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I added 20 DISCUS fish to the planted aquarium


The king of DIY adds 20 discus fish to his 180 gallon planted aquarium ALL MY LINKS: 🤍 Get my book ► 🤍 Merch ► 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! How to build aquariums: 🤍 How to build aquarium filters: 🤍 How to build aquarium stands: 🤍 How to build aquarium equipment: 🤍 How to build aquarium lighting: 🤍 How to build aquarium decorations: 🤍 Varius aquarium tutorials: 🤍

Discus Fish Care Guide FOR BEGINNERS


These are my experiences keeping discus fish and helping beginners keep discus. There is a lot of great expert advice on the internet but it can be overwhelming. Discus don't have to be difficult, but they can be particular. With these tips it sets you off on the right foot. ✅Buy From Our Online Shop ►🤍?ref=4 ✅Get Member Status on Youtube ► 🤍 ✅Co-Operative T Shirts Worldwide Sihpping ► 🤍 On the Aquarium Co-Op aquarium channel we focus on freshwater fish, tropical fish, aquatic plants and in general all freshwater aquariums. Our goal is to help take your pet fish and graduate you to an aquarium hobbyist. Aquarium fish in general we find are a great way to learn about ecosystems. Your fish aquarium will reconnect you with nature. If you'd like to take it to the next level, subscribe to aquariumcoop and check out our weekly videos. Are you an influencer? Become an Aquarium Co-Op Affiliate: 🤍 0:00 - My personal experience with discus fish 0:33 - Discus fish water temperature 1:45 - Discus fish tank mates 2:46 - Discus fish feeding 3:45 - Discus fish water parameters 4:21 - Discus fish tank size 5:49 - My tips for keeping discus fish #Discus #Discustank #Discusfish

Men's Discus Final | Munich 2022 | Mykolas Alekna


Some of the most powerful athletes in European athletics battled it out at the European Athletic Championships. Heading into the men's discus final all eyes were on one man, Slovenia's Kristjan Čeh. Could the newly crowned world champion bring home European gold at Munich 2022, or was there to be an upset on the cards? SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best European Athletics videos and highlights: 🤍 Follow European Athletics: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #Athletics #EuropeanAthletics #TrackandField #Munich2022 #BackToTheRoofs #Discus

Discus Throw for Beginners | Grip Release & Power


Want to know exactly how you should be training? Learn how on John's discus throw and rotational shot put course - 🤍 John is a professional discus thrower & teacher of discus and shot put, and he offers simple and effective training to help you throw farther. MORE TRAINING RESOURCES: The Ultimate Guide to Discus - 🤍 The 3 Critical Areas of Throws Training - 🤍 Intro and Outro Music provided by: TheFatRat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie Music: TheFatRat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie: 🤍 🤍 Discus Throw for Beginners | Grip Release & Power

DIRECTO #4 | Discus Art Nueva Importacion


Transmitimos en DIRECTO la nueva llegada de la IMPORTACION de Discus Art. Borja nos enseñara todos los peces y como los aclimata!!!. NO OLVIDEIS SUSCRIBIROS AL CANAL. Podeis seguirme tambien; Facebook; 🤍 Instagram; 🤍 Tik Tok; 🤍 PROMOCIONES PARA SUSCRIPTORES; -Royal Menu España//codigo//ALAN_ALBIACH7 Propuestas Comerciales ⤵️ mail: tuspecesdeacuario🤍gmail.com PODEIS MANDARME VUESTROS VIDEOS A; mail; tuspecesdeacuario🤍gmail.com instagram; Alan Albiach messenger; Alan Albiach

The Discus Blackwater Aquarium: EPIC 4ft Aquascape Tutorial w/ Gold Tetra & Santarem Discus


👇👇MD MERCH CLICK HERE👇👇: FULL SHOP: 🤍 This is a massive video that was so fun to make. We have wanted to put together a large blackwater Amazon style tank for a while now and the time has come. A lot of work went into the tank build and I think the results speak for themselves. I hope you all enjoy the video and if you do, please consider giving a like and subscribe 👍🙂 Find 🤍Fish Shop Matt Here: YouTube: 🤍 Insta: 🤍 Equipment (all links affiliate): LED FLOODLIGHTS: US 🤍 UK 🤍 GOOD BUDGET LIGHT:: US 🤍 UK 🤍 SMALL HANG ON BACK FILTER: US 🤍 UK 🤍 NANO INTERNAL FILTER: US 🤍 UK CANISTER FILTER: US 🤍 UK 🤍 GOOSENECK CLIP ON LAMP: (similar as product is now discontinued) US 🤍 UK 🤍 MINI WATER PUMP: US 🤍 UK 🤍 TANKS: US 🤍 UK 🤍 STRIP LED LIGHT: US (similar) 🤍 UK 🤍 ASTA LED LIGHT: US 🤍 UK 🤍 AQUARIUM RACKING: Shelving: US 🤍 UK 🤍 AIRPUMP (FILTER SYSTEM): US 🤍 UK 🤍 FILTER SPONGES: US 🤍 UK 🤍 MEDIA BAGS: US 🤍 UK 🤍 STAINLESS LILY PIPES: US 🤍 UK 🤍 BOWL AQUARIUMS: US 🤍 UK: 🤍 API® products Subscribe to API on YouTube: 🤍 USA consumers purchase API products on Amazon: 🤍 UK consumers purchase API products on Amazon: 🤍 AQUARIAN® products Follow AQUARIAN on YouTube: 🤍 Purchase AQUARIAN products here: 🤍 AWESOME MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY 🤍 FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FOR BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: admin🤍mdfishtanks.com #plantedtank #aquascape #mdfishtanks

What you should know before owning Discus | A beginner's guide to Discus


In this video, Kelvin talks through the things you need to know before you begin your Discus keeping journey, such as what size Discus and tank to get, the difference between cheap and expensive Discus, Discus tankmates, and more. Visit the OZ Discus Learning Hub for more information about Discus care: 🤍 Shop OZ Discus: 🤍 Got a question? Drop them in the comments below.

