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The History of Rhûn | Tolkien Explained


Rhûn is one of Middle-earth's most mysterious lands. We know it is home to the Easterlings, but it is also home to four clans of the dwarves, three wizards, and beasts both fantastic - and possibly mythical. Hit subscribe - and the bell! Nerd of the Rings on PATREON: 🤍 To purchase artist work, check out these amazing artists! Tulikoura - 🤍 Matthew Stewart - 🤍 BellaBergolts - 🤍 Magdalena Katanska - 🤍 🤍 Jerry Vanderstelt - 🤍 Anna Podedworna - 🤍 Jenny Dolfen - goldseven.wordpress.com/ Turner Mohan - 🤍instagram.com/turner_mohan Ted Nasmith - 🤍tednasmith.com/shop/ Anke Eissmann - 🤍 Aronja Art - 🤍 Ivan Cavini - 🤍 Sara Morello - 🤍 Matěj Čadil - 🤍 Tulikoura - 🤍 Aegeri - 🤍 Noe Leyva - 🤍 Clemence Morisseau - 🤍 Edvige Faini - 🤍edvigefaini.com , 🤍facebook.com/edvige.faini , 🤍instagram.com/edvige_faini Desert city sunset - Felix Englund Sunset path - Felix Englund Morgoth - ckgoksoy easterling - turnermohan dwarves - turnermohan 3 wizards - Felix Englund Aurochs - LOTRO Sunset - Felix Englund Melkor - nahar early_orcs - turnermohan First_sunrise_in_Hildorien - Šárka_Škorpíková men_met_dark_elves - steamey fathers_of_the_dwarves - steamey orocarni_dwarvesblacklocks - dracarysdrekkar the_stonefoot_dwarves - dracarysdrekkar Fantasy Mountain - Felix Englund Kine_of_Araw Valar orome - kuliszu Boromir - YidanYuan Boromir - Catherine Karina Chmiel The horn of gondor - Catherine Karina Chmiel The+Horn+of+Boromir - Matthew Stewart Hilly Lands - Felix Englund Were_worms - Angus_McBride The_Unexpected_Party – Ted Nasmith Dark valley - Felix Englund bilbo_s_tales - tolmancotton easterling_lord - dracarysdrekkar sauron_priest_of_numenor - skullb*st*rd Easterlings - Angus_McBride The_Blue_Wizards_Journeying_East – Ted Nasmith the_blue_wizard - aegeri the_blue_wizards - turnermohan The_Forging_of_the_Ring - Alan_Lee bluewizards – ralph damiani alatar-and-pallando – ralph damiani Dramatic clouds - Felix Englund Khamul Easterling Nazgul - Felix Englund khamul - tom-romain black-knight-nazgul - ivan-cavini Farmer Maggot and Nazgul - JG Jones orcs - Angus McBride nameless_battle - steamey Battle - Anke Eissmann Dwarf battle - Matthew Stewart battle_of_nanduhirion - tulikoura dwarven_infantry - tulikoura more_dwarves - turnermohan Sauron faces Elendil and Gil-galad on the Slopes of Orodruin - Kip Rasmussen The_Siege_of_Gondor - Alan_Lee battle-of-5armies - Weta spirit_of_sauron - skullb*st*rd sauron army - weta 3 wizards - Felix Englund Nazgul Bowing Before Sauron - Kip Rasmussen Dol Guldur - Aronja Art Gandalf in Mountains - Felix Englund Saruman - Steve Airola The_Blue_Wizards_Journeying_East – Ted Nasmith Wizards - the Istari - Ivan Cavini battle_for_moria - tulikoura moria-battle - Weta rafael-damiani-bluewizards The_Shadow_of_Sauron – Ted Nasmith battle_of_five_armiesmen_of_esgaroth - tulikoura battle_of_fornost - tulikoura battle of dale 2 Rangers_Scout_the_Ruins_of_Barad-dur – Ted Nasmith the_crowning_of_elessar – tolman cotton The_Oathtaking_of_Cirion_and_Eorl – Ted Nasmith Eomer - Catherine Karina Chmiel Stranger in city - Felix Englund Thus_Came_Aragorn – Ted Nasmith Eomer and Aragorn Ride to the Lands of the East - Kip Rasmussen 201015 - Felix Englund Battle in the distance - Felix Englund Dwarf armored - Matthew Stewart #tolkien #rhun #lordoftherings

