Disc Jockey (Profession)

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I became a professional DJ to prove that it's easy


Stream Moderation: 🤍 FULL SET: 🤍 Soundcloud Set: 🤍 Grab some merch: 🤍 podcast: 🤍 2nd channel: 🤍 instagram: 🤍 twitter: 🤍 business: mahzad.babayan🤍unitedtalent.com edited by: 🤍 🤍 me

Disc jockey (Profession)


Disc jockey (Profession)

So you know it’s real..


How to become DJ in India | Complete Details | Salary | Career Opportunities| #Careertalks


Our Career Counselling Platform - 🤍 Invest an amount of 1 Pizza and we will tell you the desired Career in less than 2 hours Visit 🤍 NOW!!! Telegram Channel link - 🤍 What you will get on Telegram? Notes, Strategies, Lecture Pdf & Website Links​ Small Personalized Video Updates Links of relevant videos​ (Past and Future) Participation in Polls​ Best Free Content of Commerce in India DJ CAREER 2020 (New Video) - 🤍 One of the most underrated #Career of India. DJ ( Disc Jockey) is the basic requirement of every party today but we are not able to see it as a career. In the video I have provided complete details on how to become a DJ in India. In depth analysis related to Career Opportunities, Salary and other necessities for this career is done. If you LIKE this video then you’ll like our other Career videos. Complete Career playlist - 🤍 (Comprising of Sports career as well ) Do SUBSCRIBE our channel and become the part of our family to spread awareness among the students related to #education. Meet you in the next video... #Careertalks

PRO DJ SHOWS OFF HIS SKILLS ON THE NEW DDJ-800 - Fast and Creative DJ Mixing Ideas


Download this MIX COURSE and learn how to mix LIKE A PRO! ► Pack Number 1: 🤍 Contains: 1. 4 Lessons Applied (Acapella Link, Off Beat, Sync Transition, Toneplay) 2. 45 Minute Talkthrough Video on how I applied the lessons and put this mix together Sample: 🤍 #DDJ200 #DDJ400 #DDJ800 DOWNLOAD MY DJ COURSES! ►🤍 DOWNLOAD MY ENTIRE SCRATCH SERIES! ►🤍 THE DJ CONTROLLER I USED IN THIS VIDEO!  ►🤍 EVERYTHING I own to DJ & Video! ►🤍 DJ Equipment I Use ( 🤍 ► Best CHEAP DJ CONTROLLER: 🤍 ► Best Headphones I use for daily gigs: 🤍 ► Speakers I use at home for practicing and DJ’ing: 🤍 ► Backpack I use for DJ’ing: 🤍 ► Best Budget DJ Mixer EVER: 🤍 ► Best Turntables EVER: 🤍 ► Best DJ Mixer EVER: 🤍 MixWithMe#4 is a poppy mix filled with classic bangers mixed in technically. We apply off beat phase mixing, tone play, acapella link transitioning and sync transitioning to make this regular mix of songs shine. The intention of this mix is to expand your knowledge and understanding of what can be done by Pro DJ on a DJ controller, and what a technical DJ mix can sound like. Remember it’s not what you have that matters - it’s what you do with it that does. Tracklist: 1. Lemon by N.E.R.D 2. Mi Gente by J Balvin 3. Candy Shop by 50 Cent 4. In My Feelings by Drake 5. Boasty by Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul 6. Crank Dat Twerk Remix by Soulja Boy 7. Crank Dat by Soulja Boy 8. Club Action Trap Remix my Yo Majesty See what happens behind the scenes: ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Snapchat: djcarloatendido EMAIL: askdjcarlo🤍gmail.com DISCLAIMER Some of the links are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so, but it does help fund these videos in hopes of bringing value to you!