Discus horror! De waarheid van mijn discus vissen. Stendker discus vissen kopen en verzorgen #17


Discus horror! De waarheid van mijn discus vissen. Stendker discus vissen kopen en verzorgen video nummer 17 Tof dat jullie kijken naar mijn (aquarium) vissen kanaal! Dit keer een update over mijn ervaring met discus vissen. Ik heb een goede 5 maanden geprobeerd een mooi en gezond aquarium te hebben met discus vissen. Ik heb volgens mij alle problemen die je maar kan hebben met discus vissen gehad. Ik heb in totaal in totaal 6 stendker discussen gehad. Ik wilde namelijk net zo'n mooi discus aquarium als wat je ziet in de filmpjes in mijn filmpje. Maar de verzorging van discus vissen ging toch niet zo makkelijk als dat ik dacht. Het werd bij mij echte discus horror. Vandaar dat ik dit filmpje heb gemaakt om mijn ervaring, betreft discus vissen, te delen met jullie. Nu wil ik ooit nog een keer discus vissen. En als jullie tips hebben hoe ik dit "makkelijk" kan aanpakken hoor ik het graag. Ik wil namelijk de konings vis, de discus, echt een keer goed hebben kunnen verzorgen. ik heb wat beelden gebruikt vanuit andere youtubers om dit discus informatie filmpje te maken.. Hieronder de video's. Aanraders om een keer te gaan bekijken als je het mij vraagt; Mijn ervaring met discus video's 🤍 🤍 Mochten jullie tips hebben of aquariums hebben gevonden die mooiere aqauscapes hebben. Laat het me weten. Dan zal ik die verzamelen en in een video zetten. Mocht je tips hebben. Laat het ajb weten in de comments. Elke week komen nieuwe video's. Inmiddels 6 aquariums gekocht. Dit moet ik met jullie delen :) Heb nu een 1.60 akvastabil fusion 160 aquarium. Hiervoor een fusion 200. We gaan voor het 3 meter aquarium vol tropische vissen. Abonneer als je op de hoogte wil blijven hoe dit gaat gebeuren. aquarium groot 700 liter zoetwater Cichliden guppen, neon tetras, maanvissen en nog veel meer. Heb je mijn heros severum al gezien? Daar ben ik super trots op in mijn aquarium. ook zwemmen er diverse L-nummers in mijn aquarium. Waaronder een golden nugget en een l201. Er zwemt ook een ruggenzwemmer meerval in. Een van mijn oudste vissen, die ik bijna nooit zie :) Camera: Canon G7x Mark ii Bedankt voor het kijken Like, Share, en abonneer voor meer videos!

Wonderful Planted Aquarium with DISCUS FISH


It was time to build a wonderful Planted Aquarium with DISCUS FISH! If you're looking for a beautiful and stylish planted aquarium, check out the Green Aqua Showroom. We have a variety of beautiful and unique aquascapes perfect for any room in your home. Aquatic plants for this build were provided by Tropica Browse these plants and many more on our website: 🤍 AQUARIUM SPECS AQUARIUM 150 x 60 x 50 cm (59 x 23.6 x 19.7 in), 450 liter (119 gallon) Green Aqua Rimless Opti-White glass tank (15 mm - 0.59 in glass thickness) 🤍 AQUARIUM FILTRATION 2x Eheim Professionel 3 - 2080 external filter 🤍 CO2 Pressurized CO2 system with External CO2 Reactor 🤍 LIGHTING 2x ADA Solar RGB 🤍 SUBSTRATE ADA Power Sand Advance ADA Amazonia Ver.2 ADA La Plata Sand 🤍 AQUARIUM DECORATION 25kg Iron Wood 🤍 OTHER ACCESSORIES Green Aqua liquid superglue Green Aqua gel type superglue 🤍 AQUATIC PLANTS 5x Nymphaea lotus 5x Aponogeton longiplumulosus 9x Anubias barteri var. 'nana' 18x Anubas barteri 'Petite' 20x Bucephalandra kedagang 15x Microsorum pteropus 15x Microsorum pteropus 'Narrow' 9x Microsorum pteropus 'Trident' 🤍 FISH Symphysodon aequifasciatus ('Red Turquoise' Discus) Hemigrammus bleheri Corydoras pygmaeus Corydoras sterbai Loricaria simillima 🤍 CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 00:42 Hardscape 07:11 Planting 13:14 About the Discus Fish 18:34 Final look MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL 🤍 NEW GREEN AQUA MERCH AVAILABLE: 🤍 BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER, JOIN US 🤍 Click the bell to get notified of new updates. Feel free to comment and give feedback to us. We're glad to answer your questions. MORE AQUASCAPING VIDEOS BY GREEN AQUA AQUASCAPING - CINEMATIC VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - GUIDE AND HOW TO VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - MAINTENANCE VIDEOS: 🤍 GREEN AQUA Showroom - Aquascaping Shop WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 FLICKR: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 THIS VIDEO IS PRODUCED IN COLLABORATION WITH OASE 🤍 Chihiros 🤍 Dennerle 🤍 Tropica 🤍 - OUR VIDEO AND AUDIO GEAR 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Our list contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission if you click on one of the product links. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support! - CREW Camera Operators: Csaba Viczián, Áron Tamaskó Post-Production: Péter Hajdu, Áron Tamaskó Social media: Viktor Lantos Subtitles: Tamás Demeter Graphics, editing, and color grading made in DaVinci Resolve Studio 18 OUR FAVORITE TOOLS: TUBEBUDDY: 🤍 MORNINGFAME: 🤍 GENIUSLINK: 🤍 MUSIC LICENSED THROUGH EPIDEMIC SOUND 🤍 #greenaqua #discus #plantedtank