The Complete History of the Easterlings | Tolkien Explained


The Easterlings are among the fiercest enemies of Gondor in the Third Age, but how did this come to be? And were all Easterlings truly evil? We answer these questions and more by covering the complete history of the Easterlings. We track their migration to Beleriand in the First Age, their influence under Morgoth, and their battles with Gondor - and each other! We also look at the clues we have regarding the Blue Wizards, and how they may have been involved with the Easterlings! Hit subscribe - and the bell! Nerd of the Rings on PATREON: 🤍 All content falls under fair use: any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. If your artwork appears and you are not listed here, please let me know! I want to make sure all artists are credited for their amazing work. To purchase artist work, check out these amazing artists! Jenny Dolfen - goldseven.wordpress.com/ Turner Mohan - 🤍instagram.com/turner_mohan Ted Nasmith - 🤍tednasmith.com/shop/ Jerry Vanderstelt - store.vandersteltstudio.com/main.sc Anato Finnstark - 🤍 Warriors of the East - Alvaro Calvo Escudero Khamul the Easterling - Sam Lamont Recurved Bow - Martin de Diego Easterling Lancers - Luke Martins Wainrider Captain - David Home First Sunrise in Hildorien - Sarka Skorpikova Arien - Lady Elleth Vessels - Sarka Skorpikova Orome Discovers the Elves - Kip Rasmussen The Edain - Wouter Florusse Beleriand Map - Lamaarcana Bor with his sons - Helena Stepanova Maedhros meets Bor the Faithful close up - Erranruin Gwindor's Charge - Peet Dagor Nirnaeth Arnoediad - John Howe For Maglor slew Uldor the Accursed - Jenny Dolfen Silmarillion 8 - Fumeres Art Easterling Warrior - One Two Three Kaboom Maedhros - Lomacchi Ulfang with sons seeking audience with Caranthir - Helena Stepanova Orcs - Gellihana Art Tuor Escapes the Easterlings - Peet Turin and Brodda - Denis Gordeev Turin - Kenneth Sofia Hall of Brodda Burning - Alan Lee Turin Turambar - A Shipwright Easterling - John Howe Hurin and Morgoth - Denis Gordeev Nienor finds Turin - Kenneth Sofia Hurin finds Morwen - Ted Nasmith Melkor and Hurin - Edarlein Khand Warriors - Turner Mohan Hurin at Nargothrond - Pete Amachree Easterlings - Merlkir Khamul the Easterling - Peterlof Easterling Ringwraith - Olivier Dafarrer The Blue Wizards Journeying East - Ted Nasmith Easterling Tents - Merlkir Nazgul - Jules Thavenet Wainriders - Stefano Baldo Veteran Wainrider - Herckeim Chariot Driver - Herckeim The fall of King Ondoher - Jack Dullahan Earnil ii, King of Gondor - Yoritomodaishogun Minas Tirith - Ludovic Bourgeois The Red Arrow - Paula DiSante Easterling Retreat - Aleksander Karcz Sauron - Johnny Slowhand Warrior of Rhun - ebaz1204 Rhun Lancer - Jan Pospisil Rohan at Pelennor Fields - Cristian Otazu Dale unites vs Rhun - Jan Pospisil King Brand and King Dain Ironfoot - Steamey At the Cracks of Doom - Ted Nasmith Battle of the Dale - Joona Kujanen Eomer and Aragorn Ride to the Lands of the East - Kip Rasmussen Sauron - Spartank42 Easterling Guard - Alvaro Calvo Escudero Morano Horsemen - Starfall Easterling - Olanda Fong-Surdenas The Last Easterling - Sanders Creative Alatar and Pallando - Ralph Damiani The Blue WIzards - Turner Mohan Easterling - Turner Mohan Sauron - Jerry Vanderstelt Easterling Pursuit - Herckeim Sauron - Jean Pascal Leclerc Armenelos - Nemanja Bubalo The Drowning of Numenor - John Howe Wainriders - Stefano Baldo Easterling Pursuer - Herckeim Easterling Skirmisher - Martin de Diego Blue wizard Pallando - Jack Dullahan Easterling Tent Inside - Grzegorz Mrozek #easterlings #tolkien #lordoftherings

The Blue Wizards and the East | Tolkien Explained


The Blue Wizards are two of the most mysterious characters in Tolkien's Middle-earth. The two versions of their story - the later coming in the final years of Tolkien's life - are very different. Here, we will look at both, as well as some of the events going on in the East during the time they lived in that area of Middle-earth. From Saruman also traveling to the East to Sauron hiding there multiple times and the Blue Wizards working against Sauron among the Easterlings. What do you think happened to the Blue Wizards? Hit subscribe - and the bell - so you never miss a video from Nerd of the Rings! Nerd of the Rings on PATREON: 🤍 All content falls under fair use: any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. Alatar Morinehtar - Mairon Alatar and Pallando - Ralph Damiani Battle of the Last Alliance - Entar0178 Blue Wizard - Benjamin Goutte Blue Wizards - Giuliano Brocani Charge at Pelennor Fields - Mischievous Little Elf The Blue Wizards - Daniel Pilla Gandalf - Fran Fdez Saruman of Many Colours - Francesco Amadio Blue Wizards - Graeme Ithryn Luin - Xteveabanto Blue Wizard Pallando - Jack Dullahan Slayer of Darkness - Jef Murray Khamul - RoterOtto Farewell to Fangorn - Luca Bonatti Pallando & Alatar - Neilk Saruman the White - Matt DeMino Saruman - AIMaNeGrA Saruman - Xoanon The Blue Wizards Journeying East - Ted Nasmith The Nazgul - Istrandar The Blue Wizards - Turner Mohan #bluewizards #tolkien #lordoftherings