Disc Jockey (Profession)


Disc Jockey (Profession)



I thought being a DJ champion would turn my career around. It didn’t. What did though were 3 qualities I found in myself that you too can find in you. #DJ #DJTutorial #BeginnerDJ _ DOWNLOAD MY ENTIRE SCRATCH SERIES! ►🤍 THE DJ CONTROLLER I USE! ►🤍 EVERYTHING I own to DJ! ►🤍 DJ Equipment I Use ( 🤍 ► Best CHEAP DJ CONTROLLER: 🤍 ► Best Headphones I use for daily gigs: 🤍 ► Speakers I use at home for practicing and DJ’ing: 🤍 ► Backpack I use for DJ’ing: 🤍 ► Best Budget Turntables EVER: 🤍 ► Best Budget DJ Mixer EVER: 🤍 ► Best Turntables EVER: 🤍 ► Best DJ Mixer EVER: 🤍 ► Send your DJ video questions to this email: askdjcarlo🤍gmail.com ► Get Skillshare for FREE: 🤍 ►SCRIPT People usually say that “those who can’t do, teach”. And as hurtful as that sounds. It was kinda true for me. But not in the way you think. You see when I started this Youtube channel, my DJ career was kinda dead. I didn’t have any gigs, nor any club residencies. And you may think that being a DJ champion would’ve gotten me somewhere. Surely winning 3rd place in the World DJ championships, would’ve at least landed me something. But nothing really came out of it. Only thing I got from winning was a title. But something in me.. didn’t wanna go for the latter option. I still believed that following your dreams will get you somewhere. And so far believing got me skills and a title, And I wanted to know what would happen down the road if kept believing and if I kept working. But my friends and family didn’t want me to go thru that path. They were fed up and concerned with my lack of progress as a DJ at the time. And they always asked me “what about the money, what about the future. You’re a DJ champion and it’s gotten you no where. Are you sure this DJing is going to work”? And to be honest with you, those questions were the same questions I asked myself everyday. And the best answer I could give them and myself was “I don’t know. I don’t care. But I’m going to make this work” So long story long. I started making Youtube live remixes, and that kinda got the ball rolling. Then I started making vlogs, and that slowed the ball down. And then I started to make Youtube tutorials, and everything and I mean everything changed. Because of those videos, I actually started getting gigs, and making money and making ends meet, and things were looking good. But also because of those videos, I started spending less time with my family, friends and loved ones. I was always editing, writing and shooting. And if I wasn’t doing that, I was djing. And eventually I got burnt out DJing and making videos. I wanted to stop! I disliked it! What’s the point of doing something you love, if you don’t love it anymore. But I still kept going and going and going. For you guys. And 5 years later after making my youtube channel, and 2 years later after taking youtube seriously in 2017, we’re finally here at 100k. And so the one thing I learned from being a DJ for 10 years, was that patience, persistence and consistency are the keys to success. Patience in yourself, and in your progress as a creator, & as a DJ. Persistence in pushing thru with all the work, suffering and disappointments. And consistency in putting out the best content you can put out every single time. So if there’s anything I want to impart to you as a young DJ starting out. If you really really wanna make it out as a DJ and as a creative. You have to ask yourself. How long can you keep working without a prize, without recognition, without success, and without an end goal insight. And if your answer to that is “I don’t know. I don’t care. But I’m going to make it work”, then you my friend, are on the right path. See what happens behind the scenes: ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Snapchat: djcarloatendido EMAIL: askdjcarlo🤍gmail.com DISCLAIMER Some of the links are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so, but it does help fund these videos in hopes of bringing value to you!

What DJs Actually Do


On today's video I show what DJs actually do :) On this video I use a Native Instrument Traktor Kontrol S5 ★ To get Doctor Mix's top 10 mixing techniques join our list here and download the PDF straight away: 🤍 ★ To get your music mixed, mastered or produced by Doctor Mix now: CLICK HERE ► 🤍 ★ Subscribe to our YT channel → 🤍 ★ DOCTOR MIX VIDEO COURSES ★ “The Official Guide To Mixing” - Learn to how to mix your music like pro in 24 video lessons → 🤍 “How To Produce House Music” - Learn House/Dance music production in 35 videos → 🤍 ★ DOCTOR MIX SOUND PACKS ★ Michael Jackson’s “Thriller Sound Pack” - the multitrack and samples re-produced by Doctor Mix → 🤍 The Roland “TR-909 Sample Pack” - The original sounds, from the original unit, smiled by Doctor Mix → 🤍 ★ FIND DOCTOR MIX HERE ★ Website ► 🤍 Youtube ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Soundcloud ► 🤍 Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the weekly videos we post on the channel, subscribe, and share with those who need to see them. Your comments are our oxygen, so please take a second and say hi ;-)