You've Been LIED To About Discus! Here's The Truth!


👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Get all the extra benefits by becoming a channel member. 🤍 Check out our brand new website and shop for all of your aquarium supplies and fun merch! 🤍 Wanna send us something? PO BOX 742 Edenton NC, 27932 🛒 Links to popular products we use: Seachem Tidal Filters: 🤍 Sicce Shark ADV Internal Filter: 🤍 Fritz Guard: 🤍 Fritz Complete: 🤍 Fritz Dark Water: 🤍 Fritz Betta Guard: 🤍 Aquarium Salt: 🤍 Algae Remover: 🤍 Plant Fertilizer: 🤍 General Cure: 🤍 Paracleanse: 🤍 Maracyn: 🤍 Ick Medication: 🤍 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Get all the extra benefits by becoming a channel member. 🤍 Check out our brand new website and shop for all of your aquarium supplies and fun merch! 🤍 Here is the link to our favorite Discus Supplier: 🤍 🛒 Links to popular products we use: Seachem Tidal Filters: 🤍 Sicce Shark ADV Internal Filter: 🤍 Fritz Guard: 🤍 Fritz Complete: 🤍 Fritz Dark Water: 🤍 Fritz Betta Guard: 🤍 Aquarium Salt: 🤍 Algae Remover: 🤍 Plant Fertilizer: 🤍 General Cure: 🤍 Paracleanse: 🤍 Maracyn: 🤍 Ick Medication: 🤍

Men's Discus Final | World Athletics Championships Doha 2019


Welcome to the World Athletics Watch Party, join the conversation on Twitter with our hashtag #WatchWorldAthletics. It was a hearty ‘Skol’ to Daniel Stahl as the powerhouse Swede delivered on his season-long vow to be world champion, scrapping his way to the discus title in a tight, tense competition. The Diamond trophy winner has dominated the 2019 campaign, hurling the 2kg disc 71.86m for joint fourth on the world all-time list, but today was not a day for unleashing monster throws simply to win gold, which he did courtesy of a best of 67.59m. Subscribe to our channel - 🤍 ⭐️ Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 ⭐️ ⭐️ Follow us on Facebook - 🤍 ⭐️ ⭐️ Follow us on Instagram - 🤍 ⭐️ Make sure you subscribe for athletics highlights, interviews with the athletes, training tips and more!

Top 5 Best Home Aquarium for Discus | Unbelievable Discus Tank


This video will show you the top 5 unbelievable #discus fish tank. Best aquarium discus tank. Hope all guys will enjoy this video and love Aquarium Official Channel. Cheer! An #aquarium is a water-filled tank in which fish swim about. Small aquariums are kept in the home by hobbyists. There are larger public aquariums in many cities. This kind of aquarium is a building with #fish and other aquatic animals in large tanks. A large aquarium may have otters, turtles, dolphins, and other sea animals. Most aquarium tanks also have plants. An aquarist owns fish or maintains an aquarium, typically constructed of glass or high-strength acrylic. Cuboid aquaria are also known as fish tanks or simply tanks, while bowl-shaped aquaria are also known as fish bowls. Size can range from a small glass bowl, under a gallon in volume, to immense public aquaria of several thousand gallons. Many people have small aquariums at home. A small aquarium can be a bowl. It can be a square tank. Some home aquariums are made of glass. Some are made of a strong plastic called Plexiglas. Some people keep freshwater fish in their aquariums. Some people keep saltwater fish. Pick out the kind of tank and fish you like best. You can decorate your tank with plants, colorful stones, and objects that the fish can swim through and hide under. Find out what to feed your fish and how to keep them healthy. Then have fun watching the fish in your home aquarium. We try our best to share all the best kind of aquarium videos that people never ever seen. We'd love to respect all guys who always support me for promoting a better aquarium world. Hope you'll subscribe and love Aquarium #official channel. Please SUBSCRIBE 🤍 Thank you very much ❤ © Copyright Aquarium Official © Copyright by Aquarium Official ☞ DO NOT REUP



