Archaeological Discoveries You Can't Believe Are Real

Origins Explained

Origins Explained

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Hi everyone, welcome to our channel! From mysterious discoveries to unexplained events, this is the place to be! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let us know in the comments below. We love to hear your feedback! Follow us on Instagram! 🤍🤍 Subscribe For New Videos! 🤍 Check out these videos you might like: Here's How The 12 Apostles Actually Died! 🤍 10 Creepy Things Hidden In The Vatican! 🤍 10 CREATURES The Bible Tried To Warn Us About! 🤍 #originsexplained #mysteriousdiscoveries #history #mysterious #discoveries

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Archaeological Discoveries You Can't Believe Are Real
Archaeological Discoveries You Can't Believe Are Real
Archaeological Discoveries You Can't Believe Are Real
Archaeological Discoveries You Can't Believe Are Real
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Osmosis Jones
2023-05-02 06:57:13

Wouldn't the warrior's have graves. Maybe their own Graves

2023-05-01 01:22:05

6pJDC99LtV0&t=1m21s 1:21 afros, man

David Gillmore
2023-04-28 01:21:29

Dont really believe in the bible

David Gillmore
2023-04-28 01:19:57

Makes one wonder,how much is still locked away in drawers

David Gillmore
2023-04-28 01:06:37

Different voice ??

Benjimen Franklin
2023-04-22 12:55:12

Giants did roam the earth and they will again too.

John Tischer
2023-04-14 21:38:33

Giants. The Smithsonian took control of many giant skeletons in the late nineteenth/early twentieth centuries. And, they hid them.

Joseph Flory
2023-04-13 01:14:24

Yep exactly what I was thinking for the lack of men and gentle burial...

Mark Chappell
2023-04-11 11:44:48


2023-04-05 03:36:08

Looks like a big headdress.

Carlo Florez
2023-04-05 02:49:22

La Katrina, in the Mexican Holiday Day of the dead, represents the cycle of life. An is a reminder to Enjoy Life an Embrace Death. Just a sidenote.

Matthew Gale
2023-04-04 22:06:32

Man is a suspicious character left on Earth to carry remanence...
Nobody needs to know the story of Gods
He would probably be pretty mad of the knowing
Man has his day with God
But which ones
Only the ones that make it to his time
And all the Angels buried in the ground... will rise
As their nesting is waiting for a moment of the Awakening
As he King of the Dead will start what will rise which is number 8
As God will have its day with man
A speaker in the time of man a watch out
of the earth
and Where We Belong
For a little time period
As God and all-powerful things will walk off the earth
They say you leaving behind man....
As man will die a simple men
..... as God no longer cherishes where he came
Why such the long journey why such the long rest
To places they have gone before....
Why is God in a hurry to go back
Knowing what has happened where he returns
The space has been evacuated
And their existences are long-lost or dead
A lot of things are evil from here and there
Especially what we have found here
As all that who has tried was evil or turned that way
And they will not rise or to be rissen..... without the angel of Faith and Hope
Number 8....
As the king of the Dead will rise what is past
As he is spontaneously powerful
Which I left out his name
....... just to realize they are evil....
or far worser than the Angel of Hope
And what God did not save
he should not either
They say it is a God's no return
As no gods have return
An accidental Fallen Angel has changed
..... existence. #8
The fate of God and where we come
God touched something
he should have never touched
Ever in his existence
Who pays for it the most
God already has or has done
.... we should be grateful for a time
that has god. ...already paid
But I will risen them up again
They may not say ....thank you
For a mistake they have done bad on their self
....... or it hard to thank me
No problem......
But I see to

Ahmad Ghani
2023-04-03 02:32:36

In past thousands of years ago the giants Clan is living very nicely but unfortunately they are siners and vanished into thunder storm because God punished them of their sins

Ahmad Ghani
2023-04-03 02:28:37

Solomon Thron is the most powerful thing in whole world

Ahmad Ghani
2023-04-03 02:26:41

It's true in two countries England and Israel in one of them have it

Ahmad Ghani
2023-04-03 02:17:05

Why you are laughing don't you respect the dead,s

floyd riebe
2023-04-01 18:57:14

hi, Katrina! the segment on swimming was intriguing, to say the least. the possible connection of not swimming to the lightening of skin is quite interesting and new to me. i have kidney disease which causes my body to not be able to use sunlight to form vit D. that early humans were able to adapt to increase D production makes me wonder if that is still possible. i used to get vit D pills during dialysis at least every other wk, but, for the last 1 to 2 yrs, maybe a few times per yr. perhabs my body is trying to compensate by evolving a new or adapted method of producing vit D? that would be sssooo coooool👍😃

tony axeman
2023-04-01 17:25:43

Leafy green veggies are a source of vitamin D also.

2023-04-01 03:37:39

- seriously, more people than not can't swim?

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