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How to: Sleeping in our Toyota Yaris.


This video shows the conversion of our 2007 Toyota Yaris into a sleeping pad

I Went Camping In My Car (Toyota Yaris Camping)


I went camping in my car using the modified stretcher I made in my last video. If you are interested, please take a look at my last video using the following link: 🤍

How We Sleep in a Tiny Toyota Yaris - Traveling the Country Cheap!


This is our trusty Toyota Yaris. At first we thought about buying a car in Australia but would have to spend a fair amount on fees and taxes and then deal with trying to sell it later. Instead we got a really good deal on this tiny fuel efficient Toyota Yaris! This became our home! In this video I show you how we set it up into the sleeping configuration. Australia has a bunch of free public park with tables and even free electric BBQ's so cooking was done at these parks. We just carried our kitchen tub over to the tables and enjoyed great meals. If we wanted to rent a campervan instead the rental would have been more than triple the price and we would have also paid much more in gas. We were very happy with this set up.

Turning Our Yaris Into A DIY Car Camper


Quick vlog about turning our Toyota Yaris into a car camper. Not instructional, but I can get you the plans if you really want em. I didn't write the music this time. Sorry.

FAQs about LIVING in my TOYOTA YARIS | Katie Carney


*FAQs about LIVING in my TOYOTA YARIS | Katie Carney* ♡ Instagram: 🤍 ♡ Crochet Instagram: 🤍 ♡ My Amazon Favorites: 🤍 ♡ Women’s Bible Study Facebook: 🤍 ♡ Patreon: 🤍 ♡ PayPal: katiecarneyy🤍gmail.com ♡ Email: katiewasheredotcom🤍gmail.com ♡ PO Box: Katie Carney C/O E. Carney 78 Sycamore Ave PO Box 30431 Charleston, SC 29417 Subscribe to my channel for new videos every Tuesday & Friday! 🤍 *Some links are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission off of purchases. —————————————————————————— Commonly Asked Questions: Why I live in my car: 🤍 How I make money online/while traveling: 🤍 Camera I use: Canon G7X Mark II



NORTHERN NSW, AUSTRALIA Necessity is the mother of invention. After being made homeless countless times in last three years from, evictions, border closures, flooding and now a due to national housing crisis, my car has become a refuge. The emergency shelter I never thought would one day be my home. initially scary as I was sleeping upright in the passenger seat for months. waiting for NDIS related disability support that never came. I had to work out a way to get horizontal to sleep. The following video demonstrates how to achieve that in a tiny car.

Car Camping In The Sage Forest/Toyota Yaris Camper


This video was shot during the harvest moon season of 2021. I spent two days near mountain creeks and hot springs in the ancient sage forest where the air is pure and the nights are beautiful and full of stars,not another person for miles. This place revives and recharges everything about me,I have a great deal of respect for it the energy here is vibrant .

Building a Car Camping Setup (Toyota Yaris)


Hey everyone! Long time, no see! For the past two-ish months, we’ve been on a road trip; starting in New York, and ending in Anchorage, Alaska. We recorded this video back in May, and thought we’d upload it now to show you how we’ve been able to utilize our car space for extra storage, even though it’s a tiny two-door Toyota Yaris. If you follow us on other social media sites, you know that we’ve put a hold on vlogging, which means that we didn’t record this road trip. It’s been a much needed break, and we’ve really enjoyed just being together and, of course, spending time with a few different friends. LINKS: The video that inspired us: 🤍 Coleman Iceless Cooler: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more travel & food adventures: 🤍 CHECK OUT AIRBNB: 🤍 WANT A FREE UBER RIDE?! 🤍 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍 THAILAND TRAVEL VLOGS: 🤍 MALAYSIA DAILY VLOGS: 🤍 SPRING BREAK TRAVEL VLOGS: 🤍 TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOGS: 🤍 BEST OF VIDEOS: 🤍 LIFE IN JAPAN: 🤍 MUSIC: "Water Lilly"

Mini kamper • Toyota Yaris Verso • camper conversion


Jak zbudować minikampera dla ubogich? 🤪 Budowa samego stelaża (prostego jak nasz) to koszt między 200 a 300 zł. Bardzo wygodne materace składane kupiliśmy na Allegro za 119,90 zł/szt. #minikamper #kamper #minivan #toyota #yaris #verso #camping #podróżowanie #trip #taktrzebażyć #holidays #camper #conversion #biedaażpiszczy #wakacjedlaubogich

Car Camping In The Desert /Toyota Yaris Camper


I spent three days in the desert during the harvest moon fazes,the nights were beautiful and the days were hot as hell but the solitude,the silence and the beauty of the desert is what makes it a wonderful experience. I climbed to the top of a sand dune that is nameless and off the map,I got to ride my onewheel and even had a strange encounter with an airplane that landed next to me in the middle of nowhere. There’s no place like the desert and I love spending time here as often as I can. Hope you enjoy it and thank you for watching.

