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Music Degrees are a WASTE of time


I spent the better part of a decade getting music degrees, ultimately only to end up doing something that isn't directly related to what I learned there. So what do and don't they teach you in music school, and would I do it all again? *FREE* Practical Guide to Composition eBook: 🤍 FREE Basics of Synthesis Workshop: 🤍 Become a Member to support the channel: 🤍 My Sample Packs: 🤍 My music: Music Channel: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 /////// Socials and Stuff: 🤍 🤍 Video Equipment and Stuff: Main Camera: 🤍 Other Camera: 🤍 Wide Angle Lens: 🤍 35mm Lens: 🤍 SD Card: 🤍 Camera Tripod: 🤍 Synth Table: 🤍 Quick Release Camera Mounts: 🤍 Overhead Camera Arm: 🤍 Overhead Tripod: 🤍 Green Screen: 🤍 Ring Light: 🤍 Organizer Shelf: 🤍 RGB Floor Lamp: 🤍 Desk Chair: 🤍 Mic Stands: 🤍 Floor Edison Lamp: 🤍

Music Degrees Are Basically USELESS


💥 Watch my FREE Workshop where I cover How I Create PRO Quality Music at Home - and How You CAN TOO here: 🤍 Music degrees... worth it or a waste of time? In this video, I'm talking about the pros and cons of getting a music degree and my own experience with getting a degree in music composition 💥 Check out this playlist for Pro Producer Tips: 🤍 Subscribe to my new artist channel: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram 🤍NathanLarsenMusic Follow me on SoundCloud: 🤍 My Studio Gear List: I personally purchase my gear from Sweetwater and have for over 12 years these are affiliate links, meaning you can support my channel by using Sweetwater. The reason I trust Sweetwater is because they have the BEST customer support I have ever seen, two year warranty, free shipping, and they have they best reputation in the industry. You will never see me recommend buying pro audio gear from Amazon Check out Sweetwater: 🤍 Lacie External Drive (storing sample libraries): 🤍 Logic Pro X: (use the app store) Komplete Audio 6 (audio interface): 🤍 Presonus Eris E5 (monitors you'll need to buy a pair): 🤍 Komplete Kontrol S88 (the BEST MIDI keyboard the link is the newer generation): 🤍 Lauten LS-208 Mic: 🤍 Avantone Pro CV-12 Mic: 🤍 Shure SM58: 🤍 Audio Technica ATH-M40X (headphones - I have 2 pairs): 🤍 Novation LaunchPad X (also compatible with Logic Pro X): 🤍 Sample Libraries / Plugins I HIGHLY Recommend: _ Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate (this is the BEST bundle you can buy): 🤍 BABY Audio Plugins: 🤍 Arcade: 🤍 Signal: 🤍 EastWest (Hollywood Orchestra): 🤍 Spitfire LABS (free): 🤍

Why I Decided to Get a Music Degree


I discuss my journey of pursuing my music composition degree and how I made the decision in high school. 📚 The ULTIMATE List of Composing Resources: 🤍 🎻 Join My Composition Studio: 🤍 ☕️ Buy Me a Coffee: 🤍 📖 Learn More About Me: 🤍 🎼 Purchase My Music: 🤍 🎙 Listen to My Podcast on Composing: 🤍 📚 The ULTIMATE List of Composing Resources: 🤍 💻 My Composer Desk Setup and EDC: 🤍 📸 Follow Me on Instagram for Daily Updates: 🤍 🎹 Who Am I: I'm Carlos, a composer from Chicago. I currently am studying music composition at University, and I create insightful videos on both composing and productivity. I hope that musicians of all backgrounds will find value from the videos I create! 🖊️ Get in Touch: If you'd like to leave a small message or question, feel free to leave a comment in the YouTube comment section and I'll easily be able to answer. If you have a longer question, request, or business inquiry, contact me through my website: 🤍

You Got a Music Degree? Went to music college? "What're you gonna do with that?"


