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Pokémon Trainer Rival Confesses (and KISSES you) [M4A boyfriend ASMR] [deep british voice]


You haven't seen each other for years and years, but never really got over each other. Now, well into adulthood, it finally comes out. hear the spicy conclusion as soon as it comes out, exclusively on patreon: 🤍 - been thinkin about this concept for a while. i actually... didn't like my execution of it quite as much as i was hoping to. here it is anyway, it's cute and everything, but i feel like there's something missing. i might re-write this and give it another try at some point in the future. not sure. enjoy, anyway!! and look forward to the nsfw conclusion soon, of course love, phas 💖 ✨✨✨ Welcome to PhasmidASMR! I upload new ASMR videos every week to help you relax, de-stress, sleep better and enjoy yourself. If you like my stuff, please consider supporting me through Patreon or Ko-fi. Your contributions help me create more high-quality ASMR audios and keep the channel running. All my links are at 🤍 - I spent fifteen quadrillion years making this website, so please check it out!!! ✨✨✨

[M4M] Surprise! You're A Werewolf! [Moving In with Your Femboy Roommate Part 2] [Lovers] [Roommates]


I heard a lot of you missed Claudia, and after perhaps far too long, he's back with another part! But something is off... What could it be? Part 1: 🤍 Script and thumbnail by me! Not a boy? Click here for the Male for Female version: 🤍 "I'm Still Sorry" by Faith Richards 🤍

They Gay Accent!?


🌸 Socials~! 🌸 🌸I stream six days a week! My schedule is roughly this- (🤍 ♡ Sunday: 11pm EST- ASMR (Twitch) ♡ Monday: 11am EST - Gaming (Twitch) ♡ Tuesday: 11am EST - Gaming (Twitch) ♡ Wednesday: 11pm EST - ASMR (YouTube) ♡ Thursday: 11pm EST - Patreon Event Night! (Discord) ♡ Friday: (Flex stream, sometimes I stream sometimes I dont) (Twitch) ♡ Saturday: 11pm EST - ASMR (YouTube) 🌸 Wanna cuddle me? I have a body pillow! Buy it here! 🤍 🌸 I have an ASMR channel: 🤍 🌸 You can find me on twitter at: 🤍 🌸 Join my discord! We have event nights every Wednesday! 🤍 🌸 Want special perks? I actually have my own Patreon here~ 🤍 Thank you everybun for watching~! And a special pyon to those who actually read the description~! It means a lot to me ^w^

(M4M) Your Boyfriend Finds You Sleeping in His Bed [BL Sleep Aid] (Boyfriend ASMR)


your sweet boyfriend comes home to find you sleeping in his bed.. he comes and comforts you and goes to sleep next to you.. this bf finds you sleeping asmr is made for all male audiences (M4M + M4TM) Instagram - 🤍ArcadianAudio (M4M) Your Boyfriend Finds You Sleeping in His Bed [BL Sleep Aid] (Boyfriend ASMR) Arcadian Audios (SFW)

it's okay, you're okay. you're safe. [m4m] [fluff] [sleep comfort]


i fell asleep and accidentally recorded for 2 hours. also you can hear my dog snoring in the background IT IS NOT ME. thumbnail art: 🤍 im really bad at posting on patreon, but if you wanna subscribe you can lol patreon.com/nymphaudios title: it's okay, you're okay. you're safe. [m4m] [fluff] [sleep comfort] alternate titles: m4m, asmr, m4m, boyfriend asmr sleep, reverse comfort asmr, sub boyfriend asmr

(Friends to Lovers) Sharing a Room with Your Bully (M4M) [Sleep Aid ASMR]


you have to stay with and share a room with your bully for a few days, but he wants to confess something to you.. this friends to lovers bully confession ASMR audio is made for all male audiences (M4M + M4TM) Instagram - 🤍ArcadianAudio (Friends to Lovers) Sharing a Room with Your Bully (M4M) [Sleep Aid ASMR] Arcadian Audios (SFW)

Returning Drunk To Your Teasing Boyfriend || Audio RP | M4A | Slice-Of-Life


You have many drinks after work to celebrate the departure of a dear colleague. After, you return home drunk where your boyfriend is worried about you. ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ As requested, we have another episode of Jonah taking care of a drunk listener! He's the character that fits this trope the best, and because of their personalities, I think it works better than any other! This part was fun to make, mostly because slice-of-life audios are very grounded. And though there's a lot of SFX that goes into it, creating the atmosphere is what I love doing, and I think this one came out just as well! Let me know your thoughts, as well as what could possibly happen next in Jonah and listener's world. I may bring it to life! Disclaimer: The primary focus of this audio is story-driven, not ASMR. Please be aware there may be loud sounds such as explosions, screaming, yelling, etc. ╔⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶✞⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷╗ 📸 Social Media: 🤍 ╚⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶✞⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷╝ Thumbnail art by the talented Bleusync! Please support them here! 🤍 #audiodrama #audiorp #gamer