HOW TO BECOME A DJ IN INDIA - LEARN | PART 1 | DJ as a career in India in 2020


In this video im talking about the importance of "Learning" You will have to learn how to DJ to become a DJ. Choosing this career option in India comes with its own challenges but Learning is crucial and is important to sustain and earn a living as a DJ. #Djing #Djinginindia #djdeepbhamra #pioneerdj #pioneerdjindia Watch all the other Videos in this Series : PART 1 : LEARN - 🤍 PART 2 : BRANDING - 🤍 PART 3 : CONTENT - 🤍 PART 4 : PROMOTION - 🤍 PART 5 : NETWORKING - 🤍 🔴 Subscribe for more free DJing Tips : 🤍 Please SUPPORT | LIKE | SHARE if you like the content. ✅ For business inquiries contact me at djdeepbhamra🤍gmail.com ✅ Let's connect: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook : 🤍djdeepbhamra Website : 🤍djdeepbhamra.com * * * - NOTE : The Content in this video is inspired by several youtubers who are helping others and educating people about how to make it as a DJ. The Content in this video is modified to make it more relevant to Indian Audience. Any resemblance of content in another video is purely a coincidence and is not intended. - Keep Smiling and Stay Positive :) _ Products I use to make Youtube Videos : Camera : 🤍 Lens : 🤍 Lav Mic : 🤍 Shotgun Mic : 🤍 Mic Arm : 🤍 SD Card : 🤍 Tripod : 🤍 DJ Accessories I Use : USB's for Performance : 🤍 USB's for Storage : 🤍 Digital Cables : 🤍 Aux Cables : 🤍 Headphone Case : 🤍 USB Case : 🤍 DJing Gear I use : DDJ Controller : 🤍 CDJ (PAIR) : 🤍 Mixer : 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my youtube Channel - "DJ Deep Bhamra" so I can continue to provide you with free content each week!

Disc Jockey (Profession)


First thing to learn when DJing!


DJ Lessons To Help You Learn How To DJ Disc Jockey Profession,Remix Industry,Scratching,


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Dinle Kop Dj Emre "Rap Music" "Disc Jockey (Profession)"


takdir Size kalmış gençlik :)



🎧DJ Mixing Course (Zero to Hero): 🤍 🎵Where I Download My Music (Use Coupon Code “DJCARLO” for a Huge Discount) Link: 🤍 💿DJ Scratch Course: 🤍 ⭐️Be a Member and Download ALL My DJ Edits for Free! 🤍 DOWNLOAD MY DJ COURSES ►🤍 THE DJ EQUIPMENT I USED IN THIS VIDEO! ► Turntables: 🤍 ► DJ Mixer: 🤍 BEGINNER DJ EQUIPMENT I RECOMMEND (🤍 ► DDJ-400 ($250): 🤍 ► DDJ-SB3 ($250): 🤍 Equipment I use to DJ and Youtube: 🤍 Tracklist: 1. Calle Ocho - Pitbull 2. Z-Trip Sample - Z-Trip 3. People Get Up by James Brown 4. How Gee - Big Bang 5. Get Low Twerk Remix - Lil' Jon 6. Wiggle Twerk Remix - Jason Darulo 7. Get Low Acapella - Lil' Jon 8. One Minute Man - Missy Elliot 9. Just can't get enough - Depeche Mode 10. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes 11. I Like Big Butts - Sir Mixalot 12. Song No.2 - Blur 13. Whoomp there it is - Tag Team 14. Right Round - Flo Rida Ft. Ke$ha 15. Get Down - Paul Johnson 16. Oh yes you are now rocking with the best - Laidback Luke 17. Low Rider Trap Remix - War 18. A Milli - Lil' Wayne 19. Z-Trip Sample - Z-Trip 20. Next Episode Twerk Remix - Snoop Dogg Ft. Dr. Dre 21. Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind 22. Toms Dinner - Suzanne Vega 23. Simons Says Twerk Remix - Pharoahe Monch 24. Imperial March - Starwars 25. Yeah - Usher 26. Shake that Ass - Nate Dogg 27. Niggas in Paris - Jay-Z ft. Kanye West 28. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore 29. Look at me Now - Chris Brown 30. I can't stop - Kanye West 31. Can't Stop - Red Hot Chilli Peppers 32. Super Thug - Noreaga 33. This is how we do it - Montell Jordan 34. Robot Rock - Daft Punk 35. Sari Gilen - Azerbaijan For Bookings please contact: askdjcarlo🤍gmail.com Follow Me: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 DISCLAIMER Some of the links are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so, but it does help fund these videos in hopes of bringing value to you!

