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Re:florescence / Punishing: Gray Raven OST┃Raon


※ The advertising is supported by 「Punishing: Gray Raven」. [listen & Download] Global :: 🤍 JP :: 🤍 SF 세기말 3D 액션 RPG! 퍼니싱:그레이 레이븐 신규 버전 「기연잔향」 콜라보 이벤트 진행 중!  * 바로 체험하기: 🤍 * 1주년 기념 ost  [Re:florescence] 공식 mv 감상하기:  🤍 ▶ You can stream and download RAON's song right here! * Spotify :: 🤍 * iTunes :: 🤍 * YouTube Music :: 🤍 * Amazon mp3: :: 🤍 Raon's Youtube :: 🤍 Raon's Twitter :: 🤍 Raon's Instagram :: 🤍 Raon's Fan cafe :: 🤍 Raon's Facebook Page :: 🤍 Raon's Twitch :: 🤍 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 [Credit] Re:florescence (Punishing: Gray Raven 1st Anniversary OST) Vocal & Chorus by Raon Produced by REQ(Accelers) Lyrics by REQ Composed by REQ Arranged by REQ Mixed & Mastered by Taramaxu at TRMX Sound Lab Accelers, Inc. HK HERO Entertainment co., LiMited ​〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 #Raon #PunishingGrayRaven #Reflorescence

'퍼니싱:그레이 레이븐' 1주년 OST [Re:florescence] | Raon


안녕하세요, 지휘관 여러분! 퍼니싱: 그레이 레이븐이 정식 서비스 1주년을 맞이 했습니다! 지휘관 여러분에게 감사드리며, 1주년을 맞이해 준비한 1주년 OST를 재밌게 즐겨주세요! 이번 1주년 OST [Re:florescence]는 특별히 Raon님이 불러주셨답니다~ 노래 : Raon 작곡 : REQ 작사 : REQ 제작 : Accelers 믹스 및 마스터 : Taramaxu at TRMX Sound Lab #퍼니싱 #ost #퍼니싱ost

【CoyDE】萤灯谣-合唱版「Punishing: Gray Raven OST - 枯朽为灯」 【パニシング:グレイレイヴン】Official


Original theme music we made for action game: Punishing: Gray Raven (iOS / Android) スマホゲーム「パニシング:グレイレイヴン」新章【枯朽为灯】テーマ曲 Compose: CoyDE Lyric: 库洛文案&🤍大九_LN Vocal: 鱼椒盐 黄琬婷 樊竹青 朱江 张炜 王馨悦 ■Website 🤍 ■Twitter: 🤍 ■Facebook: 🤍 ■Weibo: 🤍 #パニグレ #パニシング #punishinggrayraven #Soundtrack #OST

Raon Lee - Re:florescence (рус. караоке)



[퍼니싱: 그레이 레이븐] '라온'과 '퍼니싱'의 만남! 1주년 기념 OST [Re: Florescence] 공개


#퍼니싱 ☞ 채널 문의 : tete0727🤍

두 송이 꽃 『二輪の花』 (퍼니싱:그레이 레이븐OST Official Korean ver.)


과즙이들 안녕하세요XD 이번에는 퍼니싱:그레이 레이븐의 지원을 받아 '두송이 꽃' 공식 한국어 개사를 가창하게 되었습니다. 다음주 금요일로 5주 연속 업로드도 끝이 나네요:)!! 다음주에 봐요! 퍼니싱:그레이 레이븐 공식 홈페이지 🤍 다운로드: 🤍 공식 네이버카페:  🤍 공식 유튜브: 🤍 #퍼니싱 #세기말SF세계 #고퀄리티그래픽액션rpg게임 다즈비 youtube 🤍 twitter 🤍 ■Mix/Mastering. Taramaxu ■Video . Tranquillo

June 2019 - Refeyen - How to Weigh Molecules with Light Using Mass Photometry


Originally broadcast in June 2019. Presented by Prof. Philipp Kukura Tutorial abstract: Physiological and pathological processes are mediated by the interactions between different biomolecules. Studying these functional and malfunctional associations is key to elucidating the molecular mechanisms of life, and to develop new means to combating disease. Successful in vitro studies of protein and macromolecular function rely heavily on well-defined samples. The purity, homogeneity, structural integrity, and activity of all components of these samples must be quantified. While there are numerous established methods for sample quality assessment, mass photometry can accurately measure the mass of individual molecules in solution without the need for any labels. Mass photometry is a completely new technology that enables researchers to characterize biomolecular composition, structure, and dynamics. In this tutorial, you will learn: - How mass photometry offers a universal way to study biomolecules - The strengths and limitations of mass photometry - How to use mass photometry to: accurately determine the degree of heterogeneity of a sample quantify the strength and kinetics of molecular interactions optimize conditions for sample stability and molecular interactions quantifying self-assembly precise characterization of molecular concentration Mass photometry is a natural evolution of interferometric scattering microscopy that offers a universal way to study biomolecules that will change how research is performed across many fields of biomedical science.