[M4A] The Moss King [Fae Speaker x Werewolf Listener] [Strangers to More] [Slight Sp!ce] [Dom VA]


After a rough night of shifting, you wake up an unfamiliar part of the forest. Strange, and the smell of magic so strong is suffocating. And then an unfamiliar face wakes you- and they want something in return for ‘protecting’ you all night long. . u/AlvaaarScripts . Socials: 🤍 🤍 suruasmr🤍gmail.com 🤍 . #roleplay #romance #sleep #anime #comfort #relaxing #relaxingasmr #asmr #sleeping #yandere

[Sleep Aid] Coming home Drunk with Tsundere Goth Boyfriend (Comfort)(x Listener) | M4A ASMR Roleplay


Inspired by a conversation on discord. Follow me for Exclusive Audios! LinkTree: 🤍 * Credits: Voice ► 🤍DreamBoyfriend Art ► 🤍 Audio Editing and Subtitle ► 🤍VNNZ16 Character: Edwin Ambrose a.k.a Goth Boyfriend TAGS: M4A [Cuddling][ASMR Roleplay][Comfort][Romance][Discussing Horror Movies][Rambles]

[M4A] Lazy Morning With A Himbo Orc Blacksmith! [Friends to Lovers] [Sweet]


You aren't used to waking up in a nice comfy bed, especially not with a huge mastiff smothering you. But as you'll find out, there are perks to spending time in the home of the hunky but humble blacksmith Vane. - Wooo more blacksmith! I really had to tone down the sword talk on this one because it would turn out pretty boring, but at least we're seeing some plot development! We're so very close to 20k on YT, hope we can make it before New Years! Enjoy! I promise I'll stop pestering once we've hit 20k...if only to start pestering for 30k lol. - Patreon: 🤍 Kofi: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Wiki! Thanks Mage! 💚💚💚 🤍 - The character art was made by a wonderfully talented artist from my Discord, none other than our dear RandomJumble667! Please go check out their other works! 🤍 #asmr #m4m #roleplay #lgbt

Sitting On His Lap (Kisses) (Gamer Boyfriend) (LoL) (M4A) (ASMR)


Your gamer boyfriend invited you to watch his ranked match from the comfort of his lap... Patreon: 🤍 Would love to read your hopefully positive thoughts in the comments :) Script: Me Find me (discord, x, streaming channel): 🤍 Channel art by rainy: 🤍 #roleplay #gamer #audiodrama Thank you so much to those who directly support me:

[M4A] A forest gift [Vampire X Blind listener] [Injured Listener] [Stranger to More]


Being forced to flee far away from home, you try to find a new safe place. But as days go by, you become weaker, until you can’t give another step. But this might not be the end for you, more like a new start… . u/marine-28005 . Socials: 🤍 🤍 suruasmr🤍gmail.com 🤍 . #roleplay #romance #sleep #anime #comfort #relaxing #relaxingasmr #asmr #sleeping #yandere

𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐮𝐦𝐚 / 𝐍𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞 - 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐛𝐨𝐲 (𝐀𝐒𝐌𝐑 𝐑𝐏) (𝐌𝟒𝐌)


want content and life updates? drop a follow! 🤍 Want to experience the extended, nsfw version of this audio? Join my Patreon today! 🤍 Want to join a fun community? Join Discord today! 🤍 Enjoy! -Asmodeus Audios #m4m #asmrvideo #asmrvideo #m4masmr #nsfw #18+ #asmrboyfriendpossessive #asmrboyfriendroleplay #asmrboyfriend #spicyasmr #spicy - NOTE THAT ALL THESE AUDIOS ARE FICTIONAL! -If you yourself experience abusiveness in your relationship, PLEASE seek help!!!

