FFXIV: New 6.4 Dungeon Minion (Small Spoilers)



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FFXIV: New 6.4 Dungeon Minion (Small Spoilers)
FFXIV: New 6.4 Dungeon Minion (Small Spoilers)
FFXIV: New 6.4 Dungeon Minion (Small Spoilers)
FFXIV: New 6.4 Dungeon Minion (Small Spoilers)
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2023-05-27 21:08:25

Got this first time around. The whole team kept dying because they couldn't figure out the tentacles and being a Dark Knight I can't solo the boss at like 55% health. BUT I did solo it at 5% to get the clear. I felt I deserved this minion and the RNG agreed.

2023-05-26 05:44:47

Gonna need to farm this. The new dungeon is so chill and beautiful, I don’t mind farming with NPCs for it.

2023-05-24 05:08:19

If you'd like to know; Puffins eat fish.

Emma Calladine
2023-05-24 00:00:58

Oh my he's super cute!!!!! Thank you for sharing

Justina-Franzeska M.
2023-05-24 00:00:01

its cute yeah, but i want a Ice bear baby pet ): from this dungeon Q-Q

2023-05-23 22:03:49

I got this on my first run with the npcs 🎉

willow kaiser
2023-05-23 19:50:50

Lol it a shoebill all over

Jamie Rose
2023-05-23 19:50:09

Can I name him H.R. Puffinstuff? XD

Malcolm Wilkins
2023-05-23 19:07:16

I'm farming dungeons few times now; good place for 625 gear...if you just doing it now, look out for what the bears are doing at the start <3 <3

Edrialyse McBoop
2023-05-23 14:47:54

I can’t wait to farm this minion! Sorry that people are so incapable of managing their experience when believing in spoilers that you have to feel like you’ve done great wrongs by making content the way you like though. ❤

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