Third Age: Total War [DAC AGO] – Empire of Rhûn – Chapter 1: The Golden Dragon


Welcome to a brand new campaign in Third Age Total War Divide and Conquer, with the AI and Gameplay Overhaul Submod developed by Fynn. For this campaign we will be playing with the Empire of Rhûn submod by Baking Bread / Arktos. Likes and comments are greatly appreciated, and will earn you the gratitude of the Golden Dragon! Check out FrozenStag: 🤍 00:00 : Intro 04:19 : Campaign Introduction 05:54 : Campaign Map 27:10 : Siege of Mattaram 38:48 : Campaign Map 49:34 : Siege of Enmahadh 1:00:39 : Campaign Map Join the discord: 🤍 Campaign Information: Faction: Empire of Rhûn Difficulty: Very Hard / Very Hard Campaign Length: Long Mods used: Divide and Conquer V4.6 🤍 AI and Gameplay Overhaul (AGO): 🤍 The Empire of Rhûn submod can be found in the DaC and AGO discord. For more information on AGO check out Fynn on YouTube: 🤍 - Chapter 1: The Golden Dragon War! With the sudden death of the late emperor of Rhûn, the different lords of Rhûn's city states have burst into an open civil war - yet there can be only one emperor; The golden dragon of Rhûn Lôke-Khan Rhûkar. The rightful heir to the throne now seeks the rebelling servants of his assassinated father for all of them crave the power of the Dragon Throne. Rhûn and it's empire's former territory are an absolutely gigantic region, the sea of Rhûn only marking the very western most edge of this mighty amalgamation of confederated city states. While the east of Rhûn is laregly controlled by Lôke-Heru Ja Sür, a loyal ally to the imperial family, the western half of the once united territory has now been thrown in utter chaos and upheavel ever since the last Lôke-Khan died. Civil revolts against Melkors shadow in the eastern lands, rumoured to be caused by some blue wizards demand Ja Sür's attention - thus Rhûkar needs to deal with the few petty traitors himself. The wealthy city of Mistrand, Rhûns capital under the light of the golden sun dragon Kar is the Lôke-Khans seat of power, and it is from here that the dragon cult seeks to unite all the people of Rhûn. First we should reestablish our trade routes with our allies in Mordor and Khand The cities of Mattaram and Enmadadh have recently been overrun by Variag deserters trying to carve their own piece of Middle-Earth for themselves, pathetic. We shall teach them what it means to anger the dragon and show them that they were better off serving Variag-Khan Arkish To our West lies Burh Ermanarikis, balchoth territory in days long gone, where the highly esteemed Lôke-Heru Zósh has finally revealed his decade old sinister intentions about claiming the throne to the world. He managed to sway many claw legionaires and, even worse, members of the Dragon Wrath order. These men are fierce opponents; what they lack in manpower, they make up for in equipment and stalwartness. To the north lie the lands of the Arulad who have seized the inner turmoil in our empire as an opprotuniy to declare their independence in the cities of Elgaer and Rhubar... Fools! The dragon riders of the Arulad have always been respected members of the Glittering Horde and they would dare throw it all away? No... they will be punished, and forced back in line! Beating down this rebellion and proclaiming Rhûkar as rightful ruler of all of Rûn will be but the beginning of our journey... to silence any doubts about the Karesh dynasty being destined to lead the golden empire we shall prove ou rmight by reclaiming our long lost lands west of the sea now home to the Dorwinrim. The wealthy iron hills to the north will provide much needed resources to outfit our legionaires for our upcoming conquests. The dwarves who inhabit these keeps will either join us in service or suffer the consequences of their stubbornness If their allies, the men of Dale, would try to stop that... the wrath of the Dragon will burn their cities as it has done once before. When the time comes that our dark lord Sauron calls upon our aid to fulfill his conquest of Middle-Earth we shall join him, for we have no love for the men of Gondor and Rohan, nor the elves who should have left these lands while they had the chance. Still - our aspirations and ambitions are our own and we should only serve Sauron for as long as it benefits us. But for now we shall march out and restore the Empire of Rhun, the golden horde shall trample all those that would dare oppose us. Submit, or face the wrath of the golden dragon. #totalwar #lordoftherings #thirdage

Divide & Conquer (V4.5): Faction Overview - Rhûn


17:15 - Battle Overview Divide and Conquer is a mod for Medieval 2 Total War that is based upon Third Age: Total War. I am the current team leader of the modding team behind Divide and Conquer. V4.5 Changelog: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Mod DB: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Music provided by Adrian von Ziegler and Vindsvept: 🤍 🤍

Rhûn y los Orientales


ENLACES DE LA SOMBRA DE DREINLAR Amazon: 🤍 FNAC: 🤍 Casa del Libro: 🤍 Planeta: 🤍 ENLACES DE EL DEMONIO DE ARBENNIOS Amazon: 🤍 Casa del Libro: 🤍 FNAC: 🤍 El Corte Inglés: 🤍 Planeta: 🤍 REDES - Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Discord hecho por subs: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 LISTAS DE REPRODUCCIÓN - Tierra Media: 🤍 Harry Potter: 🤍 Dragon Ball: 🤍 Assassin's Creed: 🤍 Canción de Hielo y Fuego: 🤍 Resumen y explicación en castellano de las tierras de Rhûn, al este de la Tierra Media, y de la historia de sus habitantes, los Hombres del Este, Orientales, Aurigas y Balchoth, en sus guerras contra el reino de Gondor. Music: “The Return Of The King” by Howard Shore, Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen & Renée Fleming. “The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King”, 2003.