You've heard it plenty of times. You say "I got a music degree," "I went to music college." "I'm going to be a professional musician." (Professional drummer in my case). They say "What're you gonna do with that?" and all of a sudden you're stuck explaining your career choices to a stranger. It happens to us all. I think there are some good ways to handle this and some not so good. I just want to share my quick thoughts on what you should say when they say "What're you gonna do with that?" [ DRUM GEAR ] Meinl 14” Sand Hats - 🤍 Meinl 20” Big Apple Ride - 🤍 Meinl 21” Transition Ride - 🤍 Meinl 20” Jazz Club Ride (Flat ride with rivets) - 🤍 Meinl 18” Vintage Trash Crash - 🤍 Tama Hyper-Drive Duo - 🤍 DW Ultralight Hardware - 🤍 Hi Hat Stand - 🤍 Snare stand - 🤍 Straight Stand - 🤍 Listen, you need a cart: Rock N Roller R10 - 🤍 Protec Multi Tom Bag - 🤍 VF MJC 2’s - 🤍 Jeff Hamilton Brushes - 🤍 [ VIDEO GEAR ] Main Camera: Lumix GH4 - 🤍 Secondary Camera: Lumix G7 - 🤍 Main Lens (for Vlogs, Drum Cams and Just Talking): Panasonic Leica 12-60mm f2.8 - 🤍 B Roll, Night Time, Bokeh Lens: Panasonic Lumix 25mm f1.7 - 🤍 Secondary Lens (Distance Shots): Lumix G Vario 45-150 f4.0- 🤍 AMAZING Camera Mic: Rode Video Mic Pro + - 🤍 Decent Camera Mic: Rode Video Micro - 🤍 Lav Mic: Purple Panda Lav - 🤍 Vlogging Tripod: JOBY Gorillapod 3K - 🤍 Vlogging Tripod for Phone: JOBY Gorillapod 1K - 🤍 Phone Mount: OIMIO Phone Tripod Mount - 🤍 Suction Cup Camera Mount: JOBY Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm - 🤍 On Camera Light: Neewer Video Light (and Batteries) - 🤍 Mount a couple things at once: Neewer Triple Cold Shoe Mount - 🤍 Cheap Tripod: Sunpak 4200 XL - 🤍 Taller Cheap Tripod: Sunpak 5858D - 🤍 AWESOME Tripod: Sunpak Travellite - 🤍

Music College Graduates Answer Your Questions About Music School


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4 jobs I've gotten with a music degree


Here's how I've made money since graduating with a Master's degree in Flute Performance. Everyone's path to a successful music career is different, and that's fine- actually, it's great! We all have different skills and strengths, and also different definitions of success. Website: IG: 🤍alysehokamp FB: 🤍

Going to Music University (Expectations Vs. Reality)


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What qualifications do you need for a Music Degree?


SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 I really hope this helps with anyone thinking about where to apply for University and/or Conservatoire! Please always feel free to message me on Instagram: 🤍francescaburbela Or just comment down below 😊 Good luck to everyone applying this year and good luck to everyone who has just started University! You'll smash it! Much love, Francesca xxx Music By MBB :🤍 Song promoted by No Copyright Music Library : 🤍

What I Learned At Music School (Besides Music)