Today we are taking a look at this beautiful 160-centimeter wild discus aquarium from Kire! Kire will share some great advice on how to keep discus properly! Follow Kire on Instagram 🤍 Follow Kire on YouTube 🤍 👉🏻Become a channel member! 🤍 👉🏻Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel: YouTube.com/mjaquascaping 👉🏻Cool Aquascaping T-shirts: 🤍 Code: mjaqua10 👉🏻 Use Code ''amsterdam'' for 10% off CO2art products 👉🏻Destroy ALGAE with my FREE ebook 📖 🤍 👉🏻10% DISCOUNT on buceplanet.de with code: Amsterdam10 0:00 - Intro 0:58 - General info 2:25 - Are Discus hard to keep? 3:47 - Minimum tank size? 4:28 - Automation 5:28 - Filtration & flow 6:55 - Waterchanges 7:31 - Lighting 8:00 - Useful tips

Discus basics - if you're thinking about a Discus Fish Tank - tips and advice


Wasnt quite a quick video in the end but I wanted to share some things Ive learnt in the last two years about keeping Discus fish. I dont think they are really that difficult and if you get some simple things right you shouldnt have any problems. Heres some tips and advice if you are thinking of keeping or have just started with these wonderful fish. More info - 🤍 Please comment, and question if you want to learn more. #aquarium #discuscare #discustank #tropicalfish #discusfish

Thousands of Discus at this Professional Hatchery.


Simply AMAZING to see how a real discus farm and hatchery works. The legacy of Jack Wattley continues on with Gabe at the helm. Thank you for letting us tour. I learned a lot and had a great time. It was great to find out they are shipping pretty much world wide! You can shop their website here: 🤍 Check out their youtube channel: 🤍 ✅Get Member Status on Youtube ► 🤍 On the Aquarium Co-Op aquarium channel we focus on freshwater fish, tropical fish, aquatic plants and in general all freshwater aquariums. Our goal is to help take your pet fish and graduate you to an aquarium hobbyist. Aquarium fish in general we find are a great way to learn about ecosystems. Your fish aquarium will reconnect you with nature. If you'd like to take it to the next level, subscribe to aquariumcoop and check out our weekly videos. Cory is employed by Aquarium Co-Op LLC. He also owns Aquarium Co-Op LLC. Therefore technically all content is sponsored by Aquarium Co-Op 0:00 - BREEDING PAIR OF MELON DISCUS FISH 2:33 - WHY ARE ALL THE BACKGROUNDS BLUE? 4:47 - DISCUS FISH TANK TEMPERATURE 6:10 - DISCUS FISH TIPS FROM A BREEDER 7:51 - FAVORITE STRAIN OF DISCUS FISH 8:59 - CAN A DISCUS FISH LOSE PEPPERING? 9:59 - DISCUS FISH TANK WATER CHANGES 10:43 - BREEDING DISCUS FISH TANK SIZE 12:19 - DISCUS FISH TANK MATES 13:11 - TREATING DISCUS FISH 13:54 - DISCUS FISH PRICE RANGES 14:52 - SHIPPING DISCUS FISH 16:33 - BIG PROJECTS AT THIS DISCUS FARM 17:10 - DISCUS FISH FRY 24:33 - OUTRO #Discusfish #Discus #Fishfarm

Aquascape Tutorial: HUGE XL Discus Islands Fish Tank (How To: Planted Aquarium Step By Step Guide)


Aquascape Tutorial: HUGE XL Discus Islands Fish Tank (How To: Planted Aquarium Step By Step Guide) Love how this turned out. Some people showed concern about the tank size in an instagram post (think it could have been the photo to be honest). In my opinion and the opinion of many reputable discus keepers/breeders, the tank is plenty big enough. It's 114 gallons, 4ft x 2ft x 2ft. As you can see, the fish can loop around the whole scape and they do so at a very nice steady pace and really seem to enjoy their laps haha. Rule of thumb suggests 10 gallons per adult fish (10 fish for 100 gallons)...I've gone for 6 fish to air on the side of caution and I think 6 is a good number for discus. Links to equipment (all affiliate): Light: US (similar) 🤍 UK 🤍 Filter: US 🤍 UK 🤍 Stainless Lily Pipes: US 🤍 UK 🤍 Tank: 🤍 Hardscape: 🤍 Plants: 🤍 Awesome MEMBERSHIP Community: 🤍 FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM: 🤍 For business enquiries: sivadcram🤍gmail.com (All links are affiliate links) All my plants are from Tropica: 🤍 All my hardscape is from Aquarium Gardens: 🤍 Items i use regularly: Tropica Aquasoil: US: 🤍 UK: 🤍 Tropica Substrate Powder: UK: 🤍 Tropica Ferts Premium: 🤍 Tropica Ferts Specialised: 🤍 Tropica Nutrition Capsules: UK 🤍 US 🤍 Opti White Nano Tank & Light: 🤍 You can buy the bowls i use here: Amazon UK: 🤍 Amazon.com: 🤍 Gooseneck Clip on lamp (similar as product is now discontinued) Amazon UK 🤍 Amazon. com 🤍 Mini Water Pump: Amazon UK 🤍 Amazon. com 🤍 LED FLoodlights: Amazon UK 🤍 Amazon. com 🤍 #plantedtank #aquascape #mdfishtanks PATREON: if you want to support future builds or possible help fund a bigger studio to make more videos, then you can here: 🤍



Main Ikan Channel 🤍 🤍

FANTASTIC Discus Throwing - Last 5 Men’s Discus Winning Throws


There is nothing quite like the power, speed and balance of discus throwing and the last five men’s European discus finals have been an incredible showcase of that. Since 2010, three men have dominated European discus, Andrius Gudzius, Piotr Malachowski and Robert Harting. Look back at the winning throws that earned these fine athletes European gold! SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best European Athletics videos and highlights: 🤍 Follow European Athletics: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #Athletics #EuropeanAthletics #TrackandField #LastFive #Discus