Easterling March (High Quality)


The Easterlings march to the Black Gate at Mordor. (I do not own Lord of the Rings, but wish to share some of my favourite parts with people.)

RHUN - HARAD TRAILER - Rise of Mordor the Lord of the Rings Mod l NEW UNITS; MUMAKIL - WITCH KING


Cinematic Trailer / DOWNLOAD BELOW! - The Witch King! The Nazgûl! "Legions of Haradrim from the South" and mercenaries from Rhûn and Khand! Gandalf knew it all. Download and play our latest Rise of Mordor update, where a new full faction - the Haradrim - and two fully fledged clans for the Easterlings join the frey. Our official soundtrack was composed by Tom Romain (Maeron), Filip Olejka and Jesse Davis. Download Version 0.5.5: ModDB - 🤍 "Total War: Rise of Mordor" is an epic overhaul project of Total War: Attila based on "The Lord of the Rings". The mod portrays the world of Tolkien shortly before the War of the Ring and by the release of version 1.0 will include a fully fledged campaign. The visuals are based on movies, while the background story and the rosters are accurate to the books. To find out more about the project check these links: Rise of Mordor Discord: ​🤍 Rise of Mordor Instagram: 🤍 Rise of Mordor Reddit: 🤍 Explore Rise of Mordor's faction rosters here: 🤍 "Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. For more information on Total War, please visit 🤍totalwar.com."



Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Rhun · Summoning Stronghold ℗ 1999 Napalm Records Handels GmbH Released on: 2013-08-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.

GONDOR'UN DÜŞMANI RHUN NERESİDİR? | Orta Dünya | Yüzüklerin Efendisi


Orta Dünya video ansiklopedisine katkı için ABONE OL: 🤍 Orta Dünya'nın doğusunda bulunan Rhun neresidir? Burada kimler yaşamıştır önemi nedir? Orta Dünya video ansiklopedisine eklenen bütün videolar için: 🤍 Ayrıca beni sosyal medyada da takip edebilirsiniz: Instagram: orta_dunya_tolkien Facebook grubu: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

The power of Rhûn and Harad


A tribute to the "Easterlings" and "Southrons" of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. These are my two favorite factions. Also known as the "Evil Men", the Rhûn and Harad had a united military power equal to that of Mordor. With some of the world's finest weapons, advanced siege engines, flexible and powerful armor, unbreakable discipline, and of course the enormous Mûmakil ("Oliphaunts"), they may have been the most lethal fighting force in the series. The men of Harad and Rhûn both had fearful cavalry and skilled archers, but Rhûn utilized heavily armored troops while Harad preferred flexibility... or to just charge with their Mûmakil beasts. Both nations were powerful, and lasted even longer than Mordor after the death of the Dark Lord. Soldiers of the South and East will never surrender to any foe, nor bend the knee to any master. They rule themselves, and will destroy anyone who opposes them. Movies used: "The Two Towers" and "Return of the King". Music: "Wehrmacht" by Sabaton. Note: I used some scenes more than once. I hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience.

THE EASTERLINGS OF RHÛN - Faction Overview | Total War: Rise of Mordor


In this video I'll be taking a peek at the Easterlings faction in Rise of Mordor. I'll quickly gloss over the planned gameplay, as well as offer a brief overview of the units which are currently playable. Enjoy! Join the Izzy discord: 🤍 Moddb: 🤍 Rise of Mordor discord link: 🤍 YouTube Channel: 🤍 Music Used: March of the Mumakil - Tom Romain [Rise of Mordor] (Thank you Tom!) Dhaka - Kevin MacLeod Ibn Al Noor - Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 Princess of Persia - Faolan #RiseOfMordor #TotalWarAttila #Lordoftherings