There's more to music than just music. Get your free 30-day Audible trial today: 🤍 or text "12tone" to 500-500 One of the biggest debates among people who went to music school is whether or not music school is a waste of time and money. Personally, I got a lot out of my time there, but I think the reason it's such a contentious issue is that different people want it to be different things. But whether or not it's good, I think there's a lot to be learned from hearing people's stories, so I thought I'd share a bit about my music school experience and some of the things I learned while I was there. Patreon: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Mailing List: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Email: 12tonevideos🤍 Last: 🤍 Script: 🤍 Huge thanks to our Elephant of the Month Club members: Susan Jones Jill Jones Duck Howard Levine Ron Jones Brian Etheredge Khristofor Saraga Len Lanphar Ken Arnold Elaine Pratt William (Bill) Boston Chris Prentice Jack Carlson Christopher Lucas Andrew Beals Dov Zazkis Hendrik Payer Thomas Morley Jacob Helwig Davis Sprague Alex Knauth Braum Meakes Hendrik Stüwe Dan Bonelli Kevin Boyce Allyson Scott Howarth Luke Kevin Wilamowski Symmetry Nicholas Lennox Kelly Christoffersen רועי סיני Dhruv Monga Jake Fisher Ken Jones Obadiah Wright Carlos Kobalent And thanks as well to Henry Reich, Gabi Ghita, Owen Campbell-Moore, Gene Lushtak, Eugene Bulkin, Logan Jones, Oliver, Anna Work, Adam Neely, nico, Rick Lees, Dave Mayer, Paul Quine, CodenaCrow, Nikolay Semyonov, Arnas, Caroline Simpson, Michael Alan Dorman, Favrion The Man, Dmitry Jemerov, Michael McCormick, Blake Boyd, Luke Rihn, Charles Gaskell, Ian Seymour, Trevor Sullivan, Tom Evans, Elliot Jay O'Neill, Max Wanderman, Chris Borland, JH, David Conrad, Alex Atanasyan, Elliot Burke, Tim S., Elias Simon, Chris Chapin, Lamadesbois, Jerry D. Brown, Ohad Lutzky, Jake Lizzio, James A. Thornton, Todd Davidson, Brian Dinger, Stefan Strohmaier, Shadow Kat, Adam Wurstmann, Kelsey Freese, Angela Flierman, Richard T. Anderson, Peter Leventis, Kevin Johnson, Ryan, Matthew Kallend, Rodrigo "rrc2soft" Roman, Jeremy Zolner, Patrick Callier, Danny, Francois LaPlante, Volker Wegert, Joshua Gleitze, Britt Ratliff, ml cohen, Darzzr, Aaron Epstein, Blake White, Chris Connett, Charles Hill, Alexey Fedotov, Joshua La Macchia, Alex Keeny, Valentin Lupachev, John Bejarano, Kenneth Kousen, James, h2g2guy, W. Dennis Sorrell, Melvin Martis, Niko Albertus, Luke Wever, Gary Butterfield, Professor Elliot, Jozef Paffen, Steve Brand, Rene Miklas, Connor Shannon, max thomas, Jamie Price, Red Uncle, Roming 22, Doug Nottingham, Andrew Engel, Nicholas Wolf, Peter Brinkmann, Robert Beach, ZagOnEm, Tuna, Hexa Midine, Mathew Wolak, Naomi Ostriker, Alex Mole, T, Lincoln Mendell, Vincent Engler, Sam Rezek, Matt McKegg, Beth Martyn, Lucas Augusto, Caitlin Olsen, Kaisai Morihito, NoticeMK, Anna, Evan Satinsky, James Little, RaptorCat, Jigglypuffer, leftaroundabout ., Jens Schäfer, Mikely Whiplash, room34, Austin Amberg, Betsy, Stephen Jones, Tonya Custis, Dave Shapiro, Jacopo Cascioli, Francisco Rodrigues, Elizabeth, Michael Tsuk, CoryC, Rafael Martinez Salas, Walther, David Van der Linden, Doug Lantz, ThoraSTooth, Robert McIntosh, Brandon Legawiec, Brx, Graeme Lewis, Jake Sand, Kayla Sparks, Max Glass, Jim Hayes, Evgeni Kunev, Alon Kellner, Özgür Kesim, Rob Hardy, Aditya Baradwaj, Matt Ivaliotes, Yuval Filmus, Jasmine Fellows, Richard Goldberg, Patrick Chieppe, Eric Stark, Jon Prudhomme, David Haughn, Gordon Dell, Juan Madrigal, Byron DeLaBarre, Matty Crocker, anemamata, Brian Miller, Lee-orr Orbach, Eric Plume, Kevin Pierce, Jon Hancock, Caleb Meyer, Mark Henning, Jason Peterson, Peggy Youell, EJ Hambleton, Jos Mulder, Daryl Banttari, J.T. Vandenbree, John Carter, Conor Stuart Roe, David Taylor, Dragix PL, Cereus, Marcus Radloff, Wayne Robinson, Gabriel Totusek, Gary Evesson, Kottolett, Brian Stephens, Dylan Vidas, Nicolas Gort Freitas, SecretKittehs, Mnemosyne Music, AkselA, John Castle, Philip Miller, Sam Plotkin, Sean Thompson, David MacDonald, Jeremiah Coleman, Matty Tamer, Nellie Speirs Baron, Charles R., Josh, William Yates, Carlos Silva, The Gig Farmer, Sam, Hunter Embry, DialMForManning, Wayne Weil, Spicy656, Michael Wehling, and darkmage! Your support helps make 12tone even better! Also, thanks to Jareth Arnold for proofreading the script to make sure this all makes sense hopefully!

Is Music School Worth It?


Get any course 50% off with promo code "HOLIDAY21" over at 🤍 #musicschool #degree #guitar - Merch: 🤍 Courses: 🤍 Support the Channel: 🤍 Tweet me: 🤍 Find me on Instagram 🤍samuraiguitarist Contact: mgmt🤍

is the music business degree worth it? | career outcomes (NYU Music Business)


Hi! I'm Lillian and am currently working at Spotify in new york as a Strategy & Operations Analyst. Is attending NYU’s Music Business undergraduate program worth it? I graduated from the program in 2019, and in this video I’ll be sharing NYU music business’ curriculum, career outcomes, and whether or not a music business degree is good for you. If you're interested in what I do at Spotify, check out my Day in The Life working at Spotify video! ✎ 🤍 Comment down below if you have any questions or topics you’d like me to cover! For business inquiries:🤍 #musicbusiness #nyu 📫 send me mail: PO Box 414 Jersey City, NJ 07303 - 0:00 - 0:12 but first, coffee 0:28 - 0:47 Who am I? 0:48 - 1:40 NYU Music Business [Music Classes] 1:41 - 2:09 NYU Music Business [Business Classes] 2:10 - 3:34 NYU Music Business [Music Industry Classes] 3:35 - 4:40 Internship & Networking Opportunity 4:41 - 7:00 3 Career Outcomes for Music Business 7:09 - 8:50 Is the Music Business degree for you? 8:51 - 9:08 Bloopers - ❐ LINK: NYU Music Business Curriculum: 🤍 - ❐ SOCIALS IG - 🤍lillianchiu - ❐ MUSIC: Adam Angeles - Lovesick V (Finale) - 🤍 WABI SABI - snowflake - 🤍 Mark Generous - A Step Forward - 🤍 Dashuryah - outer space love - 🤍 Reggie San Miguel - Pride & Joy - 🤍 Mark Generous - Azalea - 🤍 Hiro Nakanishi - Dear Kendai - 🤍 Dashuryah - Tetris - 🤍