Lessons learnt from my planted discus tank! 1. Soil to white sand 2. Remove CO2 injection 3. Remove plants 3. Increase surface agitation 4. More water changes 5. More food 6. More interaction Signed copies of my book on Aquascaping - Worldwide shipping! 🤍 My website - 🤍 Our aquascaping podcast - 🤍 Follow me on Instagram - 🤍 Where I get my plants - 🤍 My favourite aquariums with a lid - 🤍 My favourite filters - 🤍 Fritz Aquatics - 🤍 Oase biOrb Air - 🤍 Buy merch - 🤍



Discus Fish Market WORLD'S LARGEST Bangkok Thailand ◉ Ka'KaR Discus is a specialty Discus Fish Shop hidden inside the Chatuchak Fish Market in Bangkok, Thailand: 🤍 👕 Merch ‣ 🤍 🐠 12G Social Media: Instagram ‣ 🤍 Facebook ‣ 🤍

Discus Fish Care and Breeding: Featuring an AMAZING 3,000 Gallon Aquarium!


Hello Everyone, In this video we talk about how to care and breed discus fish. We will also spend some time tanking about the challenges of keeping discus fish. Time Stamps 0:00 - Intro 1:38 - Where Discus Fish Come From 2:00 - Discus Fish Water Parameters 5:09 - Discus Fish Tank Mates 6:32 - Discus Fish Tank Size 7:55 - Discus Fish Aquarium Set up 8:25 - Discus Fish Feeding 10:08 - Discus Fish Breeding It's super important to quarantine fish when you bring them home. Here is how to do it: 🤍 If you want to more information on potential discus tank mates check out the species profiles below. Bristlenose pleco care and breeding: 🤍 Also, our new shirts can be found at: 🤍 For the latest in the fish room check us out on Instagram primetime_aquatics For more cool behind the scenes stuff consider becoming a member! 🤍 We would like to thank our channel sponsors for 2020: Flip Aquatics and Fritz Aquatics. For 2020 our fish are being fed Northfin Foods from flipaquatics.com! They help make what we do here possible and are worth checking out! Thanks for watching!

Discus Fish Basics: A Complete Guide For Beginners | Tips That Really Work


Basic Discus Fish Tips That Will Keep Your New Discus Aquarium Healthy! #fish #aquariumfish #fishtank #discusfish #aquariumfish #tetra #neontetra #blackneontetra #discus #discuscommunitytank #jbjaquariums #aquascape #plantedaquarium #seachem #fluval #spiderwood #aquariumbuild #aquariumdesign #substrate #hardscape #tankdesign #discustank #freshwateraquarium #waterboxcube20 #fluval #discusbreeder #aquariumhardscape #freshwaterfish #fishkeeping #waterparameters #discusph #discustanksize #aquariumdesignguide #aquascaping #discuslover #aquariumplants #planteddiscusaquarium #aquariumsetup #discuscare #aquariumhardscape #aquariumrock #aquariumsubstrate #seachemprime #corydora #aquariumart #aquascaping #oase #aquaticconcepts #aquariumhobby

Germany's Harting wins Discus gold


📲 Subscribe to 🤍olympics: 🤍 Christoph Harting wins gold for Germany in the men's discus final, achieving a personal best along the way. _ 🇨🇳 #Beijing2022 replays: 🤍 🇯🇵 #Tokyo2020 replays: 🤍 🗞️ News from the Olympic world: 🤍

HOW TO: Keep Discus


How i made $20,000 in one month, selling Discus ► 🤍 Where to BUY DISCUS: 🤍 HOW TO BREED DISCUS ► 🤍 How to keep Discus in your aquarium and all the discus care information you need! An introduction to discus. The different types and strains of discus. What discus need. A discus tank setup. Stocking a discus tank. Feeding your discus. Discus tank maintenance. Breeding discus. Medicating discus fish. How to choose healthy discus. How to buy discus. AND SO MUCH MORE!! Get the ultimate DIY book ► 🤍 Follow me ► 🤍

Discus Fish Secrets - ඩිස්කස් මසුන්ගෙන් විශ්මිත අදායමක් ලැබීමේ රහස්


Discus මත්ස්‍ය වගා ගොවිපළක (Discus Fish Farm) හිමිකරුවකු වන චරිත කුලකුරසූරිය මහතා සහ Discus මසුන්ගෙන් විශ්මිත අදායමක් ලබාගැනීම සදහා දශක ගණනාවක අත්දැකීම් වලින් පරිපූර්ණ ලකී ගුණසේකර මහතා සමග අප පැවැත්වූ Wakkra Life වැඩසටහන අප මෙසේ ඔබ වෙත ගෙනඑන්නෙමු. ► චරිත කුලකුරසූරිය මහතා සම්බන්ධ කරගැනීමට මෙම අංකය භාවිතා කරන්න: 077 47 47 025 ►ඕනෑම වර්ගයක ඔස්කා මාලු මිලදී ගැනීමට අමතන්න... 075 523 36 99 (Ashan) / 077 635 45 20 (Nishantha) ►සියලුම වර්ගයේ සුරතල් මත්ස්‍ය අහාර (Apex, Coppens, Micro, Till, Brineshrimp, De-Cap) සහ උපාංග තොග සහ සිල්ලර මිලදී ගැනීම සදහා අමතන්න. අශාන් 075 52 33 699. ►Discus මසුන් සදහා රහස් පෝෂණ වට්ටෝරුව සකසා ගන්නා අකාරය: ►Wakkra TV අපගේ ප්‍රධාන YouTube චැනලය මෙතනින් Subscribe කරන්න: 🤍 Tags: #discusfish, #discusfishsecrets, #discusfishsinhala, #discusfishbreeding, #discus, #ornamentalfish, #fishexport, #discusfishtank, #fishbreedingsinhala, #diskashfish, #ඩිස්කස්මසුන්, #discusfishbreedingsinhala, #arowanafish, #fishfarm, #fishbreeding, #discussfish, #discusfishsrilanka, #discusfishfarm, #discusfarm, #fishfarminsrilanka, #fishsrilanka, #විසිතුරුමසුන්වගාව, #visithurumasunwagawasinhala, #oscarfish, #fighterfish,