RHÛN, les ORIENTAUX et l'origine du NAZGÛL KHAMÛL - Lore Of The Rings


Les orientaux sont un peuple vraiment à part dans l'histoire de la Terre du Milieu. Outre le nazgul Khamûl qui provient d'un de leurs rois, les hommes de l'Est se sont laissés séduire par les paroles du Mal. Qui sont-ils et de quoi est constituée leur région ? Voici l'histoire de Rhûn, la région la plus orientale d'Arda... ► Twitter : 🤍 ► Instagram : 🤍 ► Mail pro : lestheoriesdutronedefer🤍gmail.com ► Sources vidéos/images/textes : - Histoire de la Terre du Milieu 7 - La Guerre des Joyaux, J.R.R. et Christopher Tolkien - Histoire de la Terre du Milieu 12 - Les Peuples de la Terre du Milieu, J.R.R. et Christopher Tolkien - Le Seigneur des Anneaux - Les Deux Tours, J.R.R. Tolkien - Le Seigneur des Anneaux - Le Retour du Roi, appendice B, J.R.R. Tolkien - site Tolkiendil (en français) → 🤍 ; 🤍 - site Tokien Gateway (en anglais) → 🤍 ; 🤍 - l'outro provient de la vidéo Return to the Shire - Play On in New Zealand par Devinsupertramp → 🤍 - liste des artistes et œuvres utilisées → 🤍 ► Musiques utilisées (par ordre d'apparition) : - A Peaceful Sanctuary par Tristant Lohengrin → 🤍 - The Hobbit - Misty Mountains Cold par STL Ocarina → 🤍 - Pass the Edge par Kevin MacLeod (free copyright) → 🤍 - Dark Times par Kevin MacLeod (free copyright) → 🤍 - Heart of Nowhere par Kevin MacLeod (free copyright) → 🤍 - Ritual par Kevin MacLeod (free copyright) → 🤍 - This Too Shall Pass par Scott Buckley (free copyright) → 🤍 Les films le Seigneur des Anneaux films sont la propriété de Warner Bros et New Line Cinema. Les livres composant l'univers de la Terre du Milieu sont la propriété de la famille Tolkien. La série Seigneur des Anneaux Les Anneaux du Pouvoir sur Prime Vidéo est la propriété d'Amazon. Dans le cadre de la loi "Copyright Act of 1976 (article 107)" ou "fair-use" ou "utilisation équitable" reconnue et appliquée par Youtube, il est possible d'utiliser des extraits vidéos/audios/photos/musicaux afin de réaliser une présentation, analyse, parodie ou une critique. Les extraits et photos ne servent que de base pour l'analyse ou la présentation. Les musiques en fond ne servent qu'à accompagner la vidéo et sont toutes mentionnées en description. Pour toute réclamation concernant les droits d'auteurs, merci de bien vouloir envoyer un mail à lestheoriesdutronedefer🤍gmail.com N'hésitez pas à vous abonner et à me donner votre avis en commentaire. À la prochaine sur la chaîne ! #LoreOfTheRings #SeigneurDesAnneaux #Rhun #Nazgul #Sauron

Ostlinge (Rhun) Die Geschichte über das Volk (Zusammenfassung) Deutsch Der Hobbit/Der Herr der Ringe


Jetzt ist es so weit das oft Gewünschte Video über die Ostlinge viel Spaß. Ich habe noch mehr Videos auf meinen Kanal schaut doch mal vorbei. Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Bitte Liken dar würde ich mich Riesig freuen und Abonnieren wäre Mega von euch. 🤍

Ostlinge/Rhûn [Der Herr der Ringe/ Der Hobbit]


Ostlinge/Rhûn [Der Herr der Ringe/ Der Hobbit] In diesem Video erfahrt ihr alles, über die Ostlinge aus Der Herr der Ringe/Hobbit! Ähnliches Video:🤍 World of Fantasy:🤍 Facebook:🤍 Instagram:🤍 Quellen: Ardapedia,Der Herr der ringe Wiki,Bücher

Third Age Total War Rhun Campaign # 1


Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Mod: Third Age Total War 3.2 Playing as Rhun on Very Hard Difficulty. No submods. Music volume reduced so as not to infringe copyrights. Check out my secondary gaming channel: 🤍 Visit me on Facebook! 🤍 Also come visit the forum where you can check out other awesome let's players at: 🤍 Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. For more information on Total War, please visit 🤍

RISE OF RHUN! Third Age Total War: Divide & Conquer: Easterlings of Rhun Campaign Gameplay #1


🔴► 1,000 LIKES? Welcome to my Third Age Total War Divide & Conquer Easterlings of Rhun Campaign Gameplay! 👉🏻 ► Subscribe - 🤍 🚩► Series Playlist - 🤍 ⏺ ► My Gaming & Recording Equipment - 🤍 🎮 ► My games store - 🤍 💙► Support me on Patreon - 🤍 🚩 ► Become a channel member? - 🤍 🎮► Use Epic Creator TAG - SimpzyTotalWar 📱► Twitter - 🤍 💽► Discord Server - 🤍 👕► Merchandise - 🤍 🌝► Facebook - 🤍 🚂► Steam Group - 🤍 📷► Instagram - 🤍 🔴► Twitch - 🤍 ➕► Google+ - 🤍 🔴 ► Donations are optional through Super Chat or Streamlabs - 🤍 🔴 ► The Mod - 🤍 The fires of war ignite. In the south, the proud men of Gondor and her fiefs stand, a great bastion of hope and salvation against the darkness in the east. The evil men of Harad and Khand stir, their hearts filled with fear and hatred from ages past. The great enemy lingers, resurgant in his power the dark lord Sauron gathers all to his cause as the dreaded Witch King makes his presence in Minas Morgal known once more. Greater threats may lurk in the south as news spreads of black ships sailing up the coast on a dread tide, what purpose they may have remains to be seen. To the north of Gondor are the lands of the horse lords, the Rohirrim. Whilst a large and prosperous kingdom, they have in recent years become stagnant, blissfully unawares of the true evils that walk their lands. To their west the clans rise. Chief among them, the Dunlendings, simple in mind but brutal in heart, lust for revenge upon horsemen for past slights. So to do the fisher folk of Enedwiath gather, pondering what it is they shall pursue with their new found unification. However, perhaps the greatest enemy of Rohan could come from within, as the true intent of the white wizard Saruman remains to be seen. In the north are the sleepy lands of Eriador. A land once witness to many great battles and the glorious kingdom of Arnor, now lies all but abandoned. Few towns remain, dotting the Breeland where all travellers are welcome, assuming they have the coin. Unbeknown to the Breelanders and shireings however, the northern Dúnedain stand watch, shielding the naive men of Eriador from the evils that lay in the far North. And Stand guard they must, as the forges of the once dormant fortress of Carn Dum spur to life, issuing forth new legions of evil men under the command of a lieutenant of Sauron, Agandaûr. The men of Angmar are not the only evil in the north however as a new group of foul orc folk, the Snow orcs, flock from the far north and take up residence in mount Gundabad. They aren't the only creatures of darkness who inhabit the mountins though, as the loathsome Goblins Issue forth from their pits with thier brutal machines of war. None understand their threat greater then the men of the Anduin, who live in the shadow of the mountains and have endured both the goblins and the newly roused forces of Dol Guldor. For as the Witch Kings presides in Minas Morgal, so to does Khamûl command in Mirkwood. All is not lost thou, as both the elves of Thranduils realm as well as those from Lothlórien ready their arms in preparation for the onslaught on the Dark Lord. So to do the men of Dale prepare, having just been reforged thier coffers still lay bare, however with time and good leadership perhaps they may rise again. To the east, the halls of Dorwinion flow with the wine of their own making. An illustrious people, they know little of the war that is to come. For the Easterlings come under the banner of the great dragon, adorned in their splendid Golden armours. The free men are not alone however, as underground the Dwarves work, thirsty for vengeance against those who displaced thier peoples and infest thier ancestral homes. However amongst all this, buried somewhere within the haystack that is middle earth, lay a small trinket of immense power, of which this would has never seen. This is a time of great strife and reckoning, a time of blood and battle, a time of TOTAL WAR! 🚩► Thanks for watching the video! If you enjoyed it and want to see more please subscribe! I spend a lot of my time making these videos and uploading so please support my channel by clicking the like button and leaving a comment! Using Ad-blocker? Support my channel by turning it off! I appreciate all the support! - Simpzy #ThirdAge #TotalWar #Rhun