I got my music degree.. was it worth it? (jobs, biggest regret, advice)


I got my music degree… was it worth it? (jobs, biggest regret, advice) Hi guys! I got my bachelor’s degree in music.. today we discuss if I thought it was worth it! Thank you so much for watching, let me know in the comments what you’d like to see next :) Music: “The Shop” by Charles Rojas featuring Kennon Ward Let’s Connect! TikTok: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Business inquiries: julievivaldomusic🤍 LinkTree: 🤍 My Instrument Set Up Clarinet: Bb Buffet R13 Ligature: Vandoren Optimum Ligature Reeds: Vandoren V21 Bb Clarinet Reeds- Strength 3.5+ Thumbrest: Kooiman “Etude 3” Thumbrest Cork Grease: Instrumental Music Center in Tucson, AZ Video Equipment Shot on iPhone 13 Microphone: Blue Yeti Microphone Video Editing: iMovie Cover Banner: Pic Collage

Why I Quit Music (After Getting a Music Degree)


I have retired from music, but I will still be posting some music-related content alongside other career, college, and personal videos. Hope that's okay:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Related Videos: Music Majors in Quarantine 🤍 Regrets About Majoring in Math: 🤍 Dating Culture at Northwestern University 🤍 How I Got Into Northwestern: My Stats (GPA, SAT, ACT, AP’s, EC’s): 🤍 Day in the Life of a Music Composition Major: 🤍 Week in the Life of a Music Composition Major: 🤍 Economic Consulting Pros & Cons 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About me: 🤍

Degrees: Bachelor of Music


Whether you are looking to prepare for a professional career in music or simply want to study music as an elective or as an extracurricular activity, the Music department has plenty to offer. The Music program focuses on professional training, with an emphasis on musical performance. The department offers performance study in: • Voice • Piano • Strings • Woodwinds • Brass • Percussion • Guitar • Organ • Harpsichord Bachelor of Music students are not formally streamed into specific areas of musical study. This flexible approach helps ensure you are well prepared for the wide-ranging demands and varied career options that exist for today’s musicians. 🤍

Should You Go To Music School?


Studying music in school can be a great choice or a bad one? Here are some of my thoughts on the matter. ­­­­­­­­­­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­- 🤍 🤍 🤍 Instagram 🤍samuraiguitarist Snapchat 🤍samuraiguit info🤍 ­­­­­­­­­­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­- Guitarist/Songwriter/Samurai Born in the Manitoba prefecture of Canada, samuraiguitarist, Steve-san Onotera, honed his discipline under the study of the country's most powerful musical sensei. Bred on rock, raised on the blues, trained in jazz, samuraiguitarist creates incredibly innovative videos that showcase his talents on the guitar.

5 Jobs for Music Majors | Music Degree Jobs


5 Jobs for Music Majors | Music Degree Jobs! Plus an additional 15 job options for good measure! 🤍 Awesome book on "hustling" and being a freelance musician - 🤍 AFM - 🤍 Dan Higgins - 🤍 ⦿ Check out my website - 🤍 ⦿ Check out my books! 🤍 🤍 ⦿ Follow me on my social media: Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 #musicmajor #musicjobs #freelancemusician

Should You Go to a Music College? (Berklee, Musician's Institute, Julliard, etc.)


Join Guitar Super System today: 🤍 Follow the awesome people in this video on Instagram! Tomo Fujita - 🤍 Braeden - 🤍 Gianni - 🤍 Nolan - 🤍 George - 🤍 Tuomas - 🤍 Zefan - 🤍 Get at me Berklee! Let's make something happen! Follow on Instagram: 🤍 Follow on Twitter: 🤍 Follow on Facebook: 🤍 Mailing List (no spam, just awesome): 🤍

Should You Go Into Music? How I decided to Pursue Music


Sharing some of my thoughts as a current violin performance major who was not a prodigy. I always thought that you had to be a prodigy or extremely gifted before you even considered pursuing music. Turns out, that is not the complete truth... I would love to know your thoughts in the comment below :). Music by Mr. Jello - Passion Fruit - 🤍 Music by Mr. Jello - Island Lifestyle - 🤍 _ hi!! my name is Sophie and I am a first year conservatory student, but I'm super excited to open this channel up to my other passions and interests in life. weekly videos consisting of my life, violin content (mostly on my Instagram 🤍jemviolin), and words of wisdom! subscribe if you'd like to follow along- I'd love to create a community on here! Instagram: 🤍 #violin #musician #prodigy #nonprodigy #musicmajor #college #collegeapp #collegeprocess #collegestudent #practice #violinist #scales #mozart #tchaikovksy #beethoven #bach #orchestra #instrument #instrumentalist #classicalmusic #audition #musicaudition _ Soli Deo gloria

What can you do with a Music Production Degree?