TOP 5 | Longest Discus Throws Of All Time | Discus World Records


TOP 5 Discus Throws Of All Time | Discus World Records top discus throws 🤍 compilation of all WR discuss throws discus world record holder discus world record 2014 discus world record female discus world record 2013 discus world record video discus world record 2012 discus world record 2015 discus world record olympics discus world record junior discus world record male and female discus world records shot put and discus world records athletics world records discus throw discus world record distance women's discus world record distance discus world record feet women's discus world record holder discus world record in feet women's discus world record in meters discus throw world record list discus world record male discus world record man discus world record middle school women's discus world record olympics discus throw world record olympics world records of discus throw discus world record progression women's discus world record progression discus world record throw discus throw world record video discus world record wiki discus throw world record wiki discus world record youtube discus throw world record youtube women's discus world record 2012 discus throw world record 2012 women's discus world record 2014 discus throw world record, discus throw olympics, discus throw technique, discus throw rio, discus throw 2016, discus throw women, discus throw slow motion, discus throw olympics 2016, discus throw olympics 2012 final, discus throw fail, discus throw, discus throw olympics 2012, discus throw accident, discus throw athletics, discus throw alekna, discus throw athletics rio 2016, discus throw beijing 2015, discus throw best, discus throw beginner, discus throw basics, discus throw beijing, discus throw 2015 beijing, discus throw beijing 2015 final, men's discus throw beijing 2015, discus throw technique beginners, best discus throw ever, discus throw compilation, discus throw competition, discus throw champion, vikas gowda discus throw cwg 2014, vikas gowda discus throw commonwealth 2014, discus throw world championship, discus throw world championship 2015, college discus throw, discus throw for children, discus throw drills, discus throw dragon, discus throw exercises, discus throw for kids, discus throw female, discus throw final beijing 2015, discus throw final rio 2016, discus throw funny, discus throw for beginners, discus throw final, discus throw final rio, discus throw girls, discus throw gerd kanter, discus throw germany, discus throw grip, discus throw gowda, discus throw game, vikas gowda discus throw, discus throw sea games 2015, vikas gowda discus throw olympics 2012, vikas gowda discus throw 2015, discus throw high school, discus throw highlights, discus throw how hard can it be, discus throw high school girls, discus throw harting, discus throw how to, discus throw highest, discus throw hd, how to throw discus for beginners, discus throw robert harting, discus throw in olympics, discus throw india, discus throw in rio, discus throw in rio olympics, discus throw in slow motion, discus throw iaaf 2015, discus throw iaaf, discus throw men iaaf beijing 2015, jurgen schult discus throw, junior discus throw, bruce jenner discus throw, discus throw kids, krishna poonia discus throw, discus throw london 2012, discus throw london olympics, discus throw live, discus throw london, longest discus throw world record, discus throw motivation, discus throw men, discus throw malaysia, discus throw men 2016, discus throw men beijing 2015, world record discus throw men, olympics 2012 discus throw men, men's discus throw 2015, seema punia discus throw, discus throw pekin 2015, discus throw rio 2016, discus throw record, discus throw rio olympics, discus throw release, discus throw rotation, discus throw rio olympics 2016, discus throw rules, discus throw rio final, discus throw south africa, discus throw spin, discus throw standing, discus throw step by step, discus throw skills, discus throw (sport), discus throw sea games, discus throw side view, discus throw training, discus throw technique slow motion, discus throw tutorial, discus throw tribute, discus throw technique for kids, discus throw top 10, discus throw tips, discus throw tricks, discus throw usa, discus throw videos, discus thrower vikas gowda, discus throw vikas, discus throw world record men, discus throw workout, discus throw weight training, discus throw wr, discus throw women 2016, discus throw world record olympics, discus throw 101, discus throw 2016 olympic trials, discus throw 2016 olympics, discus throw 2012, discus throw 2015, discus throw 2015 women, olympic discus throw 2014 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Worst Of The Worst Kids On Music.ly FUNNY (Music.ly Cringe Compilation)" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-



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Wild ROYAL Discus Nature Aquarium of 200x60x70cm at Twinstar EU