LifePage Career Talk on Disc Jockey


LifePage Career Talk on Disc Jockey [Career] 🤍 [Full Talk] 🤍 [Trailer] 🤍 What is Disc Jockey? Disc Jockey is a great Career option. Understanding Why one wants to choose a Career in Disc Jockey is phenomenally more important than figuring out How to get into Disc Jockey. While anyone can have an opinion on what Disc Jockey entails; only a real professional can really explain it. How Resident DJ Mash Mendiratta got into Disc Jockey? After doing my schooling from Cambridge School Delhi, I did BBA from APJ School of Marketing and B Com from Delhi University. After that, I did Audio Engineering from SAE, Sydney and Masters in Business Intelligence from Australian Catholic University. I got trained from DJ Rummy and started playing in 1997. I travel for my performance to various countries like Australia, New Zeeland, Thailand, Singapore and others. In 2010, I won the Ultimate DJ championship which was organized by MTV and Submerge, after which MTV and Pioneer signed me as an official DJ. Resident DJ Mash Mendiratta's LifePage: [LifePage] 🤍 (Disc Jockey, Mash Mendiratta, Playboy Club, Pro DJ, Beats, Pioneer, Submerge, Musician, Music, Mashter, Pulse)

How to Become a DJ with Full Information? – [Hindi] – Quick Support


#HowtoBecomeaDJ? #Education #career How to Become a DJ with Full Information? – [Hindi] – Quick Support. अगर आप जानना चाहते हैं कि एक DJ का क्या काम होता है, उसे कौनसी स्किल्स की जरुरत होती है और इस करियर का स्कोप और प्रोग्रेस कैसी होती है ? तो आज का ये वीडियो आपकी बहुत हेल्प कर सकता है क्योंकि आज हम आपको DJ बनने से जुड़ी सभी जरुरी इंफॉर्मेशंस देने वाले हैं इसलिए इस वीडियो को लास्ट तक जरुर देखिये। Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 Channel Owner: Anil Nakrani

DJ Hal Maroc Disc Jockey (Profession)


DJ Hal Maroc Disc Jockey (Profession)

How to DJ for Beginners (2023)


🚨DJ Mixing Course (Zero to Hero): 🤍 🎞Best DJ Gear for Every Budget: 🤍 📝Beginner DJ Focused Playlist: 🤍 ⚙️DJ Controller in the video: 🤍 or 🤍 🎵Where I Download My Music (Use Coupon Code “DJCARLO” for a Huge Discount) Link 1: 🤍 ➡️Download the tracks: 🤍 🎹 Get Mixed in Key 10 at a Huge Discount: 🤍 Coupon Code: DJCARLO10 📚Sign up for Skillshare: 🤍 ⚡️Use Coupon Code “DJCARLO” for a Huge Discount on where DJs download Music! Link 1: 🤍 Link 2: 🤍 Link 3: 🤍 ⭐️Be a Member and Download ALL My DJ Edits for Free! 🤍 🎥 Gear I Use DJ Controller in the video: 🤍 (this is the newest one) Serato DJ Controller Equivalent: 🤍 $150 DJ Controller Alternative: 🤍 All the Equipment I Use for DJing and Youtube: 🤍 🏛Courses: DJ Mixing Course (Zero to Hero): 🤍 Scratch Course: 🤍 Mix Courses: 🤍 Timestamps: Intro - 00:00 DJing & Gear Breakdown - 02:32 Navigation & Song Overview - 04:02 Deck Section Guide - 05:06 Mixer Section Guide - 06:38 First Transition Lesson - 09:17 Pro DJ Transition Technique - 14:26 Beat Grid Guide & Settings - 16:47 EVERYTHING I own to DJ and Youtube! ►🤍 DJ Equipment I Use ( 🤍 ► Best CHEAP SERATO CONTROLLER: 🤍 ► Best Headphones I use for daily gigs: 🤍 ► Speakers I use at home for practicing and DJ’ing: 🤍 DISCLAIMER Some of the links are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so, but it does help fund these videos in hopes of bringing value to you!