When it comes to Music Production Schools and getting a Music Production degree, there are a lot of factors to consider. In this video I answer the question What can you do with a Music Production Degree, and if a Music Production degree worth it. Even the online colleges for music production / music engineering schools online are pricy, and sometimes music production programs college just isn't worth it My Amazing Partners ⤵️ 💿Get a 7% Discount on DistroKid (Get Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and More!): 🤍 🤑Get PAID from Your Music Royalties! Get $10 off Songtrust here: 🤍 💻Create a Website with Bluehost here: 🤍 🚘Sign Up with Lyft and get a Lyft Sign Up BONUS here: 🤍 📧Start doing Email Marketing for your Music for FREE: 🤍 📈Sign Up with vidIQ for FREE to get MORE views on your YouTube Videos (that equals MORE listens on Your Music!): 🤍 🔌Get VST Plugins from Cableguys: 🤍 🎛️The BEST Site for Music Equipment: 🤍 🎵Listen to My Music here: 🤍 Follow Me 📲 🎥VLOGs: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍MarcFreccero 📸Instagram: 🤍MarcFreccero

Thinking Through Graduate School in Music


Think like a business person if you're heading off to graduate school in music. 🤍 "The Four Pillars of Piano Technique" is now a full 32-lesson course. Enroll at the link above.

Degree Overview: Music Production


Download Your Free Music Production Handbook Now: 🤍 Earn Your Music Production Degree Online with Berklee: 🤍 Find your voice as a producer with a powerful arsenal of Berklee’s time-tested techniques using cutting edge production software. Produce in a variety of styles and cement your versatility as a well-rounded pro. Make music and make it your own.

Should you go to school for music production?


In this video I will be sharing with you my personal experience in college for music production. This is my first time doing a discussion video like this so sorry if it seems like its all over the place lol. _ 💸 PURCHASE HQ BEATS HERE - 🤍 🔥 🤍 💯 🤍 🐦 🤍 📥 prodbyldre🤍

Songwriting and Producing Music Degree Overview | Berklee Online | Music Production


Earn your Songwriting and Producing Music degree online with Berklee: 🤍 The Songwriting and Producing Music major is for the musician of the future. Because of the intense focus on multiple disciplines—writing, producing, engineering, and the latest music software available—you will become a versatile asset to any project within the music industry. People who are hiring in the industry are searching for talent familiar with a variety of styles and techniques, and proficiency with traditional skills, but at the same time, the most viable candidates for jobs will also know the newest technology and a wide breadth of hybrid production techniques. This is what the Songwriting and Producing Music major provides. The program begins with a set of core music courses that provide a foundation in theory, ear training, and keyboard, essential information that will enable you to collaborate with other musicians. From there, you will explore the role of the producer, how to get the best sounds from your DAW, and techniques for recording drums, bass, guitar, piano, vocals, and other instruments. The Songwriting and Producing Music major includes in-depth focus on recording and producing the vocal, with an emphasis on capturing the proper emotion of a performance, in addition to the art of mixing to enhance the quality of your recordings. At the same time, you will learn techniques for strengthening the harmonic underpinnings of your songs and making your melodies more expressive. You will work in collaborative songwriting contexts across a variety of musical styles. About Berklee Online: Berklee Online is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee's acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world, offering online courses, certificate programs, and degree programs. Contact an Academic Advisor today: 1-866-BERKLEE (US) 1-617-747-2146 (international callers) advisors🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Online Bachelor's Degree | Songwriting and Producing Music | College | Music School | Chrissy Tignor Fisher | Andrea Pejrolo | Renato Milone

LuxuryPranks - School Degree (Official Music Video)