Wild Royal Discus H&C Nature Aquarium of 200x60x70cm at Twinstar EU headquarters in Portugal. Layout and aquarium were designed specifically for the Discus, less hardscape and more empty area to give space for the Discus to swim. Plants are not yet at their best shape but as soon they grow, they will fill some areas and leave shadow for them. From the day it was scaped till the date when Discus were added, we have 3 weeks of cycle to avoid any issues. Discus have been in quarantine for one month at A Casa dos Discus in Lisbon to prevent diseases and give us time to build and have the layout proper cycled to add them. AQUARIUM has 200x60x70cm with 5cm all round the top for protection, made by ILA in 15mm optiwhite glass. Lighting system: 4x Twinstar 120b Filtration is done by 2x OASE BIOMASTER 850 Thermo filter, plus one Eheim 350 skimmer to clean the surface. Substrate no branded (later will be sold by Strideways), root tabs and ADA Colorado sand in the front. Hardscape: Entwood and black lava stone glued with OASE Foamfix CO2: Twinstar L diffuser and Strideways pressure reducer 2bps Temperature: 26° C Plants from Aquaflora: Anubias barteri var. nana, Anubias barteri var. nana 'Mini', Anubias barteri var. nana 'Paxing', Helanthium bolivianum 'Magdalenensis', Helanthium tenellum, Hygrophila pinnatifida, Cryptocoryne parva, Cryptocoryne pygmaea, Cryptocoryne albida (costata), Cryptocoryne x willisii, Cryptocoryne usteriana, Echinodorus 'Rosé', Echinodorus 'Tricolor', Echinodorus uruguayensis, Juncus repens, Potamogeton gayi and Schismatoglottis prietoi. Livestock: Wild Royal Discus H&C, Corydoras panda, Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi German Blue (my own breeding), Paracheirodon axelrodi and Hyphessobrycon amandae. Music by TakeTones.com #faao #faaoAquascaping #Aquaflora #ilaeuropa #twinstarEU #oase #aquanaturae #strideways #aquascaping #aquascape #aquarium #aquaticplant #natureaquarium #plantedtank #WildDiscus #hudsoncrizanto

6 Things You Should Know before Buying a Discus Fish!


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Stop Feeding Your Discus Beef Heart


Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Beef Heart may be good for humans, but it makes terrible fish food. Stop feeding your fish beef heart, and use bloodworms or brine shrimp instead. Even flake food is better than beef heart. Merchandise for sale at Spring: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out my Amazon Storefront here: 🤍 Check out my other channel, "Dan's Outdoors And More" at the link below: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Aquatic Plants for sale: danielhiteshew🤍gmail.com

AMAZING Discus Store...and Stocking a 20 Gallon Aquarium


During a recent visit out to the Sacramento area, I stopped by a really cool fish store that specializes in discus. Here, we looked at some of the amazing discus that they ship throughout the country, as well as giving my editor a few stocking ideas for his 20 gallon aquarium. Aqua Life Aquarium: 🤍 Link to fish foods, plants, and aquarium supplies 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Tazawa Tanks Merchandise: 🤍 Editor: Matt Gray at 🤍 Music Attribution from Soundstripe: Sweet Sway Cast of Characters LMI5YRCG4IEJY7TI See For Your Shelf Sam Barsh XM5TGPRYCZHJILHH Don't Look Twice Sam Barsh PIUGVWIOFOLBGZMR #fishtanks #aquariums Mail To: Tazawa Tanks 58 West Portal Ave 235 San Francisco, CA 94127 Email (for business and sponsorship inquiries ONLY - NO FISH QUESTIONS or asking about buying fish): TazawaTanks🤍gmail.com Disclaimer: This video and description may contain affiliate links. I am also employed by Aquarium Co-Op, LLC. Some video content may be sponsored by Aquarium Co-Op.

Women's Discus Final | IAAF World Championships London 2017


Watch the Women's Discus Final from the 2017 World Championships, where Sandra Perkovic won her second World Championships gold. #WorldChampionships #SandraPerkovic #Croatia #IAAF #Discus #Athletics Watch the other finals on our 2017 World Championships playlist - 🤍 Subscribe to our channel - 🤍 ⭐️ Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 ⭐️ ⭐️ Follow us on Facebook - 🤍 ⭐️ ⭐️ Follow us on Instagram - 🤍 ⭐️ Make sure you subscribe for athletics highlights, interviews with the athletes, training tips and more!

Discus - Symphysodon discus ✔


Le Discus est surement le plus populaire des grands cichlidés Amazoniens. Il ne peut vivre correctement que dans un grand aquarium de 600 litres minimum. Découvrez comment s'en occuper, quel aquarium, comment le nourrir, comment il se reproduit. Exemple de nourriture lyophilisée pour ce poisson : Dennerle DisKus Soft : 🤍 Tetra Discus : 🤍 Rejoindre la chaîne, devenir membre VIP : 🤍 Tipeee → 🤍 S'abonner à la chaîne → 🤍 Fan shop (T-shirt, poster, mug...) → 🤍 Mes réseaux sociaux perso : Blog → 🤍sonrouge­.org Twitter → 🤍RoiAnnie Instagram → lepoissonrougeoff Lepoissonrouge, c'est une chaîne autour de l'aquariophilie, présentée par Annie qui partage ses connaissances, ses astuces, conseils et avis. L'idée c'est de vous offrir des vidéos soignées et instructives, avec un vrai ton homemade. Prise de son en studio : 🤍 Vidéo réalisée avec des contenus Creative Commons. #fichefish #lepoissonrouge #discus

Men's Discus Final | World Athletics Championships Beijing 2015


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Discus Fish Care (Everything You Need To Know)