Car Camping Toyota Yaris | Philippines | Bed • Camp • Set-up | #Vanlife


• Kaliraya Surf Kamp • Caliraya Lake • Vanlife Soon 🙏🏻 #tinycamperph #tinycamper #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #vanlifedreams #vanlifeideas #vanlifephilippines #vanlifeph #carcamping #campingtrip #toyotayaris #toyotayarisclub #toyotayarisphilippines

Is de Toyota Yaris GR OVERHYPED..?!


Is de Toyota Yaris GR OVERHYPED..?! Ja, een hele goede vraag, iets wat ik mezelf ook afvroeg! Vrijwel iedere 'journalist' beschrijft de 2022 Toyota Yaris GR namelijk als de allerbeste auto, de ultieme hot hatch, de ultieme rijders auto, maar is dat ook echt zo? Is de €53000,- kostende Yaris GR echt zo leuk? In deze 2022 Toyota Yaris GR review neem ik jullie mee om hem voor het eerst te ervaren! Hoe klinkt die? Is de SOUND een beetje oké? Hoe is de acceleration? We testen de Yaris GR 0-100 km/u! Hoe drift die? Ook doen we poging tot driften met de Yaris GR! Niet als Top Gear op het circuit, maar wel met minimaal net zoveel lol! Kijken kijken kijken.. Wel kopen? Volgen jullie me toevallig al op Instagram 🤍 Meer zien? 🤍 #ToyotaYarisGR #YarisGR #SemMeijer

Maine Mountain Camping In My Tiny Car - Toyota Yaris Hatchback Camper Build - Flat Trails Deluxe


Sarah and I were supposed to be in Wisconsin visiting my family, but a rona scare grounded our flights. As we were unable to rebook without paying first-class prices for coach accommodations, I took it upon myself to salvage what was left of my vacation week and have a solo camp in the mountains. What do you think about this format? Instagram: Jackstolz Twitter: JackwStolz Gear I used on this trip Sony A7iii camera Tamron 17-28 f2.8 lens Sony 24-70mm f4 lens Sony 50mm f1.8 DJI Mavic Air GoPro Hero 10 Moment ND Filters ~INFINITE BLESSINGS~

Toyota Yaris Verso mini Camper


Transforming Our Yaris Into A Mini Campervan (TentBox Conversion)


This is our first stop at Glen Cannich in the Highlands of Scotland on the 31st of May 2021. We decided to convert our Toyota Yaris into a mini Campervan by using a TentBox Lite and attaching it to our Thule Roof Bars and wild camp in the Highlands of Scotland. We are going to explore and stay in different locations every night for the next 7 nights but we decided Glen Cannich would be a good starting point as it's in the centre of the Highlands with easy access to other locations. Hope you enjoy the video and please like, share and subscribe to get our videos out to a wider audience. Thanks guys. And remember, Look After Your Country And Leave No Trace.