Profession Disc Jockey


Track from HipHop Profession album. Free download at 🤍amerevolution.com/fanpage - Official blog : 🤍legroupeamer.info Twitter : 🤍amerevolution.com/twitter Facebook: 🤍amerevolution.com/facebook

Disc Jockey (Profession)


Disc Jockey (Profession)

A Beginner's Guide to DJing (How to DJ for Complete Beginners)


★ Get the DJ controller used in this video (so you can follow along!) -Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 ► 🤍 ★ More stuff from me ► 🤍 How to DJ for complete beginners! In this video I explain everything needed to get someone with no prior DJ knowledge or experience off the ground and learn the basics of DJing. Follow along as we learn what DJing is, what equipment is needed, and ultimately the entire beat matching process. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to mix two songs together live, as if you were a DJ performing a live set in front of a crowd. Timestamp: 0:00 - What is a DJ? 0:24 - Software 0:35 - Hardware 1:08 - Setup 1:28 - What is BPM? 2:11 - Tempo Matching 5:11 - Beat Matching 6:06 - Beat Grid 7:09 - EQ, Filters, & Gain 7:22 - Outro #DJ #HowToDJ #DJing



7-time World DJ Champion Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Bookings / Fan Mail / General Important Stuff - vekked [at] gmail.com Website - 🤍 Shouts to Unusual Suspects for the T-Shirt - 🤍 Coolor Caps for the fancy red fader knobs - 🤍 And of course Rane for the awesome mixers (using the Rane Sixty-Two for anyone who doesn't know)!

Juicy M & 4 decks


My first ever experience of playing on 4 decks at the same time 🤍 prodj shop (🤍 TRACKLIST: 1. Juicy M Intro 2. Matt Caseli & Danny Freakazoid - Raise Your Hands (Original Mix) 3. Jewelz, Scott Sparks - NYMSN (Original Mix) 4. Moby vs. Empire Of The Sun - After A Dream (Tommy Trash Bootleg) 5. Chris Lake - Ohh Shhh (Club Mix) 6. Diplo & GTA - Boy Oh Boy (Original Mix) 7. Major Lazer feat. VYBZ Kartel - Pon De Floor 8. GTA & Digital Lab feat. Henrix - Hit It! (Original Mix) 9. Lunde Bros - Can You Feel It (Original Mix) 10. W&W & Ummet Ozcan - The Code (Original Mix) 11. Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd - Apollo (Original Mix) 12. Krewella - Alive (Acapella) 13. Krewella - Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) More mixes on soundcloud: 🤍 Don't forget to like my fan page: 🤍

Profession Disc Jockey - Promo Music Video - www.legroupeamer.info


Profession Disc Jockey Free download at 🤍 - Official Blog : 🤍 Fan us now : 🤍 Follow Twitter : 🤍

Is DJing A Career?! | DJ Gig Log 011


People often look down on djs. In this video I discuss whether djing is a legitimate job and/or career choice while rocking out a wedding! LIKE. COMMENT. SUBSCRIBE. HIT THE BELL! SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: 🤍 WHAT I USE AND/OR RECOMMENDED GEAR Ceremony Rig JBL Eon One Compact: JBL Speaker Bag: 🤍 TRITON AUDIO FetHead: 🤍 JBL 12V DC USB Power Cable: 🤍 Speaker Stand Shelf: 🤍 Shure BLX Wireless Mic: 🤍 Mic Stand: 🤍 Gigbar Move: 🤍 Gravity Stand Alternative: 🤍 Gravity Stand Alternative 2: 🤍 Beginner Speakers: 🤍 Speaker Stands: 🤍 XLR Cables: 🤍 Rane Seventy-Two: 🤍 Rane Twelve: 🤍 EV SX300: 🤍 Crown XTI4002 Amp: 🤍 Cerwin Vega Earthquake: Table: 🤍 Table Cloth: 🤍 Wireless Mic: 🤍 VLOG GEAR USED: - GoPro Hero 8: 🤍 - Sony A7iii: 🤍 - Sony A7siii: 🤍 - Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 Lens: 🤍 - Sony 16-35 f/2.8 GM Lens: 🤍 - Edited On Premiere Pro - Music from Epidemic Sound: 🤍