M4M your *STRAIGHT* best friend falls for you~ [ASMR] [BL]


Massive thanks to my editor :] Discord Server - 🤍 Hey guys! Hope you have had a lovely summer :3 getting back into the swing of things in terms of uploads! I will only have videos on my channel for now because of my studies, with more *SPICY* audio's returning next year! #asmr #m4m #boyfriend #roleplay #dominant #sleepaid #friendstolovers #british #spicy #straightbsf #bl

[M4M ASMR] Doctor Confirms you're PREGNANT to your Boyfriend! [SPICY][deep voice] ASMR


#asmr #m4m #spicy Your boyfriend carries you home after leaving the doctor's office with confirmation of your pregnancy... This video is part II of this roleplay in case you missed it: 🤍 Listen to the Extended version of this Audio here: 🤍 Hope you enjoy this ASMR roleplay...please Subscribe to my channel for more. This is an improvised fictional ASMR ❤️

ASMR Possessive Crush Gets Jealous [M4A][ANIMATED Boyfriend Roleplay]


*NOTE: This roleplay animation is best experienced with headphones! You and your friend have confessed to each other a few weeks ago. Ever since then, things have gotten awkward with him since neither of you know where to go from here. You've been trying to avoid him by focusing on school, but he doesn't buy it. How will you handle him when he find out you've been hanging out with another guy for your school projects? COMMENT BELOW FOR A PART TWO! I love making series but I want to be sure you guys are genuinely interested in more :) - Script, audio, art and editing are all done by yours truly :) If you like this video please show some support. Like, comment, subscribe and turn on post notifications for future videos! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ASMR Possessive Crush Gets Jealous [M4A][ANIMATED Boyfriend Roleplay]

Soft Dom Makes You Sit On His Lap (M4M) (Sub Listener) (RP ASMR)


I'll be honest this one I kinda rushed a bit but I did as tho i would be listening to one myself. I think i did an ok job well maybe let see how you guys like it, lmk what you think thank you for the listening and love you all! Socials: 🤍 (Stream every Wednesday, Friday from 4 pm and Sunday at 3pm to whenever I stop xD 🤍

[M4M] [M4TM] Boyfriend Falls Asleep On Your Lap [ASMR] [BFE] [Domestic] [Snuggling] [Sweet]


hi 💛 Here's all my links: sunnyeaudios.carrd.co This audio came out early on my Patreon - maybe go check that out if that's something you're interested in! (Patreon is 2 weeks early at the moment!) Look. I'm good at sleeping. And I daydream about all the places I'll get to fall asleep on/with someone in the future. So now it's an audio :D Image credits to Jon Tyson at Unsplash. Much love! Sunny ☀️

But liking Femboys is gay


#feminine #femboy #femboi #boyfriend #asmr #fembruh #Femboyfriend #femboys #fateapocrypha #fate #astolfo #femboyasmr #femboyhooters #genshinimpact #genshinimpactedit #venti #pussinbootsthelastwish2022 #pussinboots2pelicula

ASMR | Soft British Boyfriend Comforts His Good Puppy Boy [M4M M4TM TM4TM] [Comfort] [BFE]


Trying something new, some M4M content that isn't royalty/historical roleplays. Let me know if you guys enjoy it, if you'd like me to do more, and if so what scenarios or requests you have for jsut generic boyfriend M4M audios. ☾ Please consider joining my Patreon! 🤍 Depending on what tier you select, you’ll get access to my Discord server (where we chat, play games, watch movies and more), HD downloads of all my audios, two exclusive spicy audios per month, and a higher chance of your audio requests getting picked. The money I earn from Patreon is what allows me to keep making audios and videos for Youtube and all my other content, as well as helping pay my rent and will hopefully allow me to move out and get my own place. ☾ Audio commissions are currently open: 🤍 ☾ Art commissions are currently open: 🤍 ☾ I stream on Twitch every week! ☾ You can also donate to me on Ko-Fi, and I have an Etsy shop 'emptymasks'. Twitch: 🤍 Patreon (and Discord): 🤍 Ko-Fi: 🤍 My Carrd (links to all my shops, socials, commission info, and anything else you might like to know): 🤍 Etsy Shop: 🤍 My main/art account: 🤍 All the art in my videos is created by myself. I improvise my audios, record and edit everything myself. Any photos used in videos are of myself and taken by myself. ASMR and comfort content are not replacements for actual therapy. I am not a therapist or psychiatrist, I'm not qualified or able to give out advice on serious mental health and other issues. There are always people around to help and listen but this is not the place to vent and please do not ask me to make content about trigger topics and serious mental health issues. If you are in need of help with serious issues please reach out to qualified individuals or appropriate hot-lines. #sleepaid