Victory Rhûn


Offical faction victory video for the faction Rhûn

So Where EXACTLY Is Rhun In Middle Earth?


So Where EXACTLY Is Rhun In Middle Earth? Welcome back to Show Recall. After the finale of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, The Stranger (Daniel Weyman), now confirmed to be an Istari (Wizard) is off to Rhûn with Nori Brandyfoot (Markella Kavenagh). While The Stranger doesn't have any memories, he hopes his journey to Rhûn will help him learn about who he is and why he's in Middle Earth. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power's first season has come to a close, with the season finale seemingly answering some big questions about the Stranger by having him following his nose. The Rings of Power episode 8 picks up with a cold open, a rare occurrence for the show, which follows Daniel Weyman's Stranger being chased down by the cloaked figures who have been following him. In what seems like a big revelation, the strange group refers to the Stranger as Sauron and attempts to coax the Dark Lord out of the confused wanderer. #TheLordOfTheRings #Rhun #theringsofpower Related Videos: Rings of Power Episode 8 FINALE BREAKDOWN | Lord of the Rings on Prime Explained 🤍 Easterlings Rhun Faction Overview and Guide - Lord of the Rings Total War Remastered 🤍 The Stranger's True Identity Revealed | Rings Of Powers Finale 🤍

Epic Siege of Caras Sant: Sea of Rhûn Runs Red - Third Age Total War Mod Gameplay


Located in the mouth of the Sea of Rhûn, is a city called Caras Sant. Dale and her allies mobilized a great force to bring Rhûn to their knees. But Rhûn does not stand alone, Mordor sends an army to help their client state. Sauron knows that if he loses Rhûn he could lose the war. Enjoy the siege battle! BATTLE STARTS: 6:02 This Mod is called Third Age: Reforged. Its a sub mod for Third Age Total War, which is a mod for medieval 2 total war. If you enjoyed the video don't forget to Like and Leave a comment :D -PA Merchandise Represent the Knight's of Apollo! Buy a T-shirt Here: 🤍 - Green Man Gaming Link: 🤍 Green Man Gaming Discount Code 20% Off: PIXELA-TEDAPO-LLOSVE How You Can Support Me! - - Like, share and leave a comment :D - Turn OFF adblock or whitelist my channel - Buy a Game from Green Man Gaming (Use the Link Above) - Send me a GREAT battle Replay: pixelatedapollo🤍gmail.com Connect With Me!- - Email: pixelatedapollo🤍gmail.com - Twitter: 🤍 - Steam Group: 🤍 - Twitch: 🤍

Rhun Remastered!


Welcome to the Rome Total War Remastered Mod: The Lord of the Rings, and today I am showing you the Easterlings of Rhun and Gondor! Going through each Remastered Unit, showing it off, and then seeing the two nations go head-to-head in an AI Only Battle. Who will Win? LOTR Mod Discord: 🤍 Blood and Gore Mod: 🤍 Enjoy :) #TotalWar #LordOfTheRings #RomeRemastered

Historia Rhûn - Ludzie, Efly i Krasnoludy


Witajcie moi drodzy! W dzisiejszym materiale postaramy się przybliżyć wam historię Rhûn. Wbij na discorda 😎 🤍 Scenariusz i research: Jaskier Wykonanie: Gotri Miłego oglądania :) Chcesz pomóc w tworzeniu materiałów? Wesprzyj kanał 😁 🤍 Zajrzyj też na drugi kanał 😎 🤍 Źródła: Karen Wynn, The Atlas of Middle-earth, 1991J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring, 1954J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings The Two Towers, 1954J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings The Return of the king, 1955J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien (ed.), The Silmarillion, 1977J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien (ed.), The History of Middle-Earth Collection, 1996J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien (ed.), The Unfinished Tales, 1980