iTunes: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍luxurypranks Snapchat: 🤍luxurypranks Lyrics: “SCHOOL DEGREE” VERSE 1 I have no fear up in my heart and you’ve been afraid they want the clout off my name so they give me hate I gotta kill em, get the coroner and body bag spreading lies on me tell em take a polygraph You’re content’s looking weak, and your views declined I’m like "bro you probably should have died with vine” They’re coming for the boy and I know they're not ready skipping leg day cuz you’re looking top heavy You bully kids in your videos just to get a laugh I can tell you have a grudge get that monkey off your back I started from the bottom that was 2015 Now I live the life of Luxury, got a whole team Don’t know if I should hate you or ignore you I cannot like, subscribe, or support you I can’t decide if you’re just fake or unloyal tell me which one, is it Yanny, is it Laurel? HOOK Running out content no creativity? tell me whats does all this gotta with me tell me what does all this gotta with me Content’s dry man you should have got that school degree Too bad sorry you tried mention my name cuz your content died mad cuz I’m steady on the rise Luxury Pranks make a fan subscribe They wanna diss wanna bully you dealing with a savage, please don’t push me They wanna diss wanna bully you dealing with a savage, please don’t push me VERSE 2 Gather round now listen in we got a brand new social experiment if our content sucks and everything is going south tell me why we’re the only thing you talk about you need us to keep going that’s without a doubt This youtube ain't for you take a different route over a million subs yea that’s true did your viewers all die? you ain't getting no views yea that’s a wrap you just need to stop it I know that you’ll take all of this out of context put me on blast from an app what is this about check your watch TIK TOK time is running out gotta keep em on their toes ain't stopping til you make an apology video I wanna hear I’m sorry Parker you a PRO I need it to be real, snot dripping from your nose not the one you should oppose next time you wanna diss better keep it on the low I’m sorry, no content here, check the Pauls how tragic now the casket is closed Luxury HOOK VERSE 3 Take a time out this a light bout you can just keep quiet you in my house I’m just getting warmed up I’m not done yet mad cuz I’m younger and Im bigger so you’re upset you’re outta ideas no more success so hella suspect cut the smugness everything you wanna do, trust, I did it time to call it quits man, check your analytics that aint the half of it I know they’ll make some videos and react to this They act so sarcastic but they’re not tough smoke em on a track like a blunt ELON Musk

Degree Overview: Music Business


Download Your Free Music Business Handbook Now: 🤍 Earn Your Music Business Degree Online with Berklee: 🤍 Have you always dreamed of studying at Berklee College of Music but haven't been able to make the move to Boston? Berklee Online allows students to earn a Berklee degree from anywhere in the world. Watch John Kellogg, Assistant Chair of the Music Business Program, outline the benefits of obtaining a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Music Business from Berklee Online.

Is a Music Production Degree worth it in 2022?


Is a Music Production Degree worth it? Being more specific, what about a Music Production Degree 2022? In this video I talk about the pros and cons, whether you want to go to an online music production school or one in person. A lot of people search for the best online music production schools and various music production degree online programs, but are they even worth the money? My Amazing Partners ⤵️ 💿Get a 7% Discount on DistroKid (Get Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and More!): 🤍 🤑Get PAID from Your Music Royalties! Get $10 off Songtrust here: 🤍 💻Create a Website with Bluehost here: 🤍 🚘Sign Up with Lyft and get a Lyft Sign Up BONUS here: 🤍 📧Start doing Email Marketing for your Music for FREE: 🤍 📈Sign Up with vidIQ for FREE to get MORE views on your YouTube Videos (that equals MORE listens on Your Music!): 🤍 🔌Get VST Plugins from Cableguys: 🤍 🎛️The BEST Site for Music Equipment: 🤍 🎵Listen to My Music here: 🤍 Follow Me 📲 🎥VLOGs: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍MarcFreccero 📸Instagram: 🤍MarcFreccero

Degree - By the beach (Clip officiel)


"By the beach" disponible sur toutes les plateformes : 🤍 Abonne-toi à la chaîne YouTube : 🤍 Retrouvez Degree sur : Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Production : 🤍 Réalisé par : Louis Lekien Chef opérateur : Léo Schrepel 1er assistant : Jordan Clément Dir de production : Salomé Fleischmann Auteur / compositeur : Degree Réalisateurs : Pierre Cheguillaume et Simon Quenea Mix : Stan Neff Mastering : Léonard Lelievre Label : pierre🤍 Booking : tommy🤍 ℗ & © 2021 Ippon distributed by Sony Music Entertainment France SAS

corook - degree (music video)