florescence Official Cover: Still Into You (Paramore)


We’re florescence! This is our first official cover video. Subscribe for more content coming very soon! 🌷 Socials: Tik tok: 🤍florescenceband Instagram: 🤍florescenceband Soundcloud: 🤍florescence-band Gmail: theflorescenceband🤍

florescence. Official Cover: Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)


We’re florescence! Go check out our other covers and our new original song (On Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and more!) and subscribe to see us grow! 🌷 Socials: Tik tok: 🤍florescenceband Instagram: 🤍florescenceband Spotify: 🤍florescence. SoundCloud: 🤍florescence-band Gmail: theflorescenceband🤍

【GhostFinal】HIKARI 「Punishing: Gray Raven OST - 九龙环城」 【パニシング:グレイレイヴン】Official


Original BGM we made for action game Punishing: Gray Raven (iOS / Android) Composer: GhostFinal Video: Kuro Games HP: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Weibo: 🤍 Game: 🤍 取名Hikari,是因为这次活动基本是lucia的剧情主场。而lucia在拉丁语中有光的含义。希望这份光芒能够带给玩家温暖。 作曲小哥🤍GhostFinal 表示写得很爽,希望以后也有更多精彩内容! 在看不见曙光的彼方,黑暗与混战蔓延。 至暗时刻,向死而生。 《Hikari》,从此以后,你我互为彼此的光。

Into My Soul - Luna Impression Song 【Punishing: Gray Raven】


Thank you for watching! - Official site CN : 🤍 Bilibili version : 🤍 Official site EN : 🤍 Official site JP : 🤍 Official site TW : 🤍 - #战双帕弥什 #パニグレ#戰雙帕彌什 #PunishingGrayRaven

🚬酔いどれ知らず (Yoidore Shirazu)┃Cover by Raon


▶ You can stream and download RAON's song right here! * Spotify :: 🤍 * iTunes :: 🤍 * YouTube Music :: 🤍 * Amazon mp3: :: 🤍 Raon's Youtube :: 🤍 Raon's Twitter :: 🤍 Raon's Instagram :: 🤍 Raon's Fan cafe :: 🤍 Raon's Facebook Page :: 🤍 Raon's Twitch :: 🤍 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Vocal & & Chorus & Video editing :: Raon Sound Editing :: Raon Instrumental arrangement :: Accelers Mixed & Mastering & Feat :: Taramaxu Song Title :: 酔いどれ知らず (취한 줄을 모르고, Yoidore Shirazu) Artist :: Kanaria Original link :: 🤍 ​〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 COMMENT Today's TMI 💡 I'm not good at drinking, so I get drunk quickly if I only drink a glass of beer🤪 ▶ romaji lyrics ◀ Yume ga sameta yoidore shirazu Arasoigoto wa yoru ga akeru made Kutabirete wa hidoku mieru Issen no koe wa koe ga kareru made Uccharu shiawase zutto samenaide Anata no koe ni mimi o kasu toki made Kussuru taido de kotoba sae nakute Karada o somete Soshite Deidei harare arare hourai sou warukunai wa Kussuru saki made miriguramu Meimei kasanegasane zongai sou warukunai wa Yoidore shirazu no koigataki dakara ♬ Uta no koe wa kazu shirazu Mayoikondara soko wa kimi no ×× Nee mite kirei hakuchuumu rondo Issen o kakushite to o hakeru dake Ikka no shiawase kitto harenaide Anata no soba ni mimi o kasu toki made Kussuru taido de kotoba sae nakute Kokoro o somete Sore wa Deidei harare arare shouraizou warukunai wa Kussuru watashi wa ikite iru Meimei kasanegasane zongai sou warukunai wa Yoidore shirazu no monogatari #Raon #酔いどれ知らず #YoidoreShirazu

We are Florescence


Hello world!