Elrond's Elves Vs. Easterlings From Rhûn | Lord Of The Rings Cinematic Battle | 10,000 Units


A large army of Easterlings have been sent to invade the Mirkwoods and destroy everything that resides there. Elrond has mustered an army of Noldorin and Rivendell elves, ready to put up a fight. The Easterlings bring a new artillery weapon; the Fire Spitter. This weapon has never been used in battle before, and will hopefully be of great aid. Who will win the battle? Watch to find out! I spend SO MUCH time making videos for you guys, please leave a like and maybe even subscribe! It really helps me out alot - and gives me motivation to make more content like this! For the record: this battle is pure fan fiction. A Total War: Attila Cinematic Battle. The Dawnless Days mod. #totalwarattila #cinematic #lordoftherings

Mémoires de la Terre du Milieu - RHÛN


Bonjour tout le monde ! Aujourd'hui parlons du lointain Pays de Rhûn Les liens utiles : Ma Chaîne Twitch pour tous les lives : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Discord : 🤍 Utip : 🤍 Tipeee : 🤍 Les musiques sont toujours celles de Tyllou : 🤍

Rhun (Easterlings) faction tutorial LOTR Minecraft mod


This is the requested video on the Easterlings, I'm not sure the music is right but the message is the same. #Rhun#LOTRminecraftmod#minecraft#LOTR

Summoning -Rhûn




Provided to YouTube by Daredo Rhun · Summoning Stronghold ℗ 1999 Napalm Records ℗ 1999 Napalm Records Handels GmbH ℗ Napalm Records Handels GmbH Released on: 1999-10-05 Composer: Michael Gregor Richard Lederer Music Publisher: Edition IRON AVANTGARDE PUBLISHING Auto-generated by YouTube.

Rhun in BFME1? - 4th Age Mod V0.8 [Showcase]


Rhun in BFME1? - 4th Age Mod V0.8 [Showcase] - Finally checking out Rhun! It's good to see this faction brought into BFME1! Thank you all for watching, I hope you had as much fun as i did. Feel free to follow me via any the links in the description. Support the Channel by Signing up too - Tubebuddy Affiliate Link: 🤍 Become a patreon: 🤍 Patreon List - Brianne - Dyastro - Nadoline - Black Dragon Support List - Crusader - Milky tit - Liz 2nd Channel: 🤍 Leave comments, message me! I love to engage. Join my discord by clicking the link below. Discord: My Community ;) 🤍 - English BFME Community 🤍 Subscribe and check out my channel here: Twitch: 🤍 🤍 Channel links: = Social Media Accounts & Other links = Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Thumbnails Done Using Photoshop. Letterbox Reviews - Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer 🤍 - My Letterbox 🤍 YouTube Video Links - BFME1 4th Age Mod Gondor Showcase 🤍 - Edain Mod 4.6 - BFME2 Good Campaign Ep1 🤍 2nd Channel Links - Star Wars Ep 1 4k Review 🤍 - Civ 4 Beyond the Sword American Civ 🤍 Playlists Links - Shadow and Flame Good Campaign 🤍 Download Links And Other Links - Mod Download 🤍 - Mine/Naodlines Discord 🤍 - BFME English Community Discord 🤍 - 4th Age Mod Discord 🤍 #bfme1 #battleformiddleearth #lotrgames #rotwk #fourthage #middleearth #lotr #gameplay #aotrmod

Rhûn (Summoning Cover)


A Summoning tribute on my part.

The True Location of the Mountains of Rhûn? | Map #Shorts


There have been many different interpretations regarding the placement of the Red Mountains, the Mountains of Rhûn, but their true location in relation to the Middle Earth we see in Lord of the Rings may be solved thanks to Tolkien's early map drafts. —————— Instagram: 🤍

Randy Defeated at Hills of Rhun - LOTR: Rise to War


#LordoftheRingsRisetoWar #LOTRRisetoWar #FearlessPioneers 🤍The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War What's going on Ladies and Gents, Randy here with a fantastic video for The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, or LOTR War. In today's video, we are showcasing the loss of our Fortified Position up at the Hills of Rhun. Great fight between RIRO fellowship and AOAN Warband. Like and Sub!