Fake DJs Compilation


Fake DJs Compilation! SUBSCRIBE!!!⚡ 🤍 🔥SHARE THE VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS! LET'S EXPAND THE ELECTRONIC MUSIC!⚡ 🔥Thx for watching! :) and don't be a fake dj plz. #fakedj #fake #dj #electronicmusic

There is Money in Every Profession | Martin Dsouza | DISC JOCKEY | Finding WHY with Mayuri


In this journey of Finding WHY, we had a conversation with Martin Dsouza who is a jack of all trades which includes Acting, Writer, Disc Jockey(DJ), Karaoke Jockey and what not! This episode is going to be super fun and also inspiring at the same time! Martin says, I Quit a "regular" job to do what I love doing :). Let's listen from the man himself about his story that how he quit a 9 to 5 and pivot to a different career path to do all sort of things that he love and monetized them. What’s your WHY? Finding WHY with Mayuri is a show where Career Coach Mayuri meets individuals who found their calling and chose their career after going on a journey of finding their Why. In this fun and inspiring talk show Mayuri meets people who went beyond what society told them to do and pursued something that truly made them happy. They found their WHY. Let’s hear their stories and ask ourselves, “What’s my WHY?” 🙋‍♂️ Who am I? Hey! I am Mayuri. And my story took a twist after I completed my Masters in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Roorkee, when...I realised I didn’t want to be an Engineer! I realised my love for teaching & mentoring, and stumbled upon something that clicked with me. I did my second masters in Career Development & Management from Coventry University in The UK, pivoting to a ‘Career in Careers’. Now I am back to India to help people make the most of their careers by asking them their ‘WHY’. Do you want to make the most of your career? Then join us in this journey of Finding WHY with Mayuri. Click here to subscribe to Finding WHY: 🤍 Come say HI to us: 👋 Mayuri Rajput Instagram : 🤍mayuri.rajput1606 Martin Dsouza Instagram :🤍martindsouzaofficial 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website : 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #findingwhywithmayuri #djmartin #dj dj martin dsouza disc jockey martin dsouza finding way with mayuri

DJ EQUIPMENT ESSENTIALS - Everything you'll need to get started


➥➥➥ DJ ESSENTIALS ➥➥➥ Protect Your Ears - 🤍 Mixing Tools 🤍 My Favorite DJ Headphones 🤍 DJ Mix Recording Device- 🤍 Jack: 🤍 Never Borrow This To Anyone 🤍 Best Cheap Speakers - 🤍 Best DJ Players: 🤍 DJ Desk 🤍 Live Microphone 🤍 DJ Lessons hello🤍axsens-music.com ▶Music ⇢ 🤍 ▶ LISTEN TO MY MUSIC ⇢ Spotify: 🤍 ⇢ SoundCloud: 🤍 ▶ FOLLOW ME Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ▶ DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES & PDFs ⇢ 🤍 ▶ GET FEEDBACK, LIVE Q&A, & MORE EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS Become a Member ⇢ 🤍 ▶sineUP - RELEASE YOUR MUSIC ON SPOTIFY, BEATPORT, APPLE... Keep 100% of the money and rights click here to apply ⇢ 🤍 ▶ SEND DEMOS TO MY RECORD LABEL demo submit: ⇢ 🤍 ▶ STUDIO RENT, MIXING & MASTERING, DJ SCHOOL ⇢ 🤍 ▶ MERCH 🤍 ▶ TRACK SUBMITS send me your music to get feedback: ⇢ 🤍 ▶▶▶ MY EQUIPMENT ◀◀◀ the following links will direct you to amazon ● Camera Equipment: ⇢ Main Camera: 🤍 ⇢ Wide Lens: 🤍 ⇢ Selfie Stick: 🤍 ⇢ Drone: 🤍 ⇢ Mic: 🤍 ● Studio Software: ⇢ Best Modern Synth: 🤍 ⇢ Best Classic Synth: 🤍 ⇢ Best for Mastering: 🤍 ⇢ Best for Mixing: 🤍 ⇢ Best for Vocals: 🤍 ● Studio Hardware: ⇢ Speakers: 🤍 ⇢ Full size Midi-Keyboard: 🤍 ⇢ Best Headphones: 🤍 ⇢ Best Soundcard: 🤍 ⇢ Good cheaper soundcard: 🤍 ⇢ Microphone: 🤍 ⇢ Wide Monitor: 🤍 ⇢ Chair: 🤍 ● DJ Equipment: ⇢ DJ Headphones: 🤍 ⇢ Mixer: 🤍 ⇢ CD-Player: 🤍 ⇢ Best DJ USB sticks: 🤍 ⇢ Most important for every DJ: 🤍

Professional Disc Jockey Service provided at the Hillenic Centic in Ipswich, MA.