Honkai impact 3rd - Oracle┃Cover by Raon


※ The advertising is supported by 「miHoYo」. ▶ You can stream and download RAON's song right here! * Spotify :: 🤍 * iTunes :: 🤍 * YouTube Music :: 🤍 * Amazon mp3: :: 🤍 Raon's Youtube :: 🤍 Raon's Twitter :: 🤍 Raon's Instagram :: 🤍 Raon's Fan cafe :: 🤍 Raon's Facebook Page :: 🤍 Raon's Twitch :: 🤍 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Original :: 黄霄雲 Music by :: 文驰Vinchi Lyrics by :: TetraCalyx Arranged by :: 文驰Vinchi Vocal & Chorus & Video editing :: Raon Lee Mixed & Mastering :: Taramaxu Song Title :: Oracle Game :: 붕괴3rd (崩坏3rd, Honkai impact 3rd) * 붕괴3rd 대형 오픈월드 '붕괴후서' 제2장 정식 오픈! 지금 체험하기 ☞ 🤍 재난이 종결된 후, 과거의 전사는 평온한 생활을 택했다. 그러나 세계가 다시 위기에 빠지자 익숙한 모습이 전쟁터에 또다시 나타났다. 붕괴3rd 오픈 월드 [붕괴후서] 신규 챕터 OP 감상하기 ☞ 🤍 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Happy New Year to one and all!❤ #RaonLee #HonkaiImpact3rd #Oracle

Redo Pouch & Re-stapled Anastomosis after Fluorescence Angiography Detection of Pouch Ischemia


This edited video shows the usefulness of fluorescence angiography to check perfusion at an anastomosis in a patient who is undergoing J Pouch reconstruction after proctectomy. This video is associated with a text under submission for publication in the journal Colorectal Disease. Click Subscribe to this channel for the most up to date content. Authors: M Carvello(1), M Sacchi(2), A Maroli(2), A Shariff(2), P Kotze, A Spinelli(2). (1) Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Colon and Rectal Surgery Unit, Department of General Surgery (2) Humanitas Research Hospital, Colon and Rectal Surgery Unit, Department of General Surgery Video associated with Colorectal Disease Journal (published by Wiley and associated with the Association of Coloproctology Great Britain and Ireland (ACPGBI), European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) and Spanish Society of Coloproctology (SSC).

【PunishingGrayRaven】NARWHAL // Metal cover by CHiRo


ご視聴いただきありがとうございます! Thank you for watching!! 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 CREDITS! 🎶Punishing gray raven - NARWAL Composed by : Haloweak Arranged by : CHiRo Video edited by : CHiRo 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Follow me! 🐦 Twitter on CHiRo (🤍 🐦 Twitter on Liz (🤍 📘 Facebook (🤍 🎵 TikTok (🤍 📷 Instagram (🤍 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Equipment used! 🎸6-String Guitar on CHiRo : E-II horizonlll 🎸7-String Guitar on Liz : SOLAR Guitars S1.7PB Bass : MODOBASS Drum : Addictive Drums 2 Synthesizer : Sylenth 1 DAW : Cubase 10 Interface : AXE I/O Mastering : Ozone 9 Movie : Adobe / After Effect #パニグレ#PunishingGrayRaven#パニグレ動画CP



Provided to YouTube by WM Hong Kong Fluorescence · Panther Chan Honesty ℗ 2021 Warner Music Hong Kong Limited Chorus Arranger: Adrian Chan Producer, Programmer: Adrian Chan Cello: Anna Kwan Violin: Ayako Ichimaru Vocals: Panther Chan Arranger, Programming: Perry Lau Mixer: Simon Li Composer, Lyricist: Panther Chan Auto-generated by YouTube.

Microscopy: Introduction to Fluorescence Microscopy (Nico Stuurman)


Learn more: 🤍 Fluorescence is a process in which matter absorbs light and re-emits at a different wavelength. Fluorescence is widely used in biological microscopy. This lecture describes the principles of fluorescence and fluorescence microscopy.