[ASMR RP] Teasing Your Cute Soft Dom Boyfriend! [M4M] [BL] [WHOLESOME] [SPICY]


Did you give in orrrrrr? - You can follow my social media to see more of me! Also, don't forget to subscribe for more audio content! Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 - Picrew Character Maker: 🤍 #asmr #roleplay #m4m

[Audio Roleplay] Captured By A Mafia Boss | [M4M] [Part I]


》You never expected a circumstance such as this: leaving your mansion to head to a friend's, yet instead you find yourself being followed by three men. And you could tell they weren't here to make conversation. After your desperate attempt to escape, you ultimately fail, and succumb to sleep upon your capture. And of all places you wake up to... it looks like an abandoned warehouse.《 ⊱⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⊰ ♪ Headphones are recommended for a better experience! ♪ Hello my Moonlights! I hope you enjoy today's audio! Mafia audio has cometh, hazzah! I really want to thank everyone for your patience for the loong delay, my sick month was the last thing I expected to happen to me. But, today we introduce a new character: Warren! If you can't tell, Warren is already much different from most of the other boys we see on the Havenverse~ Since youtube keeps hammering down its restrictions on anything they even consider mildly suggestive (god forbid kisssing sounds), I've taken a different direction with him to really lay out the foundation of his story. And if his first part is anything to take away from, you'll be in for a wiiillld emotional ride heheh~ So strap in Moonlights, and I hope everyone enjoys the audio! :D ⊱⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⊰ Connect with me! ➥ 🤍 ∩^ω^∩ All content is created by Moonlight Haven. #asmr #maleaudio #audiorp #audiodrama

[m4m] ASMR - baker's favourite // [white day][elf speaker][bakery][customer to ?][flirting]


"you've been visiting a local bakery frequently for the past few months, and they sell the best croissants you've ever had. previously, you asked for a strawberry cake from him on valentines day. however, only recently, you find out that it's run by one elf baker who runs the shop from 4am until the evening and you decide to help him out on white day..." thank you so much for being patient with my asmrs. my irl life has been a lot busier lately and it's so hard to catch up with this side of my life as well as other hobby aspects too. at least i have this done! this one is unique for me because it's my first fantasy-esque asmr as my character is non-human (an elf). this was also very unique to me because this is my first ever asmr made without a script fill! the story was made entirely by me, and partially improvised too. since there were no scripts for anything white-day related as well as elf-baker related, i had to outline the story by myself and record it all. i hope yous enjoy it as much as i did, cause i am really excited about how i excelled myself on asmr yet again! thank you so much to razial for the amazing artwork once again! they always deliver amazing artwork, and they deserve so much! razial: 🤍 - twitter: 🤍 twitch: 🤍 music yt: 🤍 spotify: 🤍 white day, elf speaker, bakery, immersive sound, customer to ?, cheek kiss, cheerful, flirting, wholesome, hardworker, presents, whispering

[M4M] Dominant Vampire Lord Takes a Prince For Himself [🐼♨] [Deep Male Voice] [Vampire Feeding]


Like, Share, and Subscribe !!! It's in the long hours of the evening. You're a royal Prince and you've awakened in the chambers of your Vampire Lord. He stands before you with a Dominant stance, his eyes piercing through your soul. You've always had your gut feelings that this guy was bad news! However, now you're stuck with the fact that he's going to Take You for Himself! Enjoy!! ⁂ Hey Pandastc Pandas! Want to hear similar content to this AND meet some cool people too? Join my Discord!! ⁂ 🤍 ☆☆ Want to hear the rest or just feeling generous? Join my Patreon! ☆☆ 🤍 🐼👕 WANNA LOOK FLY AND SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? SHOP PANDASTC!!👕🐼 🤍 ▶ Follow me on Social Media? Or want to send me a script? 📸 Instagram: 🤍pandastcasmr 🐦Twitter: 🤍 📩 Gmail: pandastcasmr🤍gmail.com !! I am unable to find the original artist for the thumbnail. If you can find them, please let me know so I can give them the proper credit !!

