known only as the new planet, however, the annunaki, were supposedly alien creatures, and would possibly have passed Pluto on their route to earth from their home planet in their own system.

David Clark
2023-05-08 13:26:52

In the English countryside, in Essex is a roadside sign that reads. "Top Secret nuclear bunker."

Xavier J.C. Lopez
2023-04-30 15:13:07

I’ve seen a discovery of a possible metal coin from over 200,000 years ago. That was the youngest it can be and even older. It’s an unknown and unusual metal that can’t be figured what it is. A mystery. 😮😮😮

Xavier J.C. Lopez
2023-04-30 14:56:40

With all the technological buildings in ancient times, when is it time to start pondering what technology that we don’t have today that aided them build these world wide structures. The part in paying attention to what tools we think that they had, it’s a strong possibility that they had more advanced tools/technologies with better techniques that we aren’t aware of at this time. It’s based on evidence and educational guesses. More to think about?

2023-04-28 04:44:55

I think we are completely underestimating our ancestors.

elizabeth miller
2023-04-27 06:56:52

I lived in a house that had a concrete air raid shelter in the back yard when l lived in London

Mark Landry
2023-04-26 01:30:43

Too bad they’re all the same videos

2023-04-25 22:44:10

Don't ask the internet to name something, you are just gonna end up with "Moonie mc Moonface"

James Rosario
2023-04-25 19:38:03

Sirens are like mermaids but have wings and fly mermaids only swim.. they both sing in the water tho😉

2023-04-25 19:27:59

dear this is repeat from afew weeks before

albert dehn
2023-04-25 16:16:59

Thanks for sharing 👍

Bianca Nagy
2023-04-25 11:25:31

I really don't understand why people don't believe it's the Annunaki!
There's so much evidence now that it's ignorance not to look into it.

Andrew Ferguson
2023-04-25 10:14:15

Thanks katrina for all the videos and always keeping me entertained!!!

Cathy Cider
2023-04-25 09:48:18

One of your best works!

Mike Martinez
2023-04-25 08:53:09

I love the content of your channel! Your posts make my day! ❤️

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