Elon Musk (Full Interview) | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher

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Elon Musk joins Bill for an exclusive Real Time interview.

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Elon Musk (Full Interview) | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Elon Musk (Full Interview) | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Elon Musk (Full Interview) | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Elon Musk (Full Interview) | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
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Bhrigu jaiswal
2023-09-24 06:56:01

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=00m03s 00:03 Elon Musk is known for his work on electric cars, reusable rockets, brain-computer interfaces, bullet trains, and satellite systems.

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=02m46s 02:46 Technology drives major changes in civilization.

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=05m04s 05:04 The woke mind virus is a dangerous issue that suppresses free speech and promotes anti-meritocracy.

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=07m13s 07:13 Free speech should be protected and any form of censorship undermines the First Amendment.

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=09m31s 09:31 There is a significant amount of indoctrination happening in schools and universities that parents are not aware of.

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=11m41s 11:41 Twitter has a tremendous audience with 250 million people spending an average of half an hour per day on the platform.

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=13m54s 13:54 Twitter attacks should be ignored, but the cancellation of the show is a real consequence.

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=15m55s 15:55 AI should have regulatory oversight to ensure public safety

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=17m49s 17:49 Being happy requires love and a fulfilling career.

oO8w6XcXJUs&t=19m56s 19:56 There was a lot of censorship on Twitter, including government-driven censorship.

Fleurs Jardin
2023-09-24 03:37:52

GREAT interview...two of my favorites people!!

Jarkko Sorsa
2023-09-24 02:09:08


Codorean Cosmin Andrei
2023-09-23 22:27:09

glad that he didn`t talk about space and mars ...

Codorean Cosmin Andrei
2023-09-23 22:11:08

why did you not stopped the pandemic ? only Putin managed to stop it...but took a while ..

Codorean Cosmin Andrei
2023-09-23 22:07:22

zuckerberg is reptilian 🤣🤣🤣

Sandra Anders
2023-09-23 20:48:20

Digital assets, especially Bitcoin, have gained recognition as an effective hedge against inflation. As central banks continue to print money, the value of traditional currencies may decline. Digital assets can act as a store of value in uncertain economic times.

tedwin yepez Sr
2023-09-23 16:22:53

Please bill next time u have Elon Musk on your show if he can reduce the price of the electric cars down to $25.000 to 30.000 the average American we can’t afford it to buy $60.000 dollar cars o more for real Bill like my self I’m retired I will love to have and electric car and we can’t we don’t have enough to pay for that luxury

ducrider13 fab
2023-09-23 15:07:23

With one command, this nutjob (one man) could turn off most of the internet (satellites) in space. Open your f**king eyes people.

2023-09-23 13:06:55

Not a fan of bill Maher for ever and a day such a communist piece of trash. And now that’s he’s rebelling against the communist their attacking him. Interesting.

2023-09-23 00:50:36

The more information that's out there the dumber people get.

Ghalib Omar
2023-09-22 22:59:30

Elon Max is an unexpected man who may not choose any of these countries. He may choose Algeria if it exempts him from taxes completely. The question is why? The answer is: Algeria has all the raw materials for industry, including iron and sand rich in minerals for the manufacture of batteries and other metals, and low-cost working materials. The Algerian scientist Youssef Toumi is considered the first developer in the world of never-ending batteries, and Algeria is the gateway to Africa and the middle of the continents.

Derry Yocum
2023-09-22 22:28:45

Maher has hit the dreggs of society as he sucks long and hard on a 3 inch long Elon Musk. Bill, get up off your knees and snap out of it. Bill has been angling right for some time now. He's there now implanted firmly in bowels of their autocratic movement. Bye Bill.... good riddance. 😊

Sam Lamme
2023-09-22 22:26:25


Chris Farnkoff
2023-09-22 22:12:08

I would kick Musk's ass in Connect Four.

Marilyn Cornell
2023-09-22 18:47:52

Idc I don't like Elon musk ...something about him .....😊

Water Acumen
2023-09-22 18:05:56

I love Elon!!!

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