corook - degree (music video) achoo! EP out now: 🤍 Directed by Luke Harvey Credits: Producer: Samantha Harvey Video Commissioner: Trevor Joseph Newton Director of Photography: Trevor Ball Art Director: Mickey Wiese Stylist: Ann Markwell Hair/Makeup/SFX: Anais Shiba Gaffer: Nick Ingram Grip: Chris Plunkett Art Assistant: Sheila Dunaway Stylist Assistant: Kayleigh Farris Swing: Zach Whittaker PA: Kirsten Norman Security: Christopher Brooks & Carey Birdine Body Double: Alexis Mostaccio Party People: Ele Ivory Julie Williams Jonah Folsom Josie Dunne Yusuke Sato Malik McCutcheon Shelby Larson Bradley Rodermond Olivia Barton Janice Lengphounpraseut Tori Finch Johnny Murray Laura Reyes lyrics: “Is corook here?” “Uh yeah” “Come on in” “Uh thanks for having me” “Take a seat and we’ll get started” You must be so smart You got two degrees I have two as well Like how cool are we? It was Berkl right? I know people there I’m sure you’ve heard of them LOOK Everybody’s talking bout a degree I went to college for the party Now I’m bout fifty grand in debt Most expensive fun that I’ve had yet Damn I should’ve studied foreign language Konichiwa, hola, bonjour, que tal Then I could probably pay rent But I just wanna be famous Mama mama please don’t make me go to school Faking that I’m sick I’m like achoo Oh wait I forgot I’m an adult I don’t need permission slips to do what I want “Hi! You’ve reached corook leave a message” “Uh hey it’s your dad. Just calling to check in...uh…..” Are you doing well? You don’t call me much Can you pay your bills? Are they piling up? You know I know best All about your life Know you didn't ask But here’s my advice Know you’re chasing your dreams and waiting for your moment But I’m worried sick it won’t happen before you’re homeless Maybe you should stop Try to get a job WIth your degree AHHHHHHH Everybody’s talking bout a degree I went to college for the party Now I’m bout fifty grand in debt Most expensive fun that I’ve had yet Damn I should’ve studied foreign language Konichiwa, hola, bonjour, que tal Then I could probably pay rent But I just wanna be famous Mama mama please don’t make me go to school Faking that I’m sick I’m like achoo Oh wait I forgot I’m an adult I don’t need permission slips to do what I want In debt I’m about twenty grand in debt I’m about thirty grand in debt I’m about homeless I’m about homeless I’m about I’m about in debt I’m about forty grand in debt I’m about fifty grand in debt I’m about homeless I’m about homeless Fuck a degree Everybody’s talking bout a degree I went to college for the party Now I’m bout fifty grand in debt Most expensive fun that I’ve had yet Damn I should’ve studied foreign language Konichiwa, hola, bonjour, que tal Then I could probably pay rent But I just wanna be famous Mama mama please don’t make me go to school Faking that I’m sick I’m like achoo Oh wait I forgot I’m an adult I don’t need permission slips to do what I want connect with corook: Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #corook #degree #musicvideo #officialvideo

Berklee Online Degree Overview: Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games


Download Your Free Music Composition Handbook Now: 🤍 Earn Your Degree in Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games Online from Berklee: 🤍 What would Jaws have been without its ominous two-note theme? Music enhances the visual, leaving an everlasting impression on viewers—and listeners. Learn to create and orchestrate scores and sounds that compliment visual media of all kinds. Finish the program with a well-rounded portfolio full of compositions designed to get you work in the industry.

Don't Major in Music Performance from a Music Performance Major


Playing music is fantastic and such a joy, but you should think seriously before you decide to take this joyous hobby and turn it into your career. Join the official QuickStart Clarinet Community and get access to the Free Member’s Area with some of my favorite handouts to help you learn to play clarinet right, now! 🤍 Like our Facebook page, for even more tips, and to ask the community questions, and share accomplishments and other exciting clarinet information with each other! 🤍 Thanks so much for watching!

Degree And Diploma Programs In Music | The Music School Bangalore


TMSB offers various Diplomas and Degree Level Programs in affiliation with various International Universities. Get certified from Internationally recognized universities. Apply Now Call 7848828829 / 9845065600 🤍

What are scale degree names in music?


What are the scale degree names in music? Learn how to figure out the scale degree of any note based on a key signature. Join PianoAnne for another great music theory video for kids. Watch the playlist of Piano Theory Tutorials for Kids: 🤍 ABOUT ANNE CROSBY GAUDET Imagination, color and playful imagery. These are the key ingredients in my approach to teaching and composing music. I am a private piano and harp teacher, composer and independent publisher. I’m passionate about creative teaching and lifelong learning. If you enjoy my music education videos, please subscribe to my channel. 🤍 Want to find out when new music and tutorials are ready for you? Sign up for the newsletter at 🤍 and I will let you know with emails delivered straight to your inbox. Explore my piano sheet music and teaching resources at 🤍 Thanks for your likes and kind comments! Anne •-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• FACEBOOK - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 #pianolessons #musictheoryforkids #scaledegreenames

Top 5 Career option For People who Love Music | Career Options | Career in music


Do you love music? Are you too planning a career that includes music but are confused about which career to choose; here is a video just for you on the top 5 job profiles a music lover can take. This video on jobs for music lovers gives insight on the following: 1. Music producer 2. Music journalist 3. Songwriter 4. Music therapist 5. Music director Tell us in the comment section what other videos you want us to make. Have a question regarding education or career? Ask us. For more information, visit our website 🤍 Connect with us on: LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Get our app on Playstore: 🤍

Master of Arts in Music Business | Program Overview | Berklee Online | Graduate Degree