Mein Nano-Camper - Toyota Yaris Verso


Im Frühjahr 2017 habe ich meinen Toyota Yaris Verso zum Nano-Camper umgebaut und bin seitdem mit ihm unterwegs. Ich hatte vorher schon öfter mal im Auto geschlafen mit Isomatte und Schlafsack, aber nach den Videos von JayBe Outdoor TV, der seinen Dacia als Mini-Camper ausgebaut hatte, war ich angefixt von der Idee. Mit der Größe eines Dacia kann mein Toyata nicht mithalten, daher bezeichne ich ihn eher als Nano-Camper. Ich bin aber auch nur 1,60 m groß und für Ü60 noch gelenkig genug, um in meinem Auto klar zu kommen. So hoffe ich, daß uns der TÜV noch lange nicht scheidet und wir noch lange zusammen durch die Welt fahren können. Spiel Spaß bei meiner Room Tour! Und hier ist die Liste von vielen Teilen, die ich verbaut habe: (keine Affiliate Links!) ► Neodym Ösenmagnete 🤍 ► TOLKO Sonnenschutz Stoff 🤍 ► Klettverschluss Punkte 🤍 ► Laminatunterlage vergleichbar 🤍 ► Windschutzscheiben Sonnenschirm Lechin, vergleichbar: 🤍 ► Window Sox 🤍 ► Fliegennetz 🤍 ► Saugnäpfe 🤍 ► Matratze 🤍 ► Lattenrost mit Füssen 🤍 ► Verstellbare Möbelfüsse 🤍 ► Wickelunterlage 🤍 ► Werkzeugbox 🤍 ► Verlängerungskabel 🤍 ► CEE Adapterleitung 🤍 ► Solar-Dusche 🤍 ► Lichterkette 🤍 ► Wandclips 🤍 ► LED Kinder Nachtlicht 🤍 ► Kunststoff-Granulat 🤍 ► Wasserbeutel Widepac von Source 1,5 l 🤍 ► Aquarium Schlauchanschluss Ventil 🤍 ► Quechua Campingtisch 🤍 ► Gaskocher 🤍 ► Windschutz 🤍 ► Yellowstone Kochset 🤍 ► Silikondosen 🤍 ► Kühlbox 🤍 ► Suaoki G 500 Powerstation 🤍 ► Suaoki Foldable Portable 100W Solar Panel vergleichbar 🤍 ► Schrank 🤍 ► Klapptisch 🤍 ► Grill 🤍 ► Campingstuhl 🤍 ► XXL-Schirm Ø 130 cm 🤍 ► Strandschirm Ø 160 cm 🤍 ► Walkstool 🤍 ► Scooter Hudora Big Wheel 🤍 Inspiration: JayBe Outdoor TV #1 Auto Camper 🤍 #2 Auto Camper 🤍 Ich mache keine Werbung! Alle Teile, die ich hier gezeigt habe sind selbst gekauft!



I have a new update video on this car 🤍 I turned a 2008 Toyota Yaris into a micro camper it took me two months to get everything necessary done to get this little road warrior up and ready for many adventures to come. First I took care of all the maintenance under the hood like changing all the fluids replacing spark plugs and coil packs all the belts new battery and so on. Then I installed a light bar and new rims and tires and also storage on the roof. Inside I built a bed and I still want to add a solar set up and a mini fridge. It was a fun learning experience and there will be many adventures to come with this little bubble on wheels lol. Thanks for watching. 0:00 intro 6:00 the outside of the vehicle 10:35 bigger tires 12:37 the cooking set up 17:51 inside the vehicle

[DIY] Toyota Yaris Verso Mini-Camper


Toyota Yaris Verso 2005 - DIY Mini Camper assembly and presentation. WWW: 🤍 Music: Scott Holmes - Cutie Pie Scott Holmes - Jump for Joy

MIKRO-CAMPER selber ausbauen - komplett | Toyota Yaris Verso


Hier zeige ich euch, wie ich mir einen Mikro-Camper-Ausbau in meinen Toyota Yaris Verso gebaut habe. Die Kochkiste mit dem ausklappbaren Lattenrost und den selbstgenähten Matratzenblöcken lassen sich jederzeit einfach rausnehmen und so bleibt das Auto alltagstauglich, doch kann schnell zum Camper transformiert werden. Alles habe ich mit einfachem Heimwerker-Werkzeug gebaut, also einfach zum Nachbauen. Bald gibt es ein Video, in dem ich den Camper in Aktion nochmal genau vorstelle, seid gespannt und abonniert den Kanal ;) !! Viel Spaß mit dem Video !!