Circling (盘旋) [English Cover by 诺莺Nox] - Punishing: Gray Raven - Liv Solaeter Music Video


The full version of Liv Solaeter theme Cover by 诺莺Nox. I do not own the music, sauce here: 🤍 诺莺Nox also has official YT account : 🤍

ストレンジ (Strange) / ¿?┃Raon cover


⯌Please turn on your subtitles!⯌ ▸Original Music :: ¿? (🤍 ☞ link :: 🤍 ▸Vocal :: Raon (🤍 ▸Video :: Tranquillo (🤍 ▸Illustration :: Phire (🤍 ▸Inst arrange :: Accelers (🤍 ▸Mix & Mastering :: TRMX Sound Lab (🤍 COMMENT Is there anyone who wants to shut up? Then let them hear this song😏✨ #Raon #ストレンジ #Strange

Raon 라온 | ‘クネクネ (Wiggle Wiggle)’ Special Cover


Listen & Download :: 🤍 Inst :: 🤍 2nd Original Digital Single 『クネクネ (Wiggle Wiggle)』 — Thank you for 1 million views on クネクネ (Wiggle Wiggle)!♨🎉 — Credit. Composed by Scott Russell Stoddart, Justin Reinstein, JJean Vocal by Raon Lyrics by Raon Arranged by Memme, Scott Russell Stoddart Illustrated by つっく MV Produced by AZ N Mix Engineered by Namjun Park at GLAB Studios Mixed by Bongwon Shin at GLAB Studios Mastered by Jung-un Park (Honey Butter Studio) Special Thanks to Junko Miyajima © Accelers,Inc. © UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC. — ▶Raon's Instagram : 🤍 ▶Raon's Twitter : 🤍 ▶Raon's TikTok : 🤍 ▶Raon’s Bubble : 🤍 — Lyrics :: Yeah, You wanna be my side? Look at my Wiggle wiggle 無関心な人の波に飲まれて 誰も見てくれない Lonely Night 狂ったように踊って 君を誘う 気づくまで ちゃんと僕を見てくれ 虚構のステージで踊るストレンジャー その視線を捕らえて One step Two step Huh 気づいた時には 前後不覚 歪み始めるよ 森羅万象 世界を狂わせるよ (Oh boy boy boy) Whoo Ah- Shake the mind 魂をくれないか Cuz, I don't need a principle I don't need your prejudice 震天動地 歓喜抃舞 よし、ここまできたら、さあ Whoohoo Whoohoo That’s alright! Look at my Wiggle wiggle Oh ohoh Oh ohoh La ya! Ai ya ya ya! Oh ohoh Oh ohoh Oh La la li la la la 震天動地 歓喜抃舞 よし、 僕をしっかり見ろって、 ねえ? Yeah, You are my Wiggle wiggle ♨ FOCUS, FOCUS, 心を開いて FOCUS いらぬ疑心暗鬼なんて 此処に吐き捨てて 行こうぜ! 空っぽだった仮面はもう要らない すべては Stranger 隠れている Danger もし見つけられないなら 燃える遊糸つたって来い! Baby Up Down Up 用意して1、2、3 Dance! 冷静さを失った君は 妖に化かされて Freak out Freak out Huh 気づいた時には奇奇怪怪 歪み始めるよ 妖怪変化 世界を狂わせるよ (Three two one, Let’s Go!) Whoo Ah- Shake the mind 骨迄くれないか Cuz, I don't need a principle I don't need your prejudice 心臓 感電 妄想 中毒 よし、ここまできたら、さあ Whoohoo Whoohoo That’s alright! Look at my Wiggle wiggle Oh ohoh Oh ohoh La ya! Ai ya ya ya! Oh ohoh Oh ohoh Oh La la li la la la 心臓 感電 妄想 中毒 よし、 僕をしっかり見ろって、 ねえ? Yeah, You are my Wiggle wiggle 闇を喰らって夜を明かして 僕のグルーヴ酔いしれて 期待しないよ My happy ever after フィナーレ踊りましょう (Wake up! Break your mind!) Whoo Ah- Shake the mind 魂をくれないか Cuz, I don't need a principle I don't need your prejudice 震天動地 歓喜抃舞 よし、ここまできたら、さあ Whoohoo Whoohoo That’s alright! Look at my Wiggle wiggle Oh ohoh Oh ohoh La ya! Ai ya ya ya! Oh ohoh Oh ohoh Oh La la li la la la 心臓 感電 妄想 中毒 よし、 僕をしっかり見ろって、 ねえ? Yeah, You are my Wiggle wiggle — #Raon #クネクネ #WiggleWiggle #라온 #쿠네쿠네

[EN Ver.] Soar Cover Ver. / Liv Theme Song ( Ost Punishing Gray Raven ) | Lirik & Sub Indonesia


Enjoy 😊😊😊 Singer : 诺莺Nox Song : Soar / Liv Theme Song ( Ost Punishing Gray Raven ) Wallpaper : 🤍 Disclaimer : I do NOT own this songs. Copyrights belongs to its rightful owners.

