Dr. Phil SMACKS DOWN Bill Maher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

The Jimmy Dore Show

The Jimmy Dore Show

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Bill Maher recently welcomed Dr. Phil to his program, but didn’t welcome Phil’s refusal to admit that Donald Trump was a singular evil and much worse than Joe Biden. Maher pressed on with his case of TDS, however, as Dr. Phil easily rebutted the evidence-free allegations Maher kept throwing out against Trump. Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how Maher can get so many issues right while still having such a blind spot filled with hate for Donald Trump. Kurt Metzger on Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/kurtmetzger Kurt’s website: 🤍🤍KurtMetzgerComedy.com Become a Premium Member: 🤍🤍jimmydore.com/premium-membership Go to a Live Show: 🤍🤍jimmydore.com/tour Subscribe to Our Newsletter: 🤍mailchi.mp/jimmydorecomedy/ytlivestreams LIVESTREAM & LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENTS: Email: 🤍mailchi.mp/jimmydorecomedy/ytlivestreams Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/jimmy_dore Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/JimmyDoreShow Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/thejimmydoreshow WATCH / LISTEN FREE: Videos: 🤍🤍jimmydore.com Podcasts: 🤍🤍jimmydore.com (Also available on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your favorite podcast player.) ACCESS TO FULL REPLAYABLE LIVESTREAMS: Become a Premium Member: 🤍🤍jimmydore.com/premium-membership SUPPORT THE JIMMY DORE SHOW: Make a Donation: 🤍🤍jimmydore.com/ Buy Official Merch (Tees, Sweatshirts, Hats, Bags): 🤍the-jimmy-dore-show.creator-spring.com/? DOWNLOAD OUR MOBILE APP: App Store: 🤍apps.apple.com/us/app/jimmy-dore/id839294547 Google Play: 🤍play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jimmydore.jimmydore Jimmy Dore on Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/Jimmy_Dore Stef Zamorano on Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/miserablelib About The Jimmy Dore Show: #TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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Dr. Phil SMACKS DOWN Bill Maher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome
Dr. Phil SMACKS DOWN Bill Maher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome
Dr. Phil SMACKS DOWN Bill Maher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome
Dr. Phil SMACKS DOWN Bill Maher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome
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2023-09-17 16:51:24

Bill is such a cheapskate frumpster. look how crappy the seat his guest is using. it needed cheap cusions added on top to just make it usable. still uncomfortable

Curtis Clason
2023-09-06 23:54:12

Stacy Abrams cried that she was robbed of her election victory and that it was hacked election machines and a crime. Trump took it a bit further, but it was pretty much the same accusation. Bill is intellectually lazy.

2023-08-24 14:28:39

"but trump" is a way to dumb down the debate & quality of government

Tim Wilson
2023-08-17 05:05:15

I want a President that makes all of his millions off the tax payers and corporate bribes not some businessman for God's sake!

2023-08-10 20:35:44

There were no n-word charges. There’s no such thing.

2023-08-10 06:49:39

Hang on Joe Biden is the most corrupt evil creature in American politics

Lloyd Dale
2023-08-05 11:09:32

For an episode of Trump Derangement Syndrome feel free to listen to Ben Shapiro and Bill Maher on The Ben Shapiro Show, Sunday special, episode 24. Nancy Pelosi masturbates to it.

Lloyd Dale
2023-08-05 11:01:44

Thanks for mentioning the 2000 election and Zeb Bush's corruptly disenfranchising thousands of Democrat voters

Fred Pena
2023-08-04 18:57:56

Ive been saying this for a while now. Maher seems to be almost a good liberal. But then his TDS and the irrationality around it seems to be glaringly different than his usual perspective on things. Examining the actual dynamics of an issue, except when its Trump. Thats some powerful voodoo they put on people.

Ella Soes
2023-08-03 15:31:19

Hillary didn't show up with her OWN crowd on election nite post the results, Kurt. Have you forgotten?

Ella Soes
2023-08-03 15:28:52

No woman with any salt would look at Bill twice were he not filthy rich. Just look at him.

Ella Soes
2023-08-03 15:25:07

Jimmy you caricaturize Trump as a mere gameshow host and imply his voters were hopeless desperates. So what qualifies Jill Stein, the medical doctor with the sure ineffectual personality of a school librarian, as a MORE legitimate candidate for President? And how might one diminish her voters, in your opinion?

Ella Soes
2023-08-03 15:12:39

since september 2002.

Janet Fitzgerald
2023-07-29 09:41:30

Dr Phil is a genuine gentleman to let Maher rant on uninterrupted.

Serg NYC
2023-07-18 09:34:01

Bill Maher has to do that. He spoke to RFk Jr, vaccines, Faucci etc. If he praises Trump he will be "unpersoned".

William Galke
2023-07-10 00:12:49

The flag is hung the wrong way Bill !!!

Rick polidore
2023-07-09 15:48:09

Bill Maher is an idiot…the election was stolen right in front of our face and Trump stood up to them…

Larry Bones
2023-07-06 23:24:43

Preach it Brother:) Trump 2024:)

2023-07-06 03:45:11

Never trust a guy who can look two directions at the same time like Jimmy. Donald Trump
didn’t take classified documents because it was cool. He took them because they have value. And some of them haven’t been recovered.

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