Toyota Yaris Sedan Micro Stealth Commuter Camper


This platform is the only pure stealth camping option out there. I chuckle when I see videos of someone’s “stealth camping van”. Everyone knows someone is sleeping in that van. I can pull off the road and park in front of somebody’s house and jump in the back for a great night’s sleep. With tinted windows you can’t see in the back and practically no one is going to think someone is sleeping inside. This car gets 35-40 MPG. If I don’t feel like driving home from work after a long day I just sleep in my Yaris and take a shower in the company gym that opens at 6am and make myself a free double cappuccino, yogurt and fruit or granola and I’m ready for a new day. Commuting sucks. I live in paradise but I also have to work where I work so this is a doable stealth commuting option. TOYOTA YARIS NATION! the economical choice and 5 speed manual zippy and fun to drive… Tools: 14 mm socket to remove back seats and take off that piece of foam and long metal bar that the rear seat backs bolt into. It greatly interferes with your available space. I used two pieces of 3/4" AC plywood and a few leveling blocks under the platform. It folds up with the two installed hinges. And I cut around the armrest. The dimensions from the rear of the trunk to the back of the passenger seat is 72" or 6ft.

Toyota Yaris Cross Review: No Matter What You Think, You're Wrong | Carfection 4K


The Toyota Yaris Cross might seem like a mild mannered cross over but under the hood it's way more complicated than you might think. But is the total package any good? Subscribe for more Carfection videos: 🤍 Don't forget to hit the 🔔 Follow us on our socials for additional exclusive content: 👥 Facebook: facebook.com/carfection 🐦 Twitter: twitter.com/carfection 📸 Instagram: Instagram.com/carfectionfilms ♪ Tiktok: tiktok.com/🤍carfection?

Car Tour of Living SUPER Cheap in a TINY CAR


In today's video we see a miracle happen before our eyes—a tiny car turned into a comfortable tiny home, that gets 37 MPG! A good friend of mine converted his sub-compact car into a remarkably comfortable little space by taking out the back seat and the passenger seat. He then used 2x2's and plywood to make a flat floor with openings to use all the storage room in the foot wells and where the seat was. Finally, he used inexpensive bins to make excellent storage and organization. I think you will be amazed at what a pleasant life you can have in such a small space! I hope if you are forced to live in a car, this gives you HOPE that your life is not over, in fact the best times of your life may be ahead of you! AMAZON PRODUCTS: Iceco JP40 12V Fridge 🤍 LED Strip Lights 🤍 Laptop Desk for Bed 🤍 Wooden Desk for Bed 🤍 Fabric Organizer Drawers - Different Types 🤍 🤍 🤍 Trunk Organizer Box 🤍 🤍 Packing Cube System 🤍 Opolar Clip On Fan 🤍 Power Strip Cube 🤍 Visit My Website at: 🤍 Essential Items for Nomads: 🤍 Visit My Amazon Store: 🤍 (As an Amazon Associate CheapRVLiving earns from qualifying purchases) Join My Online Complete Class for Nomads- 6 Hours of Instruction: The Ultimate Crash Course to Living on the Road 🤍 🤍 Join My Patreon for Access to Exclusive Content: 🤍 Follow Me on Instagram: 🤍CheapRVLiving 🤍 Follow Me on Facebook: 🤍 🤍 Follow Me on Twitter 🤍 CheapRVLiving Merch: 🤍 _ Hi everyone, this is Bob Wells, be sure to visit my Amazon Influencer Store, where I have posted some of my useful and recommend products for nomadic living. Visit My Amazon Store Here: 🤍 Solar Generators 🤍 Essential Items for Nomads: 🤍 Emergency and Recovery Gear 🤍 12V Batteries 🤍 My Favorite Nomad Items 🤍 12V Fridges 🤍 (Note: CheapRVliving receives a small commission when you buy gear via these amazon affiliate links. Commission supports the channel)

2018 2 Door Toyota Yaris Micro Camper


Just a Quick video showing off the sleeping platform in my 2 door Toyota Yaris. The platform is 24''x75''. It is built out of four 2x4's and half a sheet of 3/8'' plywood. The whole thing weighs about 45lbs and comes in and out in 1 piece. It only takes about 10mins to set up. Just take out 4 bolts for the rear seat backs and 4 bolts for the front passenger seat.

Trekauto's | Test Toyota Yaris Cross


Toyota is als trekautomerk best wel populair, maar dat komt bijna helemaal voor rekening van de RAV4. Maar er is een nieuw model in het gamma verschenen dat een compacte, lichte caravan aan de haak mag nemen, de Yaris Cross. Tijd voor een test.

Автодом из Toyota Yaris Camper Camping


Быстро просто или долго и удобно? Твой выбор?

Toyota Yaris Verso motorhome


How to transform your Toyota Yaris Verso to a motorhome.