Eyes and Nose Injuries - Accident & Emergency | Operation Ouch | Science for Kids


Join Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand as they go visit hospitals to learn more about eyes and nose injuries! Subscribe for more: 🤍 Operation Ouch is a science show for kids that is full of experiments and biological learnings. In this educational TV show, twin brothers Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand do science experiments for kids, to explain us how the human body with all its different parts and systems works, and how medicine and medical procedures can help. Biology for kids in a fun format! You can buy the book here 🤍 and download the series here 🤍 Lots of science projects to take a deeper look at the human body. Body parts and systems covered including: Nervous system - Brain - Spine Cardiovascular system - Heart - Blood - Blood Pressure Human Skin - Cuts - Burns - Bruises and Blisters - Birthmarks - Scars - Stretch Marks Organs - Skin - Guts - Brain - Heart - Kidneys - Stomach - Lungs Immune system - Allergies - Verrucas - Bacteria & Infections Skeletal system - Dislocations - Toes - Arms - Legs - Knees - Feet - Fingers - Joints - Bones Human Head - Hair - Ears - Yawning - Mouth - Eyes - Teeth - Lips - Nose - Throat Endocrine system - Height - Insulin - Sleep #Operation Ouch #ScienceForKids #EyeNoseInjuries

MPG Primer: Genetics of Inherited Retinal Degenerations


January 19, 2023 Medical and Population Genetics Primer Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Eric Pierce and Emily Place Massachusetts Eye and Ear Insititute Genetics of Inherited Retinal Degenerations The Primer on Medical and Population Genetics is a series of informal weekly discussions of basic genetics topics that relate to human populations and disease. Experts from across the Broad Institute community give in-depth introductions to the basic principles of complex trait genetics, including human genetic variation, genotyping, DNA sequencing methods, statistics, data analysis, and more. Videos of these sessions are made freely available for viewing here and are geared toward a wide audience that includes research technicians, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and established investigators just entering the field. For more information, please visit: -Program in Medical Population Genetics (🤍 -Primer videos (🤍 For more information visit: 🤍 Copyright Broad Institute, 2023. All rights reserved.

Epic Seven OST - Chasing a Starlight┃Raon cover


※ The advertising is supported by 「Epic Seven」. - 「Chasing a Starlight」 Animation ver.: 🤍 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 - Epic Seven APP download: 🤍 - Epic Seven Facebook: 🤍 - Epic Seven Stove Community: 🤍 - Epic Seven Instagram: 🤍 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Credit Vocal by RAON Chorus by RAON Piano by 김범진 E.Guitar by CODA, 문태석 Bass Guitar by 강동현 Drum by Drummer Zune Synth by CODA String by CODA Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by CODA Executive Producer by BERAD ENTERTAINMENT Producer : CODA at BERAD ENTERTAINMENT Recorded by RAON Mixed by CODA at BERAD Studio 🤍Coda_1997 Mastered by CODA at BERAD Studio 🤍Coda_1997 #Raon #EpicSeven #ChasingaStarlight

Mounting a Coverslip – Molecular® Probes School of Fluorescence


🤍 - Molecular Probes® School of Fluorescence explains step-by-step how to mount a coverslip properly for cellular imaging. Formulations of mounting media that can add favorable properties such as optimizing the refractive index to match that of glass, preventing photobleaching, or preserving samples for long-term storage are widely available. See more protocols and basic imaging instructions at 🤍

What are the factors affecting Fluorescence and Phosphorescence? | Analytical Chemistry


The fluorescence and phosphorescence depend on the following factors. 1. Fluorescence and phosphorescence depend on temperature and pH of the solution. 2. Association, Dissociation of solute with solvent will affect the fluorescence and phosphorescence. 3. Molecules with electron donating groups like -OH and –NH2 are strongly fluorescence. 4. Electrons withdrawing groups like -COOH, -N=N-, -NO2 and halides decreases fluorescence. 5. Heavy atoms like chlorine, bromine and iodine cause the un-pairing of electrons. As a result the singlet state gets converted into a triplet state and the chances of fluorescence occurring are greatly reduced. 6. Some groups like -NH4+, -SO3H and alkyl groups do not have, any effect on the fluorescence and phosphorescence phenomenon. 7. The introduction of an atom of higher atomic number, into a π electron system, decreases fluorescence and increases phosphorescence. Analytical Reasoning 🤍 English Grammar 🤍 Interview Skills 🤍 Managerial Economics 🤍 Royalty Free Stock Footage 🤍 Chemical Thermodynamics - Physical Chemistry 🤍 Ionic Equilibria - Physical Chemistry 🤍 Electrochemistry - Physical Chemistry 🤍 Solid State - Physical Chemistry 🤍 Gaseous State - Physical Chemistry 🤍 Colloidal States - Physical Chemistry 🤍 Stereochemistry - Organic Chemistry 🤍 Nanomaterials - Engineering Chemistry 🤍 Water and Its Treatment - Engineering Chemistry 🤍 Electrochemistry - Engineering Chemistry 🤍 Environmental Studies 🤍 Optics - Applied Physics 🤍 For Details Visit 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