[ASMR] [M4M] Sleepy Boyfriend Drags You To Bed! [Sleep Aid] [1 Hour] [Rain] [Heartbeat]


The screen in from of you buzzes dully, the steady blink of the cursor the only sign of movement. You rub your eyes and stare, hoping for something, anything to come to you. That's when you hear the sound of your boyfriend walking into the room. - More sleep, and now with brand new art too! I think this one turned out way better then the last one, hope you all think so too! Enjoy! - Patreon: 🤍 Kofi: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 - The character art was made by a wonderfully talented artist from my Discord, none other then our dear RandomJumble667! Please go check out their other works! 🤍 #ASMR #LGBT #Roleplay #Boyfriend

[M4A] Sleep Demon Tempts You Into Bed [Flirting] [Kissing] [Sp1cy] [Sleep Aid] [Soft Yandere]


Listener stays up too late every night, and has to be tempted to bed by their sleep demon lover. . u/softlikestatic . Socials: 🤍 🤍 suruasmr🤍gmail.com 🤍 . #roleplay #romance #sleep #anime #comfort #relaxing #relaxingasmr #asmr #sleeping #yandere

m4m - waking up together without clothes (morning after)(fluff)(asmr)


my socials : 🤍 thank you to my patrons! Analeigh Lin fatherhellokitty Chupacabra Fuel KorV3ntz Adrian XBoson Kooby Dood Katie Jonathan lopez TheresSomethingHappening Aaron anon anon big_boy_panda 313 Mochi Girl Nev Link Garrick Eaton A A Rachel suoyehan Anna Huynh Luong Danica Acdang Potat04 Sophie S Ulp Just A K-World kat CodyB #asmr #boyfriend #m4m #m4a #m4f

Loyal Knight Protects You at Royal Court [ASMR] [M4M/M4TM] [Prince Listener] [Friends to Lovers]


The king is out on a hunt - leaving you in charge of his day-to-day duties. Luckily, your knight bestie is here to offer his support. Talk about flipping the script; now YOU'RE the prince! I should mention that although this audio follows a similar vibe to last week's, the story and characters are entirely unrelated. BUT I hope you enjoy it all the same, I think it's my best one yet! Thank you for checking out my videos and I hope you have blessed day! OvO Buy me a coffee! Ko-Fi: 🤍 Icon Attributions: 🤍 Knight icons created by Freepik - Flaticon 🤍 Medieval icons created by Freepik - Flaticon 🤍 Sword icons created by Vitaly Gorbachev - Flaticon #asmr #roleplay #m4m #fantasy #knight #romantic #wholesome

[M4M] Your Closeted Boyfriend Apologises to you on New Years Eve


I haven't had a great deal of time the last week or so due to uni assignments~ But I found a script with a premise that I just loved and had to fill! Thanks to u/Youlookfamiliarbro for making this script public! Summary: After going out for New Year's Eve you and your new partner are driving home. When you get into a bit of an argument.... Your partner, who is still closeted, didn't kiss you as the countdown ended~. This is an M4M Audio however all can enjoy! :) ⋘ ────── ∗ ⋅🚀⋅ ∗ ───── ⋙ Credits: 👑 u/Youlookfamiliarbro on reddit ⋘ ────── ∗ ⋅🚀⋅ ∗ ───── ⋙ socials - Reddit: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - CuriousCat: 🤍 - Discord: 🤍 - Ko-Fi: 🤍 ⋘ ────── ∗ ⋅🚀⋅ ∗ ───── ⋙ Schedule: 9:00pm, GMT, Wednesdays (maybe fridays too!) ⋘ ────── ∗ ⋅🚀⋅ ∗ ───── ⋙ thanks for watching! Your closeted boyfriend apologises to you on new years eve! [Closeted Speaker] [Fresh Relationship] [Unsupportive family][New Years Eve][Emotional] [First I love you][Argument][makeup][Car ride][Happy ending]

[M4M] Waking up my puppy boy for cuddles [sleep aid]


hellooooo, happy cuddle season! arguably winter is the REAL cuddle season, but autumn so far where I live has been quite appropriate already. anywho, here's a new sleepy audio for y'all! a sleepy puppy listener is woken up by their bf, who wants to provide them with cuddles, headpats, and other cozy affection, as they fall asleep together. mmm, so cozy, so warm. I know y'all were long overdue for a new puppy audio, so... sleep well bois! mwah mwah asmr m4m, m4tm, comfort, good boy, puppy boy listener, praise, compliments, affirmations, cuddles, headpats, ear scratches, belly rubs, soft spoken, whispering, sleepy sounds, breathing sounds twt: 🤍

[ASMR RP ] Your Tsundere Friend Gets Jealous & Makes You His! [M4M] [FRIENDS TO LOVERS] [WHOLESOME]


This audio better not get "limited monetization" or I will rage. - Y'all can go follow my social media to see more of me! Also, don't forget to subscribe for more audio content! Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 - Picrew Character Maker: 🤍 #asmr #roleplay #m4m