Toyota Yaris Verso Camper Build *Folding Bed*


Another car camping video, in a Toyota Yaris Verso this time. This one sleeps two (medium sized) people. It is easy to assemble and can be taken apart for storage. Also, the car is fully functional with the bed folded away and all 4 seats can still be used. The bed is very comfortable. I hope you enjoy or are able to get some inspiration from the video. If so, please consider to like, comment or subscribe!

We Towed a Scamp Trailer with Our 4 Cylinder Car!


Towing a scamp trailer with a 4 cylinder car can be done! In this episode we will be showing you how our 4 cylinder Toyota Matrix hooks up and tows a 13 ft scamp trailer. We will also be continuing our Scamp Trailer vs. Teardrop Trailer segment from our last episode of Playing with Sticks. Come join us as we explore the state of Alaska in a 13 foot scamp trailer. We take the scamp down to Girdwood Alaska to show you one of our favorite campsites. We also take you to Crow Creek Mine to show off the beauty of the state of Alaska. Pulling a scamp trailer with a 4 cylinder car is not ideal. But if it is all you have I think you can make a go of it without putting too much wear and tear on your tow vehicle. Looking for a detailed list of all the camping gear we currently use? Link Below: 🤍amazon.com/shop/playingwithsticks By purchasing items through these links there is no additional cost to you. Our family gets a small kickback from amazon for any purchases you make using these affiliate links. Link to 1st episode of scamp trailer vs. teardrop trailer: 🤍

Toyota yaris pickup. Home made UTV. Part 1.


#toyota #yaris #build Toyota yaris pickup build Part 1. instagram: 🤍 Used music: Mokka - Modern Beat -No Copyright Music-

Yaris camper life FAQ answered!


Hello everyone! We are not dead! Hoping to answer lots of lingering questions about our little sleeping in our Yaris video. Feel free to skip through to a topic of relevance, or watch the whole thing and let us know if we are slightly entertaining. 1:03 Are you dead? 1:14 Why not get a bigger car? 1:58 How to pick up chicks who sleep in cars. 2:56 Find the back seats! 3:11 About heat regulation. 3:33 About air flow. 4:39 About them windows. 6:03 More about them windows. 6:37 Find the blue bins! 7:04 Is Fred short or tall? 7:16 About jobs and being houseless. 7:53 Why we didn’t sleep in a tent. 8:15 Where does the cameraman sleep? 8:30 About gas. 9:00 About being siblings. 9:42 About pooping and peeing. 10:19 About doing it. 10:35 About safety and the zombie apocalypse. 11:40 How cool we wish we could be. And please let us know if we should make more videos! Sailing channel in the making maybe? To follow us in real time, check out my instagram! 🤍

Toyota Yaris Sedan Camper: The Economical Choice


Remove seats with 12 mm socket Place 3/4” 24” wide plywood ACX is best as it has sanded A side. Use camping pad. Dimension is 72” from rear of trunk to back of passenger seat pushed forward. At close to 40 MPG the Yaris is the most economical camping car out there. I throw my Old Town 13’ Pack Canoe on top

Campercar Yaris Verso -00


Single Touring With Yaris || Perjalanan ke Banyuwangi dengan Toyota Yaris


Pertama kali Perjalanan ke Banyuwangi dengan Toyota Yaris menuju kawah ijen jangan lupa SUBSCRIBE yaa follow juga instagram 🤍ridwan_maulana

Car Camping In The Pine Forest/Toyota Yaris camper


I spent two days in the Jeffrey Pine forest officially the most silent place I ever been to,It was so quiet I could hear my own heartbeat. Dozens of Wild horses surrounded my campsite and remained within close proximity for the entire day and night,they were fearless and majestic I felt safe in their presence,this was a very unique experience for me as I never had the opportunity to camp with wild horses before,I could tell that my presence did not seem to bother them one bit. I had beautiful views all around me and after sunset the sky lit up and the universe showed itself to me. The following day the horses left early in the morning and I did not see them again for the remaining time I spent in the forest. I ended this journey at some hot springs. I am very grateful for being able to spend time in these places and to have camped with wild horses. Thank you for watching.