half·alive - still feel. w/ Orchestra (Official Video)


]\[ half•alive’s orchestral music video for ‘still feel.’ EP ‘in Florescence’ available now Listen now: 🤍 Conditions Of A Punk Tour tickets and info: 🤍 UK & EU February 16 - Academy 2 🤍 Birmingham February 18 - The Academy 🤍 Dublin February 20 - SWG3 🤍 Glasgow February 21 - Academy 2 🤍 Manchester February 23 - Melkweg 🤍 Amsterdam February 24 - Trabendo 🤍 Paris February 26 - Zappa 🤍 Antwerpen February 28 - Die Kantine 🤍 Cologne March 1 - Kesselhaus 🤍 Berlin March 2 - Proxima 🤍 Warsaw March 4 - Meetfactory 🤍 Prague March 5 - Simm City 🤍 Vienna March 6 - Technikum 🤍 Munchen March 8 - Santeria Toscana 31 🤍 Milano March 11 - Uebel & Gefahrlich 🤍 Hamburg March 12 - Vega 🤍 Kobenhavn March 14 - Debaser Hornstulls Strand 🤍 Stockholm March 15 - Parkteatret Scene 🤍 Oslo North America April 15 - The Van Buren 🤍 Phoenix, AZ April 17- Emo’s Austin 🤍 Austin, TX April 18 - House Of Blues Dallas 🤍 Dallas, TX April 20 - Buckhead Theatre 🤍 Atlanta, GA April 21 – The Fillmore Charlotte 🤍 Charlotte, NC April 22 - Marathon Music Works 🤍 Nashville, TN April 24 - The Fillmore Silver Spring 🤍 Silver Spring, MD April 25 - KEMBA Live! 🤍 Columbus, OH April 27 - House Of Blues Boston 🤍 Boston, MA April 28 - Brooklyn Steel 🤍 New York, NY April 29 -Theatre of Living Arts 🤍 Philadelphia, PA May 01 - The Danforth Music Hall 🤍 Toronto, ON May 03 - XL Live 🤍 Harrisburg, PA May 05 - House Of Blues Chicago 🤍 Chicago, IL May 06 – House of Blues Chicago 🤍 Chicago, IL May 08 - The Rave II 🤍 Milwaukee, WI May 09 - Fillmore Minneapolis 🤍 Minneapolis, MN May 11 - Summit 🤍 Denver, CO May 12 - The Union 🤍 Salt Lake City, UT May 14 - Roseland Theater 🤍 Portland, OR May 15 - Showbox SoDo 🤍 Seattle, WA May 16 - Commodore Ballroom 🤍 Vancouver, BC May 18 - Ace Of Spades 🤍 Sacramento, CA May 19 - The Wiltern 🤍 Los Angeles, CA find half•alive on… Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Website: 🤍 YouTube Music: 🤍 Subscribe for more official content from half•alive: 🤍 THE PRODUCERS Production Company : Freenjoy Directed by : Mimi Cave Written by : half•alive + JA Collective + Mimi Cave Head of Production : Ben Piety Producer : Aiden Magarian Exec. Producers : Nathan Sherrer & Tara Sheree Cinematographer : Tom Banks Edited by : Brit Phelan Additional Editing by : Josh Taylor Colorist : Strack Azar Choreographed / Danced : JA Collective Commissioner : Nicholas Robespierre Wardrobe Stylist : Donna Lisa Wardrobe Assistant : Alexa Simone Floor Design : John Richoux Production Designer : Nicholas Faiella Art Director : Joey Abi-Loutfi 1st AD : Jeff Cobb Truck PA : Logan Rauhut Production Asst. : Justin Hill + Brent Assayag Office PA : Charlotte Voyer 1st AC : Kevin Hughes 2nd AC : David Ross Steadicam Op : Chris Loh Key Grip : Don Padilla Best Boy Grip : Devin Williams Gaffer : Brett Carleton Best Boy Electric : Brett Frager Art Asst. : Nick Jones Art Asst. : Daniel Charles Richardson AUDIO Music Arranged by : Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Mixed by : Tom Elmhirst Recorded by : Steve Genewick Assistant Engineer : Tommy Hessenius Viola : Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Violins : Emiko Bankson, Luanne Homzy Cello : Callie Galvez Guitar : Woody Aplanalp French Horn : Amy Sanchez Trumpet : Daniel Rosenboom Trombone / Bass Trombone : Garrett Smith Flute / Alto Flute : Sara Andon Harp : Alison Bjorkedal Percussion : Pete Korpela Marimba : Nick Mancini Background Vocals : Charles Jones, Maiya Sykes, Aja Grant #halfalive #stillfeel #inflorescence