Looking for Discus Fish for your aquarium? If yes, this video is for you! Learn all about the King of Aquariums and how to properly care for them. We go over all the essentials of DIscus Fish Care in our video, Watch the entire video till the end to get all the information. Check out the original blog post at: 🤍 Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 01:08 History of Discus Fish 02:33 Tank Size 03:21 Filtration 03:58 Your Source Water 05:01 Temperature 05:51 Oxygen Levels 06:29 Decor 07:17 Substrate 08:05 Diet 08:50 Tank Mates 09:26 Live Plants 09:54 Recommended Books NEED MORE HELP? 🌿 Learn about planted tanks - 🤍 📑 Bookmark our website - 🤍 CAN'T GET ENOUGH? 🔔 Subscribe and click the bell to get notified - 🤍 🌮 Join Our Discord - 🤍 Want To Support Us? Shop At Our Partners 🌿 BucePlant - 🤍 🐟 FlipAquatics - 🤍 ⚗ CO2 Art - 🤍 🐠 SaltwaterAquarium.com - 🤍 🌊 Current USA - 🤍 🚛 NextDayKoi - 🤍 FOLLOW THE FEED 📘 Facebook - 🤍 📷 Instagram - 🤍 🐤 Twitter - 🤍 🕑 TikTok - 🤍 #aquariumfish #aquariumtank #discusfish

Aqua Shop Discus Fish Kwekerij Bezoeken - Lelystad (Part 1) - (made by Garden Tube)


hallo allemaal. ik ben Garden Tube. in deze video bezoeken we de aqua shop discus kwekerij in lelystad. we kregen van de kweker vele informatie over het houden van discus vissen en hoe dit te werk gaat. we hebben 2 leuke en of leerzame discus kwekerij videos op mijn kanaal (Part 1) & (Part 2) we zijn erg tevreden over de informatie en de mooie vissen die we konden bezoeken en kopen voor onze eigen aquarium. we hebben hier mooie gekleurde discussen vissen gekocht voor onze 120 cm aquarium. we zijn erg blij met alle informatie die we kregen en we willen bij deze de aqua discussen kweker ontzettend bedanken voor de goede hulp en ondersteuning. wilt u ook van deze prachtige discussen vissen kopen en of bezoeken dan kan dat bij aqua discus kwekerij lelystad. heeft u na het bekijken van deze video nog enkele vragen, opmerkingen, informatie, en of tips? stuurt u mij dan gerust even een berichtje. vind u dit een leuke en of leerzame video? Dan graag even een duimpje omhoog en even abonneren op mijn kanaal, om zo up to date te blijven van mijn nieuwste video's. we bedanken u voor uw kijktijd, voor het duimpje omhoog, en voor het abonneren op mijn kanaal. we wensen u een prettige en zonnige dag toe. Met vriendelijke Groet, Garden Tube

Top 4 Explosive Exercises For Discus


Want to get more explosive for the discus throw? Olympic Discus Coach Dane Miller breaks down the Top 4 Explosive Exercises For Discus. Train like an OLYMPIC Thrower with our Throws University Strength Programs 🥇💪 👉 🤍 Learn The Spin in 30 Days Course and Get Your FIRST DAY FREE! 👉 🤍 Try our FREE THROWS STRENGTH PROGRAM 💪 👉 🤍 Learn how to cue yourself and athletes to proper technique when coaching and training with our handy coach's guide | Cues and Corrections! 👉 🤍 Find Out How To Be An ELITE THROWER. Check Out The Throwers Assessment! 👉 🤍 #shotput #discus #hammerthrow Follow Us On Social Media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check Out Our Website: 🤍

Collecting Wild Discus in the Amazon - Part 2


Collecting Wild Discus in the Amazon - Part 2 Return to the Amazon - Brazil 2019 Join us as we witness how wild discus are collected in a remote area of the Amazon, the Uatumã River. Travel with us for the ornamental fish hobbyist's adventure of a lifetime: 🤍 🤍freshwaterexotics.com Shipping available nationwide (USA) Facebook: 🤍 Newsletter signup: 🤍 Music by: Epidemic Sound 🤍

Discus Tank Mates You Can Try (explained) - in 12 minutes


Are you looking to add diversity to your discus aquarium? Discus are one of the most prized and respected fish in the hobby. Their unique colors, docile nature, and exclusive price tag make them the holy grail for most fishkeepers. That said, Discus doesn't have to be kept in species-only tanks. Well, I believe a discus tank should only accommodate discus fish considering the amount of care and dedication these fish require to live happily. For choosing discus tank mates, you should consider these factors: 1. Temperament 2. Size 3. Competition Apart from these factors, you will get to know about these stats of fish mentioned in the list. -Scientific Name -Adult Size -Compatibility -Water Temperature -Minimum tank size -Care Level -Diet -Origin -Swimming Level So we hope you will get all the information required for choosing tankmates for your Discus Fish. #discusfish #discusfishtankmates Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 02:50 Siamese Algae Eater 03:36 Dwarf Gourami 04:09 Harlequin Rasbora 04:53 Rummy Nose Tetra 05:40 Cardinal Tetra 06:14 Neon Tetra 07:14 Pencil Fish 07:33 Pleco Fish 08:07 Corydoras Catfish 08:49 Blue Ram Cichlids 09:31 Freshwater Angelfish 10:08 Rainbow Fish 10:51 Clown Loaches 11:21 White Cloud Minnow 11:41 Bloodfin Tetras

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