DIY 100€ Camping Box / Campingbox für unter 100 Euro


Eine Campingbox kostet oft über 1000 Euro. Manche sogar über 2000 Euro. Dass es auch günstiger geht, zeige ich in diesem Video. Das gesamte Material zum Bau dieser Box hat weniger als 100 Euro gekostet. Hier meine Einkaufsliste: 12 Leimholzplatten Fichte 18 mm 76,58€ 4 Klavierbänder 11,80€ 1 m Kette 1,99€ 1 Magnetschnapper 0,95€ Schrauben und etwas Leim 5,00€ Macht zusammen: 96,32€ Plans for the other DIY Camping Box / Pläne für die andere Camping Box: 🤍 Werkzeug*: Undercover Jig: 🤍 Dübel Zentrierspitzen: 🤍 Akkuschrauber: 🤍 Akku: 🤍 Bohrmaschine: 🤍 Tauchsäge: 🤍 Streichmaß: 🤍 Flachdübelfräse: 🤍 Winkelspanner: 🤍 Tischkreissäge: 🤍 Werkzeug zum Filmen*: Kamera: 🤍 Schnittprogramm: 🤍 Material*: Gaskocher: 🤍 Matratze: 🤍 * Diese Links sind Affiliate Links. Wenn ihr über diese Links etwas kauft, bekomme ich ein paar Cent für die Kaffeekasse. Für Euch kostet das keinen Cent mehr. Vielen Dank!

My Toyota Yaris Truck Minivan, Toy Hauler, How much power NEWAIR a Car Fridge Freezer Combo needs!?


🤗 Welcome to Vegas RoManiac Channel 🤔 Newair product link as seen in this video -Link: 🤍 Use discount code Code: VEGAS at checkout for a discount All products reviewed in my videos are listed UNDER my AMAZON storefront for easy access - 🤍amazon.com/shop/twowheelsandahalf If you like this content NOW YOU can Support this Channel with any Donation VIA PAYPAL by clicking on this LINK - 🤍 Link to Facebook account - 🤍 Link to Instagram account - 🤍vegasromaniac - 🤍 Link to tweeter - 🤍

TOYOTA YARIS CROSS HYBRID: Più DIFETTI che Pregi: Perché non la comprerei.#yariscross


Ho sempre amato le toyota yaris, ne ho provato una marea e sono sempre stato convinto che fossero auto equilibrate, con una buona qualità costruttiva e ottimi motori. Ma questa Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid mi ha veramente deluso! Plastiche scadenti e scricchiolanti, particolari come la cappelliera che si poteva anche evitare, poca insonorizzazione delle lamiere ecc... Fatemi sapere la vostra. Di seguito ecco la scheda tecnica della Toyota Yaris Cross: Scheda Tecnica Numero posti 5 Bagagliaio 390 litri Alimentazioni Ibrida Classe Euro 6AP Cv/kW (da) 116/85 Prezzo (da) 27.000 € Dimensioni Lunghezza 4.180 mm Larghezza 1.770 mm Altezza 1.680 mm Passo 2.560 mm Active: 4 freni a disco, ABS + Ripartitore elettronico della frenata (EBD) + Assistenza alla frenata (BA), Assistenza alla partenza in salita (HAC), Controllo elettronico della stabilità (VSC) e della trazione (TRC), Piantone dello sterzo collassabile, Sistema di monitoraggio pressione pneumatici (TPWS), Sistema di ritenuta ISOFIX, TOYOTA SAFETY SENSE 2.5, Barre longitudinali, Cerchi in lega da 16″ con pneumatici 205/65 R16, Chiusura centralizzata con radiocomando, Fari anteriori alogeni, Fari fendinebbia a LED, Fari posteriori Low LED, Maniglie in tinta con la carrozzeria, Retrovisori esterni regolabili elettricamente, riscaldati, Sensore pioggia e crepuscolare, Spoiler posteriore, Telecamera posteriore di assistenza al parcheggio, Vernice Monotone, Bracciolo anteriore, Cassetto portaoggetti, Climatizzatore automatico mono-zona, Comandi multifunzione al volante, Display multi-informazioni con schermo a colori da 4,2″, Finiture cruscotto in materiale “Soft Touch”, Freno di stazionamento elettronico con funzione HOLD, Interni in tessuto, Schienale posteriore abbattibile 60/40, Sistema audio a 4 altoparlanti, Sistema multimediale Toyota Touch® 3:, Volante in pelle, regolabile in altezza e profondità,

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