Earn Your Master of Arts in Music Business Degree with Berklee: 🤍 Berklee Online’s Master of Arts in Music Business prepares you to be a leader in the growth and success of the evolving music business. Connecting your passion with advanced knowledge and skills in the key sectors of the music industry, it is an opportunity to master all business aspects of the music industry—from music distribution and publishing to marketing and artist management— as you learn from industry professionals. The coursework will prepare you to complete a culminating experience that allows you to define your unique contribution to the music industry and advance business opportunities that present innovative, viable solutions in the marketplace. And like all Berklee Online offerings, this program grants you the freedom to study on your own time, easily fitting into your schedule around any personal or professional commitments. You will be able to earn your Master of Arts in Music Business within one year, if you complete 12 courses at the recommended pace of three courses per semester over four 12-week semesters. About John P. Kellogg: John P. Kellogg Esq. began his music career in the 1970s as a singer for the funk band Cameo. He left Cameo to attend law school after the group’s second album. He is the former Chair of the Music Business/Management department at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. As an entertainment attorney, he has represented recording artists Levert, The O'Jays, Eddie Levert, Sr., LSG, Stat Quo of Shady/Aftermath Records, and G. Dep of Bad Boy Records. He also served as general counsel for the late R&B recording star Gerald Levert and his entertainment venture, Trevel Production Co., Inc. Kellogg is a former President of the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA), a former board member of the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association (BESLA), and a 2005 inductee into the BESLA Hall of Fame. His book, "Take Care of Your Music Business, Taking the Legal and Business Aspects You Need to Know to 3.0," is a bestseller on Kellogg is the Director of Berklee Online’s Master of Arts in Music Business program, and he’ll be your instructor. About Berklee Online: Berklee Online is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee's acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world, offering online courses, certificate programs, and degree programs. Contact an Academic Advisor today: 1-866-BERKLEE (US) 1-617-747-2146 (international callers) advisors🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Master’s Degree | Music Business | Master of Arts in Music Business | Master’s in Music Business | John Kellogg | Take Care of Your Music Business | Bad Boy Records | Berklee | Berklee Online | Berklee College of Music

uni vlog: finals week of a music student


Hello Friends! happy finals week ! im back with a busy & productive finals week vlog. in this #univlog i show you several productive days in my life! im currently a music student majoring in classical music. in this vlog, its just me going through rehearsals, classes, concerts and jury. hope u enjoy it xx / time stamps mon 0:25 tues 3:00 weds 4:30 thurs 6:02 fri 10:17 jury 13:26 / connect w me :) ins: 🤍shanhuiyim tiktok: 🤍shanhuiyim business enquiries: huishan928🤍 / music: Music by Jeffrey Lenh - idk - 🤍 Music by Iz Divine - End Scene - 🤍 Music by Au Gres - do you think we're old enough - 🤍 Music by HOAX - soju - 🤍 Music by Naomi - Saturday Light - 🤍 Music by Sonic Nothing - Blush - 🤍 Music by Reggie San Miguel - Pride & Joy - 🤍 / #studyvlog #examweekvlog #productiveweek #collegevlog #collegestudent #examvlog #musicstudent

Music Production Bachelor's Degree Program


Program director Russ Gaspard explains what students can expect from Full Sail University's Music Production degree program. Check out the degree here! 🤍



Hey!! I thought this would be a fun and helpful video to film because I learned so much throughout this whole process and I thought I would share some of my biggest findings with you guys!! There’s going to be a lot of these coming up in the future so I hope this is content that you guys enjoy! I hope this is somewhat info that you didn’t know before you know? And I hope y’all enjoyed. Thank you so much for watching!! 🧸Violin Instagram- 🤍 Like and sub:)

Live Music Production and Design Master's Degree at BerkleeNYC


For More Information or to Apply: 🤍 Earn your Master of Arts in Creative Media and Technology, specializing in Live Music Production and Design, at Berklee NYC. This forward-looking curriculum is designed to give students the tools and strategies needed to thrive in a range of artistic fields that are changing and evolving at a rapid pace. In this program, you will: - Learn approaches to the design, management, and execution of live productions spanning music, the arts, corporate and sporting events - Advance your skills in performance technologies, sound and lighting design, projection mapping, LED screen technology, stage design and management, and computer-aided design - Master the most in-demand production techniques used in multichannel sound installations, live electronic performance, and playback engineering - Gain real-world insight from active professionals in the field. _ Video produced by Loudon Stearns and Stephen Webber Edited by Simon Yu Motion Graphics by Glenn Forsythe Filmed by Simon Yu and Ryan Nava

My biggest takeaway from a music is degree...


52 Week Guitar Player is CLOSED for enrollment until mid-September. Join the waiting list: 🤍 My Instagram: 🤍Brandondeonmusic 52 Week Guitar Player Instagram: 🤍52WeekGuitarPlayer Do my students suck? Click here to judge for yourself 🤍 I have nothing left to say. #shorts

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