Fluorescence in the deep-sea squid Histioteuthis: The case of the green-eyed squid


Scientists at MBARI recently deployed blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on our remotely operated submersibles to observe fluorescence in deep-sea animals and investigate the ecological roles of light in the deep sea. When we shined blue LEDs on the strawberry squid, Histioteuthis, we were surprised by an impressive light show. This squid has one normal-sized eye, and one extraordinarily large eye, which was brightly fluorescent, indicating the presence of a blue-absorbing fluorescent pigment. The fluorescent pigment most likely aids in capturing prey by breaking their camouflage. Many organisms have fluorescent structures, but we are still exploring what the natural functions of these fluorescent pigments are. For more information on fluorescence and bioluminescence go to 🤍 Video narration/animation/music/photos: Steve Haddock Video editing: Kyra Schlining Production support: Danielle Haddock, Linda Kuhnz, Lonny Lundsten, Nancy Jacobsen Stout, & Susan vonThun 🤍

Light on Time 💡 MAIN SHOW #276 🔵 TRC PODCAST *LIVE*


THIS WEEK: Dane, Anthony & Levi catch up with their weekend adventures, stories, detailing & more! 🔥 What happened to YOU last week/weekend? Tell us in the comments below! AUDIO VERSION AVAILABLE HERE: 🤍 ► RATE & REVIEW the podcast & we'll read it LIVE on the next show! 🤍

Microscopy: Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Microscopy (Daniel Axelrod)


Learn more: 🤍 Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Microscopy is a technique that only illuminates dye molecules near a surface. In this video, the pioneer of TIRF Microscopy describes what this technique is used for, explains the principles of the evanescent wave, gives many examples of different microscope configurations used in TIRFM, and shows how polarized light TIRF can be used to image membrane orientation.

Molecular Probes Tutorial Series—Introduction to Fluorescence


This video provides an easy to understand overview of the basic principles of fluorescence and is suitable for beginners or for those that need a quick refresh. Learn more: 🤍

What Is XRF?


What is X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) used for? This video provides an overview of the main XRF techniques. For more information, visit 🤍 #xrf #elementalanalysis #WDXRF #EDXRF