Rhun Battle Guide


A guide to leading the Easterlings to victory in the Fourth Age! If you like your guides in letters and pictures instead, you can check out my comprehensive guide to Rhun on the mod's moddb page: 🤍 Find more about the mod here: 🤍

Third Age Total War: DaC AGO - Easterlingowie na Submodzie Empire of Rhun! Stream🔴#1


(Nie wchodzić w link do streamlabs bo nie działa) Support the stream: 🤍 ►💲Dotacje / Wsparcie💲: 🤍 BLIK / Przelew / SMS Z góry dziękuję za każdego grosza ;) ►💲Wsparcie💲: 🤍 ►Grupa na Facebooku: 🤍 ►Strona na Facebooku: 🤍 ►Discord: 🤍 ►Grupa TotalWar.org.pl: 🤍 Regulamin na chacie: 1. Nie spojleruj rozgrywki. 2. Nie spamuj. 3. Nie trolluj. 4. Nie reklamuj siebie ani innych. 5. Nie obrażaj innych i nie wszczynaj kłótni. 6. Nie stosuj określeń rasistowskich, oraz tego typu podobnych. 7. Nie rozpoczynaj ciężkich tematów - polityka, poglądy itp. 8. Nie proś się o moderatora. 9. Nie denerwuj Noyana. 10. Zachowuj się kulturalnie. 11. Ponad wszystko dobrze się baw! :D Kontakt do mnie - noyan.kontakt🤍gmail.com Mody: Divide and Conquer - 🤍 Link do instalacji submoda AGO i Empire of Rhun znajdziecie na tym discordzie - 🤍 Z czego do AGO na kanale "download-mod" a do Empire of Rhun na kanale "ago-submods" Pewnie zastanawiacie się dlaczego Divide and Conquer chociaż nie wygrał w ankiecie, już śpieszę z wyjaśnieniem ;) Mianowicie zdecydowałem, że Empire jednak ogramy w formie odcinków po skończeniu serii z Bannerlorda. Natomiast Europę Universalis IV dopiero wczoraj zakupiłem, wraz z abonamentem wszystkich dodatków i jak się domyślacie, jeszcze nie do końca umiem w to grać. Dlatego prawdopodobnie po DaCu będzie EUIV jak nabiorę skilla ;) A tymczasem zapraszam was na super seans, bowiem po raz pierwszy zagramy na submodzie AGO, który znacząco rozwija DaCa. Dodatkowo wgrałem submoda Empire of Rhun, jaki bardzo rozbudowuje frakcję Easterlingów, poprzez dodanie nowych super jednostek, jednocześnie zwiększając ich koszt utrzymania :D #TotalWar #ThirdAge #NoyanTotalWar

Season 5 Info Rhun Chariot Nerf LOTR Rise to War


#LOTRRisetoWar #FearlessPioneers #Season5 Season 4 has ended for the first wave of participants! Check out this info on upcoming Season 5, and get ready to rumble for the Lord of the Rings: Rise to War! Join THE FORGE 🤍 Be part of the LOTR RtW community with 10,000+ players and Guides!

The lord of the rings: Rise to war (Rhun's song) Theme


First Commander Khaldoon Rhûn is found in the eastern deserts and is home to several tribes. This faction owns the lands of Greater Rhûn Keep and Kineland, among others. Psdt: Rhun does not appear in the trilogy, I put this scene to refer to the land faction of the Easterlings The information comes from Gamers Wiki Game Developed and Published by NetEase Interactive Entertainment. Warner Bros Games, Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

Easterlings Rhun Faction Overview and Guide - Lord of the Rings Total War Remastered


Welcome to this faction overview and guide for the Easterlings in Lord of the Rings Total War Remastered (version 0.9.5). Timestamps 0:00 Intro 1:02 Characters and Generals 3:30 How the Economy works 10:35 How Recruitment works 19:47 Campaign Strategy 27:24 Units 38:53 Conclusion

Third Age: Total War (Reforged) - Faction Overview: Kingdom Of Rhun


Strawpoll: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 modDB: 🤍



Pulau Rhun adalah salah satu Desa di Kecamatan Banda. sejarah panjang dilalui, salah satu diantaranya adalah Tanggal 31 Juli 1667 terjadi sebuah perjanjian yg dikenal dengan PERJANJIAN BREDA, yang berisi Pertukan Pulau Rhun (yang dikuasai Inggris) dengan Pulau Manhattan, atau New York (yang dikuasai Belanda).



E ai? vcs ASSISTIRAM OS ANÉIS DE PODER???? A série marcou o mundo do audiovisual com seus episódios e no ultimo episódio vemos Nori e o Estranho se preparando para ir a RHÛN. Um lugar pouco conhecido nas obras de Tolkien. Vem descobrir então o REINO DE RHÛN e aproveita que esse VIDEO esta GENIAL !!! Curtiu? Inscreva-se no canal e dê seu apoio: 🤍 Quer ver mais? Então olha esse vídeo de KHAZAD-DUM: LINKS NO COMENTÁRIO FIXADO #aneisdepoder #amazonprimevideo #tolkien #galadriel Comenta aí o que você achou do vídeo!!!

Why didn't Tolkien write his mythological stories from Harad and Rhun ?


Simple, because you don't confuse the cultures and myths of the peoples or the writing styles and insert yourself in other people culture. A mythology is a relatively coherent set of myths, events that describe a particular religion or value system. In general, myths are traditional narrative literary works that have the role of explaining different phenomena of nature, the origin of man and animals, etc. Usually, myths involve the presence of a sacred element, deities, fabulous, superhuman forces. Myths often overlap with legends, the differences between them being that legends have a kernel of truth, while myths are completely imaginary. If you study mythology you know that there are various fabulous breeds, races and animals in the cultures of peoples, but they are different and you do not mix them to make a multicultural battle. Blog entry: 🤍 #lotronprime #lotr #tolkien #harad #ringsofpower

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