Sizing Up to Daddy Bear [M4M] [Size Change] [Daddy] [Size Difference] [Blind Date] [Flirty] [ASMR]


You got set up on a blind date by your friend Jake, not knowing what to expect. When a short, muscular daddy bear approaches you, you're disappointed. You've always liked taller men. But after chatting a bit, someone drops off some drinks, and all of a sudden, you seem to be shorter. Or is Daddy Bear taller and more jacked and muscular? What's happening? This script and audio were commissioned by a listener and is posted here with permission. Thank you SO MUCH for commissioning this work and sharing it with everyone. If you're interested in commissioning some work, please reach out to the e-mail in my profile: 🤍relaxwithmab CW: Swearing, Size Change, Alcohol Tags: M4M, Size Change, Daddy, Size Difference, Transformation, Blind Date, Flirty, ASMR, Muscle

Soft Dom Teases You While You Make Breakfast (M4M) (PETNAMES)


This Is My second attempt at a more dom oriented asmr, the last one i did didnt do as bad as i thought well the short version yes but the long version did well and way above my expectations. Lets see how you guys like this one. I did a m4m and a m4f because i really enjoy petnames for myself and others and i thought this would be a nice way to fulfill the need ive been asked about as of late which i make more focus m4m or m4f and i dont like to leave anyone out soooo why not make both xD let me know what you think, love you all Socials: 🤍 (Stream every Wednesday, Friday from 4 pm and Sunday at 3pm to whenever I stop xD 🤍

[ASMR RP] Your Dom Possessive Boyfriend Gets Jealous in the Gym & Makes Out With You! [M4M] [SPICY]


I have my doubts about the monetization of this audio. - You can follow my social media to see more of me! Also, don't forget to subscribe for more audio content! Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Picrew Character Maker: 🤍 #asmr #roleplay #m4m

[M4M] Yandere Boyfriend Cuddles You [My Good Boy] [Willing Listener]


(For the Listener) Exactly what it says on the tin! You wake up in the middle of the night so your yandere boyfriend comforts you, mainly by rambling on and on about how much he loves you and how you're such a good boy. Script By u/Yan-con 🤍

shy-ish roommate wants to sleep in your room cuz his body has AWFUL temp regulation [m4m] [fluff]


im not sick, my voice is just leaving me if you want to request a video idea, or just kinda chill and talk with your fellow homosexuals, you can join the discord server lol discord: 🤍 i do now own any of the art in this video, if you know who does, or it is you, and you want credit or want me to take it down, let me know title: shy-ish roommate wants to sleep in your room cuz his body has AWFUL temp regulation [m4m] [fluff] alternate titles: m4m, asmr, m4m, boyfriend asmr sleep, reverse comfort asmr, sub boyfriend asmr

Naughty boys don't get aftercare 🔪 (Sitting on your Dom bfs lap) [Boyfriend ASMR] M4M


🤍 My book (Fades to Black) - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Throne - 🤍 #Asmr #roleplay #boyfriend

[ASMR M4M] Boyfriend Corners you in the Library after Class! [SPICY] Boyfriend ASMR


#boyfriend #asmr #m4m After his Class finished, Your boyfriend came to the Library looking for you... Listen to the Extended version of this Audio here: 🤍 Hope you enjoy this ASMR roleplay...please Subscribe to my channel for more. This is an improvised fictional ASMR.

[Audio Roleplay] Spending The Night With The Popular Boy | [M4M] [Comfort] [Cuddling] [Kisses]


》You find the popular boy after school the week winter break ended, and walk up to him to talk with him. Not having seeing you for Winter break, he asks if you would like to spend the weekend with him. You agree, yet it seems like his troubles are beginning to show themselves to you... 《 ⊱⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⊰ ♪ Headphones are recommended for a better experience! ♪ Hello my Moonlights! I hope you enjoy today's audio! Luca is backkkk!!! Luca gives off such golden retriever vibes, and so I decided to use that to my advantage with his character development! It's always the ones that are puppy-coded going through turmoil that makes for the BEST hit-in-your-feels~ Please forgive me Luca enthusiasts ;3; We seem to be diving into angst territory soon~ ⊱⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⊰ Lofi Music by Lofi Geek! Their YT and Spotify links will be down below! YT Channel ➥ 🤍 Spotify ➥ 🤍 Connect with me! ➥ 🤍 ∩^ω^∩ All content is created by Moonlight Haven. #asmr #maleaudio #audiorp #audiodrama

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