Florence + The Machine - My Love


Florence & The Machine ‘My Love’ Stream/download: 🤍 Dance Fever – the new album – out now 🤍 Directed by Autumn de Wilde Director of Photography / Jamie Feliu-Torres Choreographed by Ryan Heffington Costume Design by Kate Mulleavy & Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte Additional Costume & Wardrobe Stylists / Peter Aluuan and Fiona Hicks Hair Stylist / Odile Gilbert Makeup Artist to Florence Welch / Sarah Reygate Editorial Company / Final Cut Editor / Miky Wolf Assistant Editor / Matt Gabzdyl Editorial Producer / Maggie Mcdermont Visual Effects / Denis Reva Colour Co / Company 3 Colorists / Jean-clement Soret and Yoomin Lee Finishing VFX Co / Framestore Sound Finishing / Machine Sound Sound Design & Mix / Nigel Manington Sound Producer / Ghazal Zargar Elahi Title Design / Thunderwing, Nic Taylor & J. B. Taylor Artist Management / Hannah Giannoulis Production Co / Anonymous Content Produced by Eric Stern & Juliet Naylor Assistant to Odile Gilbert / Taan Pham Assistant Choreographer / Ryan Spencer Workshop Choreographer / Benjamin Milan Production Manager / Ana Castellar BTS / Gilbert Trejo Artist PA / Catherine Torrie CAST Florence Welch Jack Riddiford The Henchman // Alexander Antofiy LACE MONSTERS Sia Gbamoi Chihiro Kawasaki Aisling Longshaw Naomi Weijand Kibrea Carmichael Zakiya Wellington Anastasiia Kharchenko Maryne Kuchskova GHOST ORCHESTRA Maksimilian Mihkaylovskiy / Violin Lyubomyr Klyufinskiy / Viola Ivan Massalyga / Cello Hilarion-Modeste Thea / Flute Vladislav Bilyachenko / Alto Saxophone Aleksander Pryzhenkov / Tuba Iliya Shevchuk / Trumpet Vadim Shevchuk / Trombone THE VANISHERS Nikita Skripka Viktoria Tsekhmistrova Nazar Lekh Alla Pryadko Denys Kartashov Anastasia Kolesnykova Aleksandra Tarakanova Oksana Kozub Andrey Kasyanov Daniil Stashkiv Arsalan Naimi Precious Chidumebi Yulia Andriets Volodymyr Dovzhyy Aleksander Novikov Timur Nizameev Andrey Ryabchuk Ihor Didkovskiy Nikita Podlesnyi Tatyana Verner Vladimir Tsoy Valentina Antufieva Stanislav Brovkin Sergey Novikov Isaac Arogundade Laura Smith Lyudmila Abramova Alla Titarenko Alexander Antofiy Arrow de Wilde Angelina Chayka Kristina Chayka UKRAINE UNIT Production Co / Radioaktive Film Executive Producer / Kate Galytska Producer / Serafima Kutsenko Production Manager / Yura Galitskiy 1st AD / Alina Yatsyk 2nd AD / Masha Verboliuk Production Designer / Vladimir Radlinskiy Art Director / Max Halushka Wardrobe Stylist / Valentyn Bren Makeup Artist / Dasha Taivas Hair Stylist / Iris Onufrienko Casting on set / Masha Bondar 2nd Cameraman / Ilya Maksymenko Focus Puller Cam A / Peter Chetverykov Focus Puller Cam B / Sergei Kolesnik Slate / Lena Sinelnik Gaffer / Leo Sidorenko Key Grip / Artem Pilipchuk Steadicam / Max Salo Sound / Misha Nikolaev Playback / Sergei Rupos VFX Supervisor / Denis Reva Location Manager / Zhenya Kasamara Production Assistant / Alex Belko Production Assistant / Yulia Nagirniak Unit Manager / Egor Pogrebniak Doctor On Set / Yana Shchebetiuk Assistant to Autumn de Wilde / Anna Kovalevskaya Chaperone / Liza Onysko Chaperone / Daria Sipigina Camera & Light / Illuminator Film Service Crane Crew / Film Technic Worldwide COSTUMES FOR THE VANISHERS & HEADPIECE FOR FLORENCE Florence headpiece //Ruslan Baginskiy The Vanishers costumes // Anna October Lake Studio Academy Costumes Stephen Jones Hood London Taller Marmo Marsala Shoes VV Rouleaux Join Florence online: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Mailing list & more: 🤍 Official Store: 🤍 'My Love' lyrics I always able to write my way out The song always made sense to me Now I find that when I look down Every page is empty There is nothing to describe Except the moon still bright against the worrying sky I pray the trees will get their leaves soon So tell me where to put my love Do I wait for time to do what it does I don’t know where to put my love And when it came, it was stranger than I had ever imagined No cracking open of heaven But quiet and still All my friends are getting ill So tell me where to put my love Do I wait for time to do what it does I don’t know where to put my love So tell me where to put my love Do I wait for time to do what it does I don’t know where to put my love My arms emptied, the skies emptied The billboards emptied My arms emptied, the skies emptied The buildings emptied So tell me where to put my love Do I wait for time to do what it does I don’t know where to put my love My arms emptied, the skies emptied The billboards emptied My arms emptied the skies emptied The buildings emptied



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FISH - Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization


Hey guys, today I tell you how FISH works. Cheers, Henrik Instagram: 🤍 Literature: Bartlett, J. M. (2004). Fluorescence in situ hybridization. In Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer (pp. 77-87). Humana Press. 🤍 🤍

FRET - fluorescence resonance energy transfer (fret)


FRET - fluorescence resonance energy transfer - this lecture explains the fluorescence energy transfer process in cell and the use of FRET in cell biology. 🤍 Download the study materials here- 🤍 This video demonstrates the technique of fluorescent resonance energy transfer. Source of the article published in description is Wikipedia. I am sharing their material. © by original content developers of Wikipedia. Link- 🤍

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