3,000-Year-Old Structure Found In China

Origins Explained

Origins Explained

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Hi everyone, welcome to our channel! From mysterious discoveries to unexplained events, this is the place to be! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let us know in the comments below. We love to hear your feedback! Follow us on Instagram! 🤍🤍instagram.com/katrinaexplained/ Subscribe For New Videos! 🤍goo.gl/UIzLeB Check out these videos you might like: Here's How The 12 Apostles Actually Died! 🤍youtu.be/HKAExWc97UQ 10 Creepy Things Hidden In The Vatican! 🤍youtu.be/QoyL-iR7C9E 10 CREATURES The Bible Tried To Warn Us About! 🤍youtu.be/t4hnZ_1YKaA #originsexplained #discovery #mysteriousdiscoveries #structure #ancient #ancientcivilizations

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3,000-Year-Old Structure Found In China
3,000-Year-Old Structure Found In China
3,000-Year-Old Structure Found In China
3,000-Year-Old Structure Found In China
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2023-05-30 17:59:32

Someone is going to think I was a child in a few thousand years...I'm 5'2'' and my wisdom teeth never grew in (i'm 50 lol)

2023-04-24 09:49:11

The unicorn 🦄 fish 🐟 I reckon it has whiskers long enough to alert it as to where the prey is the spiked on the horn ensuring it can be eaten… I have watched a number of creatures that laying in wait with some part of their anatomy used as a lure or offensive/ defensive mechanism… luv the obscure titbits you keep presenting… keep ‘em coming…

2023-04-09 17:14:57

Get educated,,,, Chinese don't have DUKES !

Jared Harris
2023-04-03 23:52:55

Stare at a pile of rocks long enough and you can see anything!

Jared Harris
2023-04-03 23:50:52

Please learn to pronounce "ptolemy" properly!

2023-04-01 05:22:33

Always interesting! I'd love to explore Egypt! My fiancé and I are always diving in and researching different ancient or mysterious things. Keep the good stuff coming❤️

darkness encounters
2023-03-31 15:33:17

Too bad there will never be a video on all the secrets of the Vatican and I'm talking real doccument pics and proofs

Gin san
2023-03-30 05:22:32

The archeologists always came with the simplest explanation about the history. This mummy was burried with gold, therefore it was due to the ancient Egyptian’s belief system.

DANO'S dope
2023-03-30 04:47:40

❤❤ this is what I mean put in work and enthusiasm and you have Katrina ❤

Diane Knight
2023-03-30 03:43:59

Love to discover an Egyptian tomb.

harry walker
2023-03-30 03:19:18

lots of known old content..

harry walker
2023-03-30 03:08:22

#9..if its 100 ly away,,why bother..money better spent on humans..ON EARTH.

Shamanth Vinay
2023-03-30 02:01:44

i do not want to discover Egyptian tomb or new animal species , i am happy going to normal job and doing chores 😀😀

Paul Mccollin
2023-03-30 01:36:36

If I click on a video with the headline saying preflood clock tower found, I would love to see the preflood clock. Not a countdown of top 15 this or top ten that.

Dia does Game
2023-03-30 01:04:03

the p is silent in Ptolemaic

Andrew Macias
2023-03-30 00:26:19

Hearing about new species of animals would be great katrina.. I so love ur video

Vicki Lindberg
2023-03-30 00:22:12

Think you can loose the misc animals on Mars. Not much of a story.

2023-03-30 00:00:30

There's quite a few different species of marine fish with horns. That's not unusual. Looks like a salmon species that somehow adapted to the cave. Kind of neat but google Unicorn Tang or Vlamingi Tang (both saltwater reef tank fish - for BIG tanks). Horns aren't that special but they do look pretty neat.

2023-03-29 20:16:20

#13 looks like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!!😂

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