Dj George Confoey provided professional disc jockey service for Krista and Michael Pankievich at the Hillenic Center in Ipswich, MA.

Professional Mobile Disc Jockey Tips, Site Inspection!


This is an informational video regarding site inspection for mobile DJ events.

How to get started as a DJ - My advice!


If you're sat at home thinking about how to get started as a DJ then watch to find out more. This is a DJ video for total beginner's. There are a few things you will need to think about before getting started. DJ equipment, DJ music, time to practice and more! Are you ready to learn how to DJ? For beginner DJ lessons, courses, tutorials and more check out our website: 🤍 To download the Crossfader Music Pack and follow our free tutorial series sign up here: 🤍

Disc Jockey Careers - DJ Training schools in Hyderabad | HMTV


Disc Jockey Careers - DJ Training schools in Hyderabad | HMTV. HMTV, a leading Telugu News Channel, brings to you all the latest news from around the world through breaking news, regional news, national news, international news, sports updates, entertainment gossips, business trends, political satires, crime reports, exclusive interview programs such as Coffees and Movies. For all top and best news stories happening all around you SUBSCRIBE - 🤍 For all the news and latest updates, like us 🤍 🤍 Follow us on Google+: 🤍 Visit 🤍

Professional DJ Packages in Boston - Disc Jockey Boston


Disc jockey is provides you best Prom DJs services in Boston. With our services we provide you best experience for your events. We make your events awesome and memorable! Allow Discjockey to take the stress out of your event planning! visit on 🤍 for more information

DJ Skillz (France) - Winning performance from The 2019 DMC World DJ Final - 2 x DMC World Champion


Rane presents The DMC World DJ Championship 2019 in association with Technics Saturday 28th September Islington Assembly Hall, Upper Street, London For full event details, results and photographs please visit: 🤍dmcdjchamps.com 🤍facebook.com/dmcdjchamps 🤍dmc_world - Instagram

LifePage Career Talk on Disc Jockey


LifePage Career Talk on Disc Jockey 🤍 Full Talk: 🤍 Trailer: 🤍 By Vinayak Sharma [Disc Jockey in Various Assignments] What is Disc Jockey? Vinayak Sharma: "A person who introduces and plays recorded popular music, especially on radio or at a club." How I got into Disc Jockey? Vinayak Sharma: "After I completed my Schooling from Cambridge, I did my Graduation in Commerce from DAV College. I have worked as a DJ with Quest, Jaypee and Terraces Resort. I have been freelancing as a DJ since 2006." Vinayak Sharma's LifePage: 🤍 (Disc Jockey, Vinayak Sharma, Various Creative Assignments, Beats, Musician, Entertainer)

Bachus Enterprises Inc. (Disc Jockey, Video Jock, Wedding Professional Disc Jockey, Photographer


Bachus Enterprises Inc. founded in 2000 provides quality entertainment and photography services across the country. We consistent professionals who provide disc jockey, video dj services, karaoke and photography services. You can visit us and contact us via our website 🤍bachusenterprises.com. Founder Timothy Bachus will be glad to help you with any upcoming events, book us now.

Example of 3D Lasers for Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service.avi


Here's an example of just one of the two American DJ 3D Galaxian Red & Green Lasers that we use, in conjunction with many, many other lights.

Alto Professional BAT Pro Bluetooth Audio Transceiver | Disc Jockey News | #AltoPro


Alto Professional BAT Pro XLR-EQUIPPED RECHARGEABLE BLUETOOTH RECEIVER XLR-equipped rechargeable Bluetooth receiver Stream audio wirelessly to mixers or powered loudspeakers Bluetooth links two receivers for cable-free stereo playback USB port for charging or continuous AC power for fixed use Battery- or AC-powered 🤍 Alto Professional BAT Pro Bluetooth Audio Transceiver | Disc Jockey News | #AltoPro 🤍

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